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Home » COGNOSPHERE Co., Ltd. HoYoverse’s love mystery game for women “Undecided Case Files” limited time event “Clear Summer Sea” will be held soon

COGNOSPHERE Co., Ltd. HoYoverse’s love mystery game for women “Undecided Case Files” limited time event “Clear Summer Sea” will be held soon

HoYoverse’s romance mystery game for women “Undecided Case Files” limited time event “Clear Summer Sea” will be held soon
A romantic summer in the clear sea.
COGNOSPHERE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Cheng Tian Lee) will soon be holding a limited-time event “Clear Summer Sea” in the romance mystery game “Undecided Case Files” for women distributed by HoYoverse. announced that it would be held. The clear sunlight is shining down and the water is spraying. The sight of him following you with his eyes and the sweet touch makes your heart beat faster. The sea breeze sways your tangled hair, and the setting sun illuminates your heart’s hidden desires. Embrace the wind and waves and spend a sweet summer with your boyfriend!
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[Video 2:] Limited time event “Clear Summer Sea” will be held from May 16th (Thursday)! [Event period]
After update on Thursday, May 16, 2024 – Thursday, May 30, 2024 04:00 [Event details]
A summery sea breeze on a romantic beach. Run a seaside cafe with NXX members! During the event period, you can contribute to the charity event by following the steps below and running a seaside cafe. First, complete your expense application and receive a raw material exchange ticket. Next, consume the raw material exchange ticket to release the menu. If you develop a management strategy based on the environment and customer needs for each round of Management Quest, and increase your score in each of the four management content areas of quality, delivery efficiency, service level, and hygiene management, you will receive higher management points. can. In addition, various special events will occur during business hours. In that case, you can increase your management score by tapping the customer’s icon, checking the details of the request, and then clearing the request. During the business period, if you clear all the missions in the “Management Guide”, you can earn various rewards such as “Shining Conch Shells”, “Stella Wafers”, and “Stella Coins”. Also, if you clear all the missions in Stage 3 of “Clear Summer Sea”, you will receive the event-limited badge “Potato Thief”.
[Image 1:×675.jpg] Event Shadow of the Goddess “Clear Summer Sea” Released
During the event period, the emission rate of event-limited memories: Sakyo Shizuma SSR “Midsummer Blooming Dream Fireworks” and Morizuki Rei SSR “Midsummer Play” will increase. If you participate in the “Clear Summer Sea” series event, you can receive Natsuhiko Minase SR “Lemon Flavored Summer” for free, and you can also get Izumi Kei SR “Romantic Summer Journey”.
“I will never forget the sparklers they prepared on the beach and this special ceremony…” Get the Sakyo Shizuma SSR “Dream Fireworks Blooming in Midsummer” and get a special story about him, the beach, and fireworks. Let’s make some great memories! In addition, if you obtain Rei Morizuki’s SSR “Midsummer’s Play”, you can go on a fun trip with Rei Moritsuki based on your “idea”, and if you obtain Natsuhiko Minase’s SR Memories “Lemon Flavored Summer”, you can create your own, one-of-a-kind trip. You can fully enjoy the unique “Sea of ​​Stars”. “Of course there is…It’s very simple, but I want to experience everything from now on with you. Happenings, adventures, peaceful daily life, and a life full of ups and downs…” Kei Izumi: “A romantic summer trip.” ”, you can make sweet vows with your boyfriend.
*For details on in-game events, please check the latest information on the official HoYoLAB community for “Undecided Case Files”. Game overview
[Image 2:×480.png ]
■About “Undecided Case Files”
“Unsolved Case Files” is a story set in the legal world where you, as a new lawyer, investigate various cases together with four male characters and use deduction to solve the cases. This is a romance mystery game.
■Delivery overview
Title: Undecided Case Files (Miteiji Kenbo)
Genre: Love mystery game for women
Price: Basic free (some in-game purchases available)
Distribution start date: Thursday, July 29, 2021 Distribution Official website:
Official Twitter:
Official YouTube:
■About HoYoverse
HoYoverse is a brand founded with the goal of providing immersive virtual world experiences to players around the world. In addition to game content such as “Genshin”, “Kaitai 3rd”, “Undecided Case Files”, and “Kaitai: Star Rail”, we have released the live wallpaper app “N0va Desktop” and the community service “HoYoLAB”, focusing on original IP. We produce various products such as anime, manga, music, novels, and goods. With the slogan “Tech Otakus Save the World,” we engage in technological development, pursue cutting-edge technology, and accumulate top-class technology in fields such as toon rendering, artificial intelligence, and cloud gaming. HoYoverse is actively globalizing with offices in Singapore, Montreal, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Seoul.
HoYoverse official website:
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