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Initial Engine Co., Ltd. Promoting DX for medium-sized and small businesses! Initial Engine starts offering “Generative AI Training Package”

[Initial Engine Co., Ltd.] Promoting DX for medium-sized and small businesses! Initial Engine starts offering “Generative AI Training Package”

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Press release: May 10, 2024
Promote DX for medium-sized and small businesses! Initial Engine starts offering “Generative AI Training Package”
*Grants can be used to realize practical AI training at low cost* Initial Co., Ltd.
Engine, in partnership with Light Up Co., Ltd., will begin providing training packages for small and medium-sized enterprises to establish the use of generative AI. This training features practical online training, an introduction to a wealth of example prompts, and the latest information. Our goal is to customize the consulting content according to each company and make AI generation a regular part of business operations. This will support many small and medium-sized enterprises facing labor shortages. Additionally, this service can also utilize the subsidy system of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

*Market background*
Generative AI technology has made remarkable progress in recent years, and its use is expected in all industries. By using generative AI, it is possible to improve a company’s ability to respond to changes and strengthen its management foundation through the use of big data. However, according to the results of a Teikoku Databank survey conducted in June 2023, while the AI ​​adoption rate in Japan exceeds 50% in large companies, it remains at only 15.7% in small and medium-sized enterprises with fewer than 1,000 employees. .
The main reasons for this delay include a lack of skilled IT talent, a company’s low responsiveness to change, and underutilization of big data. Furthermore, many small and medium-sized enterprises currently have little leeway to bear the initial investment and operational costs required to introduce AI technology.
Against this background, we provide an “AI training companion package” to solve the issues faced by small and medium-sized enterprises. This will enable small and medium-sized enterprises to effectively learn AI technology and utilize it in their business operations. This initiative will contribute to increasing the competitiveness of companies and promoting the introduction of AI throughout Japan.

* Overview and features of the training program and retention accompaniment package *

The training program provides ultra-practical online training, plenty of example prompts, and the latest information.
By taking this training, information on generative AI technology will be shared, with the aim of ensuring that participants always have the latest knowledge.
For the establishment support package, we will conduct a questionnaire survey and individual consulting.
By using the fixed accompaniment package together, we will provide individual consulting tailored to each company to make the most of the training content, and participants will be able to learn business operations using generative AI.
* Reasons for collaborating with Light Up Co., Ltd. *
Light Up Co., Ltd. develops and provides new IT services with the goal of “making all small and medium-sized businesses nationwide
Light Up’s training program has been used by more than 50 companies and over 1,000 participants in the six months since its launch, so Light Up provides training materials and group training, and our company supports retention. We provide individual training support for companies through packages.
This system makes it possible to establish skills that can actually be used in work, rather than temporary knowledge.
This will prevent polarization between those who have generative AI skills and those who do not.

*About fees*
Generative AI utilization training: Fixed price 360,000 yen/1 person (excluding tax)
Fixed accompaniment package: 20,000 yen per month / 1 person (excluding tax) *Minimum number of participants can be negotiated.

*Use of support system*
Furthermore, by utilizing the reskilling support system for small and medium-sized enterprises, 75% of training costs may be subsidized. This subsidy can reduce the financial burden of technology adoption and encourage more companies to take advantage of new technology. *Large companies may receive a 60% subsidy.

Providing appropriate support and information is key for small and medium-sized enterprises to effectively utilize generative AI. First of all, we will accept a free individual interview, so please contact us from the URL below.
URL* :*

* About Initial Engine Co., Ltd. *
Our company supports the sustainable development of companies by solving the shortage of IT human resources and issues with existing IT systems in promoting DX.
Our company has a group of experienced CTOs, and based on the experience and success stories each of them has cultivated, we combine management and technology to quickly and flexibly respond to market needs in promoting DX.
Representative Director: Matsusaburo Tsukuda
Director: Ryuta Sato
Established: February 19, 2024
Address: 3-8-5-403 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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