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Focal Point Co., Ltd. Open-ear earphone Shokz holds new product launch event

[Focal Point Co., Ltd.] Open-ear earphone Shokz holds new product launch event
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Press release: May 9, 2024
Open-ear earphone Shokz holds new product launch event
*OpenFit completely wireless earphones pursuing ultimate comfort Air announces OpenSwim Pro, bone conduction earphones for sports that support dual modes of Bluetooth + MP3! *
Shokz will hold a presentation event on Thursday, May 9, 2024 for two new products that will go on sale from Friday, May 10, 2024, and domestic sales agent Focal Point Co., Ltd. will also introduce the products. I gave a presentation at.

In 2023, we will record the world’s No.1 sales for open-ear earphones and sports earphones.
Shokz Japan Co., Ltd., International Business Department, Asia Region XIMEI YANG introduced the Shokz brand, which has specialized in open-ear earphones as a consumer electronics brand since its establishment in 2011. He explained that the design of open-ear earphones, which is different from regular earphones, allows them to be aware of their surroundings at all times, and that they have repeatedly improved the design, materials, and acoustics.

By the end of last year, we had sold more than 15 million earphones worldwide, established a market presence in more than 60 countries and regions, and sold in more than 28,000 brick-and-mortar stores around the world, as well as online. Did. According to ranking data released by BCN on January 1, 2023, Shokz ranks first in both sales and market share in the “bone conduction earphone” category, accounting for over 70% of the bone conduction earphone market share. In the future, Shokz will continue to maintain the concept of “open”, introduce more products, respond to more situations, and continue to pursue the possibilities of open-ear earphones. I did.

Introducing two new products: OpenFit Air and OpenSwim Pro
Daiji Tanaka of the marketing department of Focal Point Co., Ltd., which has been selling Shokz in Japan since 2017 as a domestic distributor of Shokz, has announced the new model OpenFit.
Air and OpenSwim Pro were introduced.

At the venue, promotional videos of various new products were shown, introducing their functions and usage scenarios. Last year, Shokz released OpenFit, the first open-ear type completely wireless earphones, and in crowdfunding conducted in Japan, a total of more than 255 million yen was raised from 10,991 supporters. I talked about how we have received great support from many people.

Air is a casual version of OpenFit, available in three colors: black, white, and pink, and has a distinctive earhook and earphone structure that provides excellent wearing comfort and balanced sound quality.

Another new product, OpenSwim Pro, is Shokz’s first MP3 swimming earphone that has been on sale for some time.
We introduced them as multipurpose sports earphones that are the successor to OpenSwim and have been upgraded in many ways, including the addition of Bluetooth functionality. The best feature is that it is equipped with dual modes, Bluetooth mode and MP3 mode, so it is designed to be used for a variety of sports, from swimming to daily jogging, trail running, and even triathlons. He concluded the announcement by saying that it will also be available in two colors, gray and red.

Does it not come off even if you turn your head? ! Experience the new product “OPENFIT AIR”!
In conjunction with the introduction of the new product, model/talent and runner Ayako Nishitani took to the stage and actually demonstrated the new product *OpenFit Air*
They tried it on and experienced the comfort and sound quality. “It’s lightweight, fits well, and stays in place,” said one person who actually flew or ran there. “It’s great that you don’t get stuffy even when you do strenuous sports,” he said, fully experiencing the appeal of open-ear earphones.

New product overview
SKZ-EP-000025 (black), SKZ-EP-000026 (white), SKZ-EP-000027 (pink) About OpenFit Air
*OpenFit Air*
are new completely wireless earphones that inherit Shokz’s concept of “open ears” that do not block your ears. The Air earhook, which is made of ultra-fine 0.75mm nickel-titanium alloy with flexible shape memory properties and soft silicone, secures the earphones snugly, providing a comfortable and stable wearing experience. . And OpenBass(TM), Shokz’s unique low-frequency enhancement function. Powered by Air, these earphones eliminate unnecessary noise and deliver deep bass and rich sound for a revolutionary listening experience.

* Product Info*
Price | 19,880 yen (tax included)
Model number | SKZ-EP-000025 (black), SKZ-EP-000026 (white), SKZ-EP-000027 (pink)
*Sales channel*
-Official website
– Amazon Official Store
– Rakuten Official Store
– Home electronics retailers (Yodobashi Camera, Bic Camera, Yamada Denki, etc.) SKZ-EP-000028 (gray), SKZ-EP-000029 (red)
About OpenSwim Pro
The Pro is IP68 dust and water resistant for a seamless transition from underwater to land, allowing you to submerge it up to 2 meters and still enjoy seamless music playback for up to 2 hours. Enjoy uninterrupted music by pressing the button on the earbuds and switching between Bluetooth and MP3 modes with the Shokz app. Versatile and provides a safe and secure fit during your workout, whether in the water or on land.
* Product Info*
Price | 25,880 yen (tax included)
Model number | SKZ-EP-000028 (gray), SKZ-EP-000029 (red)
*Sales channel*
-Official website
– Amazon Official Store
– Rakuten Official Store
– Home electronics retailers (Yodobashi Camera, Bic Camera, Yamada Denki, etc.)

*About Shokz*
Shokz revolutionizes open-ear earphones.
Proprietary audio technology provides high sound quality at a reasonable price range that is within the reach of many people. We offer a new audio experience that allows you to enjoy high-quality listening while listening, which is unique to open-ear headphones. We will continue to develop products that will revolutionize the earphone industry, with the promise of safety that does not block your ears and the highest sound quality.

*About focal point*
Focal Point Co., Ltd. was established in 1989 as an import trading company that handles excellent products from around the world. Currently, we import wholesale and general retail of many brands from the United States, Italy, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc., focusing on various smartphones including iPhones, accessories for tablets, peripherals for Macs and PCs, and lifestyle goods. doing. Guided by the principle of “contributing to society through products from around the world,” we provide consistent support to customers, right up to the point of purchase.
* Company Profile*
Company name: Focal Point Co., Ltd.
Address: 6th floor, NU Kannai Building, 223-1 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 231-0023
Representative: Hideki Onda
Established: 1989
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