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Taboola Japan Co., Ltd. Taboola appoints representative director Makoto Ishii as business director for Japan and Korea

Taboola Japan Co., Ltd.
Taboola appoints representative director Makoto Ishii as business director for Japan and Korea
Taboola Japan Co., Ltd.
May 10, 2024 11:00
Taboola Inc. (headquartered in New York), which provides one of the world’s largest discovery platforms, has appointed Makoto Ishii, representative director of Taboola Japan Co., Ltd., as regional director for business operations in Japan and Korea. Ta. At the same time, we have appointed Shinjiro Kakita, Publisher Sales Director of Taboola Japan Co., Ltd., as Publisher Sales & Account Director.
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Makoto Ishii
(New) Regional Director, Japan and Korea, Taboola Inc (main) Representative Director: Taboola Japan Co., Ltd. (concurrently continuing for the time being)
Representative Director Taboola Japan Co., Ltd.
Shinjiro Kakita
(New) Publisher Sales & Account Director Taboola Japan Co., Ltd. (old)
Publisher Sales Director Taboola Japan Co., Ltd.
Over the past three years, Taboola Japan has increased branding advertising costs by 510%, page views (PV) by 310% (the number of monthly unique users has reached approximately 80 million people), and the number of employees by 2.5 times, among major media and
advertising agencies. We have achieved growth by strengthening our alliances with major brand advertisers.
With this appointment of new executives, Taboola Japan aims to strengthen its management base, solidify further growth, and further solidify Taboola Korea’s position as a market leader.
Founder and CEO Adam Singolda has the following to say about this appointment: “Taboola Japan has achieved significant momentum in the Japanese market, attracting some of the world’s largest advertisers and media companies. Taboola Japan is dedicated to the growth of our partners with a completely partner-first approach. I hope that this appointment will allow us to make further progress and solidify our foundation for success.”
Makoto Ishii Biography Joined Sony Corporation in 1993 as an engineer after attending Waseda University’s Faculty of Science and Engineering and its graduate school (majoring in AI). After graduating from the MIT Sloan School of Management (MBA), he led the Sony Group’s first Android alliance with Google. In addition, he launched several new digital businesses, including the launch of the Sony tablet business and the establishment of Sony Group’s largest digital marketing platform and DMP. Became country manager of Taboola Japan Co., Ltd. in 2020 and representative director in 2021. Co-authored “Delta Model – Strategic Framework for the Network Era” and other works.
Shinjiro Kakita Biography
After completing graduate school at the University of Tokyo, joined Sony Corporation. After engaging in video and AI software development, he became involved in new businesses such as recommendation services and mobile application services, and worked on a wide variety of domestic and international partner alliances as part of business development. After that, he joined Taboola Japan Co., Ltd. After studying abroad at the University of California, Berkeley, earned an MBA from Bond University.
[About Taboola] Taboola helps people discover new content that may be of interest to them.
Our innovative platform and products, powered by deep learning and massive datasets on the open web, are used by more than 13,000 companies worldwide and reach more than 500 million people every day. In Japan, we have partnered with many major media outlets and have concluded long-term exclusive contracts with over 300 distribution outlets.
Through Taboola, advertisers can effectively reach their target audience in a full funnel at the optimal time and grow their business. Digital properties such as publishers, mobile operators, and mobile device manufacturers can leverage Taboola to increase monetization and user engagement.
Taboola is headquartered in New York with offices in 24 cities around the world. Company name: Taboola Japan Co., Ltd.
Company representative: Representative director Makoto Ishii URL: follow us on SNS to check the latest information. Facebook: @TaboolaJapan
( Twitter: @TaboolaJapan (
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