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Home » uniam Co., Ltd. Cat specialty fresh food “uniam” The brand’s first store sales will begin on Friday, May 10!

uniam Co., Ltd. Cat specialty fresh food “uniam” The brand’s first store sales will begin on Friday, May 10!

[uniam Co., Ltd.] [Cat specialty fresh food “uniam”] The brand’s first store sales will begin on Friday, May 10!

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Press release: May 10, 2024
[Cat specialty fresh food “uniam”] The brand’s first store sales will begin on Friday, May 10th!
*~After pre-sale at GREEN DOG & CAT Daikanyama and Matsuya Ginza stores, it will be gradually expanded nationwide including Tokyo Midtown stores~*
Uniam Co., Ltd. (Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and CEO: Ai Sugimoto), which develops fresh cat food specifically for cats, has the purpose of “Make life with cats unique.” May 10th The brand’s first store sales will begin on Sunday (Friday).
The first store sales will be at “GREEN DOG &
It will be sold at CAT. Fresh food, which is normally only sold online on a regular basis, can be purchased individually in packs or in stores.
*Pre-sale at GREEN DOG & CAT Daikanyama, Gohan no Madoguchi by GREEN DOG & CAT Matsuya Ginza
*Products sold vary depending on the store

Background to the brand’s first store sale
The photo shows the Tokyo Midtown store, which is scheduled to be sold in the future.
CAT” is a store specializing in premium food and care for your partners (pet dogs and cats). We want our beloved partners to stay healthy for as long as possible, so we carry carefully selected products with a focus on quality, especially food, and at our stores, we have one partner, a pet food expert, who is an expert on dog and cat food. We propose the most suitable food according to each animal’s preferences and concerns.

Due to their physical characteristics, cats are picky eaters, and many cat owners suffer from uneven eating, such as suddenly not eating the same food they were eating the day before, or only eating the same food. Until now, uniam’s only sales channel was e-commerce on its own website, with products starting from 5 packs, and because it was offered on a regular basis, owners said, “I don’t know if I’ll eat it, so I want to try it a little at a time.” There were many. This time, in response to the voices of such owners, GREEN
We are now starting sales at DOG & CAT.

From “GREEN DOG” on May 15, 2024, “GREEN DOG &
CAT,” and the company will continue to expand its cat product lineup. At a time when we are aiming to enrich our lives with cats in addition to dogs, uniam’s message, “We want to create a cat’s natural body and extend its healthy lifespan with meals based on the cat’s physical characteristics,” has been important since the start of the service. The current store sales were realized because the ideas we have are aligned with ours.

Uniam fresh cat food
1. Protein-rich recipes for cats who are carnivores
Cats have the characteristics of carnivores, from their digestive tracts to their teeth and the nutrients they need. The amount of protein required is among the highest among mammals. We only use meat and fish that are high enough to be eaten by humans, as well as the amount of protein. We are also particular about “quality”.
2. Careful product design unique to cats
There are many dietary factors that affect a cat’s palatability, but among them, aroma, texture, taste, and nutritional balance are important. We offer two types of texture: coarsely chopped and smooth so you never get tired of it. This is a product variation that even cats who get bored easily can continue using.
3. Human-quality fresh ingredients and reliable transparency From sourcing ingredients to cooking, packaging, and shipping, we control quality using the same strict standards as humans. The food is prepared gently by hand to ensure that the nutrients of the fresh ingredients are not lost.

Products sold in stores
You can purchase from 1 pack individually at the store. Recommended for people who want to try it first to see if they want to eat it, or as a gift.

■Number of products: 5 types (smooth chicken & salmon, chopped chicken & salmon, smooth bonito & cod, chopped bonito & cod, chopped beef & tuna)
*Sales items vary depending on the store.
■Contents: 80g/pack
■Sales price: 1 pack 598 yen (tax included)

■Pre-sale stores: GREEN DOG & CAT Daikanyama (5 types in total), Gohan no Madoguchi by GREEN DOG & CAT
Matsuya Ginza (smooth chicken & salmon, smooth bonito & cod, chopped beef & tuna)
* Planned to gradually expand nationwide, including the Tokyo Midtown store. Food window by GREEN DOG & CAT Matsuya Ginza
GREEN DOG&CAT Daikanyama
Store sales start campaign
To commemorate store sales, we will give you a free original sticker! If you purchase 3 or more packs of Uniam Fresh Food at the same time, you will receive an original cat-covered sticker!
Why not take this opportunity to cover your smartphone or PC with cats? (*Ends as soon as it runs out)
Company Profile
Uniam is created by members who love cats, from concept design to product development, design, copy, and site design. From a
veterinarian who has dreamed of becoming a cat doctor since childhood, to a business development manager, to a designer, this book is filled with the thoughts of people who love cats. Inhale the cat and spit out the ideas. This is a cat-first brand born from such a team.

Company name: uniam Co., Ltd.
Address: 2F Sumitomo Fudosan Toranomon Tower, 2-2-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001
Representative: Representative Director Ai Sugimoto
Official website:
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