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Home » LUMINE Co., Ltd. First landing in Japan! Introducing a diagnosis of children’s learning types from Singapore! Temporary storage service in conjunction with English-based learning programs and Lumine Card 10% off campaign

LUMINE Co., Ltd. First landing in Japan! Introducing a diagnosis of children’s learning types from Singapore! Temporary storage service in conjunction with English-based learning programs and Lumine Card 10% off campaign

Lumine Co., Ltd.
First landing in Japan! Introducing a diagnosis of children’s learning types from Singapore! Temporary storage service in conjunction with English-based learning programs and Lumine Card 10% off campaign “LUMINE Tachikawa Educational Creative Event for Children” held! Temporary storage service: May 16th (Thursday) and May 17th (Friday) / Educational creative event with temporary storage: May 18th (Saturday) and 19th (Sunday)
Lumine Tachikawa, operated by Lumine Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Teruyuki Omote), will operate the temporary childcare search and reservation service “Asu Iku” during the May Lumine Card 10% off campaign period. In collaboration with grow&partners Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as grow&partners), we will be holding “Happy Iku” for the first time, where we will take care of your children and provide you with time to relax and enjoy shopping and lunch. In addition, on Saturdays and Sundays only, “School Of Concepts” (hereinafter referred to as “SOC”), a learning program for children from Singapore provided by Sheis Co., Ltd., which empowers women’s self-confidence and independence, will be held in the Tachikawa area, where many people are raising children. It will be held for the first time in Japan. We provide a time where children can learn and have fun while raising children and enjoying their own time, such as shopping and having lunch. Lumine card members can participate at a special price, so please take this opportunity to experience the first educational event in Japan.
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Event overview
1. Temporary storage service (available on the same day if space is available)
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[Period] May 16th (Thursday) and May 17th (Friday), 2024
[Time] 10:30-16:30 (last reception 15:30)
[Location] Lumine Tachikawa 9F Lumine Lounge
[Fee] [Lumine card required] 850 yen for 60 minutes, 1,700 yen for 90 minutes, 2,550 yen for 120 minutes
[No LUMINE card presented] 1,700 yen for 60 minutes, 2,550 yen for 90 minutes, 3,400 yen for 120 minutes
[Target age] 4 months to 6 years old (preschoolers)
[Capacity] 12 people
2. Make a tulip dome while learning English! Educational creative event (advance reservation required until the day before)
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[Period] May 18th (Sat) and May 19th (Sun), 2024
[Time] 1.10:30-12:00, 2.13:00-14:30, 3.15:00-16:30 (can be extended by 30 minutes each time for +950 yen)
[Location] Lumine Tachikawa 9F Lumine Lounge
[Fee] [With Lumine Card presented] 4,500 yen / [Without Lumine Card presented] 5,500 yen
[Target age] Young to older (born April 2, 2018 to April 1, 2021, preschoolers) [Contents] After determining your child’s learning type, you will learn how tulips grow while making a stylish tulip dome. The videos in the program use English, so it’s also an opportunity for you to learn English. Those who participate will receive an original card with tips on their child’s learning type and how to interact with them! You can take it home with your child’s tulip dome.
[Capacity] 12 people each time
[Reservation site]
[Image 4:×110.png ]
▲Reservation site
*You can make a reservation after registering with the temporary childcare reservation service “Asu Iku.” Payment must be made in advance by credit card at the time of reservation.
*If you selected the LUMINE card discount when making a reservation, please remember to present your LUMINE card on the day of your reservation. If you cannot present it, you will not be eligible for the discount and will be charged the regular rate.
*All prices include tax.
What is Happy Going?
[Image 5:×449.png ]
Grow&Partners Co., Ltd., which operates the temporary childcare search and reservation service “Asu Iku,” offers a service where childcare workers take care of children for a fee within station buildings to help mothers who are raising children. This is an initiative to provide parents and parents with time for leisurely shopping and leisurely lunches.
What is School of Concepts?
[Image 6:×150.png ]
“SOC” is an educational institution for learning English originating from Singapore, based on the concept of “No child gets left behind.” While English is the common language, this book is based on 11 years of research conducted in Singapore, a diverse country where people of various races skillfully use the words of their roots, to effectively read, write, and spell English. I specialize in teaching.
Nowadays, it is said that one in five children are not suited to the learning style of their school. It doesn’t mean that your child’s learning ability is inferior, delayed, or unsuited to learning compared to other children. The truth is, they just haven’t found the learning style that best suits them, and each child has special learning abilities that are like superheroes.
The videos used in this workshop, which teach how to make tulip domes and how tulips grow, also contain a lot of English, so you can see them with your eyes and hear them with your ears. You can come into contact with English naturally by touching and feeling it.
[Image 7:×448.png ]
・Before the workshop, choose your favorite character out of the three based on your intuition.
・The character you choose will tell you which type of learning is best for you, so you will work on the workshop using a teaching method that matches the learning type of the child.
・Everyone can learn while having the most fun!
[Image 8:×240.png ]
Comment from School Of Concepts Founder Mint Lim
“I am confident that the SOC method, which I developed after 11 years of research, will be experienced by Japanese children at the Lumine event. In collaboration with SOC’s special partner in Japan, SheisDAO, We are looking forward to the opportunity to bring out the superhero in children through an experiential program centered on sustainability and STEAM education.”
Inquiries regarding SOC: (Sheis Co., Ltd.) Sheis Co., Ltd. Press Release:
Testimonials from trial participants
[Image 9:×142.png ]
(Mother of a 6-year-old boy)
Regarding the content of the workshop, I thought there would be a few steps to ask questions before categorizing the children’s types, but I was surprised to see that they were able to classify the children’s types just by choosing their characters on the spot! It was an unforgettable experience, as I felt like I was being encouraged to continue to be “As he likes” in my interactions with children. We would like families with children of the same type to learn about this program.
[Image 10:×167.png ]
(Mom of a 5 year old girl)
The kit is authentic and would be great to have at home or as an interior decoration. It was great to be able to receive a kit and international service, which is something you don’t often get to experience at workshops in Japan. As a parent, it was very refreshing to be able to enjoy learning about the type of child my child is and how his or her personality differs from that of other children. In Japan, in particular, there are still many educational methods that are based on a single pattern or past examples, and as a parent, I am always trying to figure out what approach to take when my child doesn’t fit into that pattern or method, and I came up with ideas like this. I would like to touch upon the child, assess the characteristics of the child, and find an approach method that suits the child.
[Image 11:×129.png ]
(Mom of a 5 year old girl)
The pieces looked very cute, so I thought it was a highly satisfying workshop for both parents and children. I always tend to look at the image of the finished product before making it at home, and I wonder if showing the finished product first will limit their imagination. I was a little worried about this, but through this work I realized that it’s okay, and on the contrary, it’s a strength, so I decided to develop it.
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