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AnyReach Co., Ltd. Introduced e-gift service “AnyGift” for cosmetics brand “KANEBO”

AnyReach Co., Ltd.
Cosmetics brand “KANEBO” introduces e-gift service “AnyGift” Popular skin care items such as the popular morning cream “Cream in Day” and daytime serum “Veil of Day” can now be sent as e-gifts. ……
AnyReach Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kosuke Nakajima) has started providing the e-gift service “AnyGift” for the cosmetics brand “KANEBO.”
AnyGift is a service that allows you to incorporate an “e-gift function” into your e-commerce site, which allows you to send gifts via LINE or email without knowing the recipient’s address.
Now, with our AnyGift service, you will be able to send popular skin care items such as “Cream in Day” and “Veil of Day” as e-gifts at the “KANEBO Official Online Shop.”
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Background to the introduction (comment from KANEBO official online shop staff)
[Image 2:×944.jpg] KANEBO’s online shop has been used by many customers, not only to purchase for themselves but also as gifts for loved ones.
However, when giving a gift as a gift, there was the inconvenience of not being able to send it unless you knew the recipient’s address. Therefore, we would like customers to feel free to use KANEBO products as gifts. In addition, we have decided to introduce AnyGift because we want to create more opportunities for people to share the excitement and joy of KANEBO products with their loved ones.
About the features of KANEBO × AnyGift e-gifts
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You can now gift “KANEBO” gift items via LINE or email without knowing the recipient’s address.
You can easily give KANEBO as a gift to someone you always take care of, or when you want to give a birthday, anniversary, or surprise to someone special, even if you don’t know the recipient’s address. is. The URL will be issued immediately after your order, so you can send it as a gift right away.
When purchasing a gift, you can send a message card on which the recipient’s name and message can be written.
Gift tools such as original digital cards and gift boxes that convey a message along with the name are also available, making it possible to give a gift full of hope even digitally.
Just enter your address from the e-gift URL and the eligible product will be delivered to you.
You do not need to register as a member to receive it. There is no need to worry about your registered address being communicated to the sender.
How to send/receive e-gifts
How to give
[Image 4:×1528.jpg] 1) You can use e-gifts by selecting “Send a gift via LINE or email” on the product page.
2) Select a digital message card and enter your message. You can also check the preview.
3) Once the purchase is complete, you will receive an e-gift receipt URL. You can send e-gifts by sending the URL via LINE or other SNS or email.
How to receive
[Image 5:×1107.jpg] 1) Open the received URL and the receipt screen will be displayed. Select “Receive e-gift” and proceed to enter your shipping
2) Please enter the delivery address information. *The information you enter will not be passed on to the sender.
3) The e-gift product will be delivered to the delivery address you entered. Introduction of products that can be given as e-gifts (some) Cream in Day
[Image 6:×696.jpg ]
Cleaning in the morning will keep your skin moisturized throughout the day. A morning cream that fills your skin with moisture throughout the day, gives it a vibrant firmness, and leaves your skin with a beautiful glow.
The baby soft oil formulation was inspired by the vernix that surrounds a baby’s immature skin, providing long-lasting moisture. It is also recommended for creating a foundation before applying foundation. It has a fresh texture that is perfect for mornings, blends comfortably into the skin, and can also be used as a makeup base.
Product page: *The displayed price is the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. About KANEBO
A cosmetics brand that conveys hope, not beauty.
To all those who believe that they can change their future and express their hopes for the future.
Bringing out the inner hopes and individuality of each person, With a skin care and makeup series that enhances
Toward a world full of hope where everyone can be happy in their individuality. Brand site:
About e-gift service “AnyGift”
[Image 7:×630.png ]
“AnyGift” is a service that allows you to incorporate and introduce an “e-gift function” to your own e-commerce site, which allows you to send gifts via LINE or email without knowing the recipient’s address. By increasing the number of gift purchasers and gift repeaters on your own e-commerce site, you can increase sales and turn customers and gift recipients into fans.
What is e-gift/social gift:
AnyReach Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Company name: AnyReach Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Kosuke Nakajima
Business details: Development and operation of “AnyGift” that can introduce e-gift functions
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