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Home » Beer from cotton! A new initiative to give back to farmers: May 10th is “Cotton Day” ~ #GoOrganic Learn more about organic cotton ~ Seed planting event will be held on the rooftop of a department store!

Beer from cotton! A new initiative to give back to farmers: May 10th is “Cotton Day” ~ #GoOrganic Learn more about organic cotton ~ Seed planting event will be held on the rooftop of a department store!

Avanti Co., Ltd.
Beer from cotton! A new initiative to give back to farmers: May 10th is “Cotton Day” ~ #GoOrganic Learn more about organic cotton ~ Seed planting event will be held on the rooftop of a department store! ……
Avanti Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Hideko Okumori) operates the brand “PRISTINE” that proposes a sustainable lifestyle through organic cotton. Aiming to improve Japan’s cotton self-sufficiency rate, we have begun a new challenge in the “Domestic Cotton Revival Project”, which works with farmers across the country to grow cotton! Also, on May 10th (Cotton Day), we will be holding a workshop where you can sow seeds on the roof of the department store! At online shops and directly managed stores, we will start a campaign to give away organic cotton seeds as well as a SNS posting campaign aimed at popularizing organic products.
■New initiative 1. Challenge to make bread and beer from domestic cotton flowers
[Image 1:×264.jpg] As a byproduct that can be returned to farmers, we will try to find yeast bacteria from cotton flowers and make bread and beer.
In our research with Professor Kazuoka of Tokyo University of Agriculture, who is an authority on flower yeast, it was reported that there is a high probability that yeast can be harvested from cotton flowers, and we are continuing our research. In the future, we will conduct tests to find yeast bacteria, test to check fermentation power, and test to find out how the power of bacteria can be used, with the aim of realizing bread and beer made from domestic cotton flowers.
■New initiative 2. CO2 credits
[Image 2:×212.jpg] We are now in the third year of a demonstration experiment aimed at quantifying the CO2 absorption of cotton, a plant that can be returned to farmers as a by-product, and converting it into credits for companies to purchase. Since CO2 measurement work in the field is required, this project started in 2023 with the cooperation of growers at two locations.
This year is finally here! Cotton production will begin with everyone at 35 locations across the country.
■We will sow seeds together with everyone on the roof of a department store. Matsuya Ginza store has been supporting the Avanti Cotton Club since 2021. For the first time this year, Hankyu Umeda Main Store will also be participating in a seed sowing experience and workshop! In the workshop, you can experience the process of sowing cotton, ginning, spinning, and weaving, and how fluffy cotton becomes cotton products. This time, the Matsuya Ginza store will also be holding a yarn spinning demonstration by the NPO Kuruminoki, which operates a cotton business. In addition, you can make petit dolls using cotton balls and give away cotton seeds. Spend some time touching seeds and soil and feeling the blessings of nature. Parents and children are also welcome to participate.
●Hankyu Umeda Main Store: Sunday, May 12th 11:00-12:00 [Waiting for cancellation]
Details: ●Matsuya Ginza store: Sunday, May 19th 11:30-12:30 [Waiting for cancellation] Details:
[Image 3:×272.jpg]
[Image 4:×340.jpg] ■Cotton production with people at 35 bases across the country. Seed sowing has started at “Kawada Farm” in Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture! Spring of the fourth year of Avanti Cotton Club. This year, we will finally begin cotton production with everyone at 35 bases across the country. In 2014, seed sowing began on May 3rd at Kawada Farm in Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture.
In addition to the 19 locations that have continued from last year, we have added 16 new locations this year, bringing the total to 35 locations. Last year, there were many participation from welfare work centers, but in 2017, there has been an increase in new participation from a wide range of industries (schools, solar sharing, etc.). The number is particularly increasing in the Kanto area.
[Image 5:×809.jpg] -2024 Domestic cooperation cotton fields – 35 locations nationwide (as of May 9th)
[Image 6:×234.jpg]
[Image 7:×214.jpg] (Seeds were sown on May 3, 2024 at “Kawada Farm” in Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture)
#GoOrganic Learn more about organic cotton
■Let’s sow cotton seeds together! Get organic cotton seeds as a gift!
[Image 8:×276.jpg] From May 10th (Friday) to May 21st (Tuesday), customers who make a purchase of 11,000 yen or more including tax at the Pristine online shop or directly managed store will receive a set of [Organic Cotton Seeds] as a gift. . We hope that by experiencing the cultivation of organic cotton, you will become more familiar with cotton.
■SNS posting campaign implemented! Organic products of my choice
[Image 9:×280.jpg] We share the good organic things we choose. Please tell us about your favorite organic products that you incorporate into your daily life, not only organic cotton and pristine, but also skin care, food, clothing, and everyday tools.
From those who have posted by Friday, May 31, 2024, 3 people will be randomly selected to receive recommended Pristine products based on their submissions! We look forward to your contributions.
■Cotton Day special page ■PRISTINE_Official Instagram FY23 performance report Yield results and targets
In fiscal 2023, we sowed seeds together with our partners at 21 locations across the country, and conducted comparative cultivation in different climates with a variety of varieties as a trial crop to increase the yield per plant. As a result, we were able to harvest a total of 540 kg of domestic cotton. The domestic cotton harvested this time will be unveiled as a new product in January 2025 at Pristine’s New Year’s sale “Kigo Hajime” (*1).
[Image 10:×164.jpg] ■Information about “Avanti Cotton Club”
[Image 11:×224.jpg] “Avanti Cotton Club” was established in 2021 with the aim of increasing Japan’s cotton self-sufficiency rate and revitalizing the region. We plan to sow seeds at 35 locations across the country this year as well. If you agree with the purpose of this project and would like to participate, please contact us.
Inquiry form:
Regarding the beginning of dressing (*1)
 Kyojo Hajime is a custom that has been around since the Edo period, and refers to the ritual of starting to wear new clothes on the third auspicious day of the New Year. At Pristine, we wish you a wonderful year ahead, and as a way to prepare for a pleasant new year, we are proposing the first sale of the new year, the first time you wear clothes.
About Pristine (
In order to have a pleasant day, don’t take too much effort or cut corners. A sustainable organic lifestyle brand that is close to your daily life. The materials used are organic cotton that feels good on your bare skin and natural materials that return to the earth. We are particular about making our products in Japan, making use of the natural texture of healthy materials and not placing any burden on the earth. In the manufacturing process, we always seek and select ethical methods that are considerate of people and the environment. Since 1996, the brand has continued to realize the idea expressed in its name, “Continually maintaining a clean state.”
About Avanti Co., Ltd. (
We are a company that seamlessly connects everything about organic cotton, from the earth to recycling.
We import raw organic cotton and produce everything from threads to fabrics to products.
We plan, manufacture, and sell products with a focus on “Made in Japan.” 【Company Profile】
Company name: Avanti Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hideko Okumori, President and CEO
Established: September 4, 1985
Address: 4F Ninomiya Building (Head Office), 31 Daikyomachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0015 (Pristine Main Store)
Phone number: 03-3226-7789

Business content
・Import and sales of raw organic cotton
・Planning, manufacturing and sales of yarn and fabrics
・Planning, manufacturing and sales of organic cotton products ・Recycling (recotton) business
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