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Lancers begins the 4th period of the “Researcher System” where individuals experiment with new ways of working

Lancers Co., Ltd.
Lancers begins the 4th period of the “Researcher System” where individuals experiment with new ways of working
~Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture, and other cities participate, and freelancers from all over the country conduct research and disseminate information centered on regional revitalization~
Lancers Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Yosuke Akiyoshi, TSE Growth: 4484), whose mission is “individual empowerment,” has a freelance community called “New Work Style LAB” where individuals can We would like to inform you that we will begin activities for the 4th Term Researcher System, which will carry out demonstration experiments on work styles. In the 4th period, Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture, and other cities will participate in experimental projects, and we are preparing plans for freelancers to learn and consider regional revitalization.
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■About the researcher system
The researcher system was launched in 2021 with the aim of creating an environment for freelancers who want to take on the challenge of “new ways of working,” where they can learn together and take on practical tasks with which they have no experience. This is a system in which individuals and teams research and disseminate “new ways of working” for themselves, and this year marks its fourth year. The research content is called an “experimental project” based on the concept of “learning and implementing” = “experimenting”, and there are “independent projects” where you can freely plan the work style you want to research, and “independent projects” where you can participate in themes specified by companies. There are two types of “designated projects”. Decide on a project you would like to participate in and apply, and those selected as researchers will spend several months carrying out practical work and production in accordance with the project as a demonstration experiment, and will present their research results and products in a report. After the activity period ends, we plan to hold an awards ceremony entitled “New Way of Working AWARD.”
■Background of implementation of the 4th period researcher system A total of approximately 2,200 applications were received for the first to third rounds of recruitment for researchers held in the past, and over 750 people were selected to serve as researchers and carry out demonstration experiments in accordance with each research theme. I did.
In a survey of participants after last year’s 3rd generation activities, a total of approximately 90% of participants answered that there had been a “very big change” or “a moderately big change” through the researcher system, with most people responding. As a result, I felt a big change. Compared to the response results during the second phase of the researcher system, the percentage of people who answered that there had been a “very big change” increased by 15%, reaching about half of the participants.
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Based on these results, we determined that the researcher system supports freelance work styles and expands the range of activities, and we have decided to implement the fourth phase of the researcher system. Additionally, due to the post-coronavirus environment, the 4th period will have many offline events, unlike the 3rd period. Another feature of the fourth period is that researchers gather face-to-face, allowing them to gain insights and learn things that cannot be gained online.
■About recruitment of 4th term researchers
For the 4th term, we are recruiting researchers to conduct experiments related to regional revitalization such as town development, regional tourism DX, and regional medical care, with the theme of “Thinking about the future three years from now – ACT LOCAL”. Many local governments and companies also participate in the experimental projects that our researchers actually carry out.
By co-creating freelancers with local governments and companies through experiments, the researcher system provides a place for freelancers to gain new knowledge and experience and grow, and a place for local governments and companies to discover new value and possibilities for their regions and businesses. It is intended to be. Through the 4th generation researcher system, Lancers provides opportunities for freelancers to think about their own work and lifestyle three years from now by gaining awareness and learning through encounters with people and local communities. We will continue to promote the realization of “empowerment of people.” In addition, as a new initiative this term, we are planning to hold many events where researchers can gather in real life and exchange opinions.
Recruitment period: April 30, 2024 (Tuesday) to May 19, 2024 (Sunday) Participation qualifications: Those who want to try a new way of working (regardless of employment type, age, gender, job type, etc.) *When being selected as a researcher, you will need to register as a free member of Lancers.
Click here if you wish to participate:
■Information on the archive video of the recruitment briefing session for the “4th Researcher System”
We held a recruitment briefing session on May 7th (Tuesday) regarding the 4th term researcher system.
You can watch the archived video of the briefing session, so please take a look. Click here for the archive video of the general briefing session:
■Introducing some of the 4th “designated project” experimental projects Experimental projects designated as “designated projects” carry out demonstration experiments on practical practices and production determined by companies and local governments. The 4th period is based on the theme of “Thinking about the future in 3 years – ACT LOCAL -” and includes a community development project in collaboration with Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, and a freelance real estate business starting from Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture. We have many projects related to regional revitalization, such as regional revitalization projects.
*The following is an example of a designated project. Click here for details:
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■What is “New Work Style LAB”?
This is a freelance community x educational service that opened in April 2019. In order to provide growth opportunities for freelancers, we are developing a freelancer-based community online and at 17 locations nationwide, with the theme of “Connection, Awareness, and Learning.” We provide growth opportunities that combine offline and online, such as seminars on how to make full use of Lancers as a career option, workshops on the themes of self-branding and personal management, and a place to exchange information on new ways of working.
◇For inquiries from companies, educational institutions, and local governments who wish to participate in demonstration experiments with individuals, please click here: ■About Lancers Co., Ltd.
Lancers (TSE Growth: 4484) operates an ordering platform that matches individuals and companies online with the mission of “individual empowerment.” By providing new ways of working that utilize
technology, we will transform the way individuals live, work, and exist, and contribute to the creation of a better and more prosperous society where as many individuals as possible can feel fulfilled in their work. In addition, by appropriately matching over 2 million freelancers, we are contributing to companies’ issues of human resource shortages, improving productivity, and promoting DX, and promoting innovation and technological innovation by utilizing external human resources.
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