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Press release: May 10, 2024
Six research papers from OMRON SINIC
International Conference on Robots and Automation (ICRA
We would like to inform you that our project has been selected for 2024).

” is one of the world’s largest and most influential international conferences on robots and automation. In 2024, 1,765 papers (45%) were accepted out of 3,937 submissions, and the conference will be held from May 13th to 17th at Pacifico Yokohama. OSX will present research results such as robots that understand work intentions from verbal instructions and visual information, robots that move flexibly like humans, and robots that can work autonomously while cooperating with multiple robots.
For details on the papers accepted for ICRA2024, please check the links for each paper.

■Accepted research papers
*Affiliations are as of the time of posting.

* 1. Vision-Language Interpreter for Robot Task Planning*
Author Keisuke Shirai (OSX), Cristian Camilo Beltran-Hernandez (OSX), Masashi Hamaya (OSX), Atsushi Hashimoto (OSX), Shohei Tanaka (OSX), Kento Kawaharazuka (The University of Tokyo), Kazutoshi Tanaka (OSX), Yoshitaka Ushiku (OSX), Shinsuke Mori (Kyoto university)
Presentation session 5/14 10:30-12:00, Paper TuAT30-NT.1
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* 2. An Electromagnetism-Inspired Method for Estimating In-Grasp Torque from Visuotactile Sensors*
Author Yuni Fuchioka (OSX), Masashi Hamaya (OSX)
Presentation session 5/14 10:30-12:00, Paper TuAT16-AX.4
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* 3. SliceIt! – A Dual Simulator Framework for Learning Robot Food Slicing*
Author Cristian Camilo Beltran-Hernandez (OSX), Nicolas Erbetti (OSX), Masashi Hamaya (OSX)
Presentation session 5/14 13:30-15:00, Paper TuBT30-NT.2
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* 4. When to Replan? an Adaptive Replanning Strategy for Autonomous Navigation Using Deep Reinforcement Learning*
Author Kohei Honda (OSX), Ryo Yonetani (OSX, current affiliation: CyberAgent, Inc.), Mai
Mai Nishimura (OSX), Tadashi Kozuno (OSX)
Presentation session 5/14 16:30-18:00, Paper TuCT30-NT.1
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* 5. Symmetry-aware Reinforcement Learning for Robotic Assembly under Partial Observability with a Soft Wrist*
Author Nguyen Hai (OSX), Tadashi Kozuno (OSX), Cristian Camilo Beltran-Hernandez (OSX), Masashi Hamaya (OSX)
Presentation session 5/15 13:30-15:00, Paper WeBT10-CC.6
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* 6. Benchmarking Actor-Critic Deep Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for Robotics Control with Action Constraints*
Author Kazumi Kasaura (OSX), Shuwa Miura (OSX), Tadashi Kozuno (OSX), Ryo Yonetani (OSX, current affiliation: CyberAgent, Inc.), Kenta Hoshino (Kyoto University),
Yohei Hosoe (Kyoto University)
Presentation session 5/16 16:30-18:00, Paper ThCT12-CC.8
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Click here for a list of OSX’s achievements.

*About OMRON SINICX Co., Ltd.*
SINICX Co., Ltd. is OMRON’s strategic base for creating “near-future design.” Top human resources in cutting-edge technologies in a wide range of fields, such as AI, robotics, IoT, and sensing, are employed as researchers. We create a “near-future design” that integrates “strategy” and “intellectual property strategy” and incorporates them into a concrete business architecture. We will also accelerate the creation of “near-future design” through joint research with universities and external research institutes. For more information, Please see below.
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