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Home » AR glasses ENMESI latest review video released! Switch between 2D/3D modes for an immersive cinema experience!

AR glasses ENMESI latest review video released! Switch between 2D/3D modes for an immersive cinema experience!

Gathertech Co., Ltd.
AR glasses [ENMESI] latest review video released! Switch between 2D/3D modes for an immersive cinema experience!
[78g super lightweight, remote control with system, compatible with Dolby audio] ……
Today, we released a review video of the 2D/3D compatible AR glasses “ENMESI” on the YouTube channel “Mikasu-Channel”! Furthermore, we are conducting crowdfunding on Makuake! If you would like to support us, please use the product link below.
Product page:
[Image 1:×900.jpg ]
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▼Click here for the latest review video
[Video 2: ]
Makuake project overview Project period: Until Saturday, June 29, 2024 Expected delivery: September 2024 Return: [Standard set 35% off] 87,700 yen Limited to the first 50 people
Within a few days of starting the project, the amount of support has exceeded 700,000 yen!
Features of AR glasses “ENMESI”:
1. Only 78g, as light as two eggs. It also has a control center with a system and is highly compatible.
2.You can freely switch between 2D/3D modes and enjoy a richly immersive experience.
3. The distance from the lens to the image sensor can be adjusted, so you can enjoy images comfortably without the need for glasses. An immersive movie viewing experience
[Image 3:] Enjoy games on the big screen
[Image 4: ]
Connect to your PC and create your own office!
[Image 5:] Easily project images by connecting to your smartphone
No built-in battery, no OS, and no complicated settings required. Mirroring (2D) is possible just by connecting your smartphone. Switch to 3D mode with one click and enjoy 3D videos in high quality (1080P).
[Image 6:] Compatible with various OS such as iOS, Android, and Windows, you can enjoy movies and games on the big screen just by connecting with a cable.
[Image 7:×323.png ]
Can be used indoors or outdoors
ENMESI provides crisp and clear images with its outstanding 1,800nits performance. Images will be clearly visible even when shooting outdoors or in bright locations.
[Image 8:]
[Image 9:×359.png ]
Two movie experience patterns
“ENMESI” is equipped with two display modes: translucent and immersive. Translucent mode allows you to watch movies at home, in the office, or in other environments while being aware of the events and
conversations around you. Immersive mode also allows you to take full advantage of the realism of movies and videos and completely immerse yourself in the story.
[Image 10:×358.p ng]
You can choose a remote control with a system.
Conventional AR glasses have had issues with connecting to
smartphones. Complex connections, prone to delays, prone to
disconnections, etc…
However, ENMESI’s dedicated remote control has solved this problem. No complicated connection procedures or settings are required. Everything is provided in an intuitive interface and you can enjoy a seamless AR experience.
[Image 11:×726.png ]
Product page: *The project will be open until Saturday, June 29, 2024.
[Company introduction] Hello everyone. My name is “Hong Kong Yangming Store”. With the desire to deliver great products to everyone, we used our internal resources to launch a product design, sales, and operation business with the theme of “cutting-edge technology” in 2019. We have received support totaling over 100 million yen for numerous projects we have implemented so far, and have received attention from many media outlets.
This time, I would like to introduce the high-tech x ultra-lightweight AR glasses “ENMESI P30” to everyone in Japan.
Our goal is to deliver products that meet everyone’s needs while keeping an eye on changes in lifestyle over time.
Thank you for your continued support. Yangming Store
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