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Home » Lepro Entertainment Co., Ltd. Full-fledged musical concert performance at a small theater “Nine Geki Musical Concert Vol.3”

Lepro Entertainment Co., Ltd. Full-fledged musical concert performance at a small theater “Nine Geki Musical Concert Vol.3”

Lepro Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Full-fledged musical concert performance at a small theater “Nine Theater Musical Concert Vol.3”
It will be performed at Asakusa Kugeki in June!! Pre-sale begins today, May 11th (Sat)!
The musical concert “Kyugeki Musical Concert Vol. 3” will be performed at Asakusa Kyugeki, operated by Lepro Entertainment Co., Ltd. Performance dates are June 15th (Sat) and 16th (Sun), and tickets will go on sale in advance from May 11th (Saturday) and general sales will begin on May 18th (Saturday).
[Image 1:×2700.jpg] “Nine Theater Musical Concert Vol.3” flyer
Asakusa Nine Theaters, which has celebrated its 7th anniversary, is focusing not only on renting theaters, but also on independent projects and producing performances. “Kid Victory” was performed in December 2021 as the first project to allow you to enjoy a
full-fledged musical from the distance of a small theater. “Spring Awakening” was released in July 2022 and December 2023 and received great acclaim. This musical concert will also be enjoyed as a concert version with the same concept, with the first stage being performed in December 2022, the second stage in April 2023, and the special edition in July. This will be the third performance. The performers include Rika Tanaka, who is active mainly on stage, including Madame Thenardier in the musical “Les Misérables,” and Rika Tanaka, who made her acting debut in “The Prince of Tennis,” and has appeared on stage and in musicals. Yuki Kamisato, who is expanding her range with a focus on Misato Higashijima, whose role as Melchior in “Awakening” is still fresh in our memory, and Misako and RIN from CASPEL, who are familiar with “Nine Geki Musical Concert”, are talented and diverse actors. Delivered by members. ■Performance overview “Nine Geki Musical Concert Vol.3” Music director & Keyboard: Aoi Tanaka Staging: Aya Tomita Production cooperation: Maki Kawasaki Performance schedule: 6/15 (Sat) 13:00 start, 17:00 6/16 (Sun) 13:00 start Location: Asakusa Kugeki Cast: Rika Tanaka, Yuki Kamisato, Kurisu Oto, Higashijimakyo MISAKO (CASPEL)・RIN (CASPEL) ticket price (all seats reserved, tax included): 8,000 yen Ticket handling: Advance sales (Pia advance) 5/11 (Sat) 11:00 – 5/15 (Wed) 23:59 (Paskip advance) 5/ 15 (Wed) 23:59 – 5/18 (Sat) 11:00 General sale (Pia, Paskip) 5/18 (Sat) 11:00 – – Pia – -musical-con/ -Paskip- Sponsored by: Lepro Entertainment ■Rika Tanaka Profile
[Image 2:×2700.jpg] Rika Tanaka
RIKA TANAKA Born in Fukuoka Prefecture. In 1980, she made her stage debut as Dionne in the musical “Hair.” In 1982, he won the Tokyo Music Festival Newcomer Encouragement Award for his activities with the vocal group “BAR”. In the same year, he was part of the original cast of “I Got Merman” directed by Amon Miyamoto. From 2005 to 2009, she appeared in “Les Miserables” and gained attention for her role as Madame Thenardier. Since then, he has been active mainly on stage. HP:■Yuki Kamisato Profile
[Image 3:×2700.jpg] Yuki Kamisato
YUKI KAMISATO Born in Hyogo Prefecture. In 2015, he made his acting debut in the 3rd season of the musical “The Prince of Tennis” as the 8th Seigaku (playing the role of Shusuke Fuji). Currently active mainly in musical works and stage plays. His main appearances include the musical “Machida-kun’s World”, “Slice of Saturday Night”, “Yayoi, March – 30 years of loving you”, “GREASE”, the stage play “Kingdom”, and the hyper projection play “Haikyuu”. !!”Such. Scheduled to appear in the stage play “Reverse Historica” in July. HP: ■Oto Kuriju Profile
[Image 4:×2700.jpg] Otokuri Kotobuki
KURISU OTO Born in Saitama Prefecture. In 2014, he joined the Takarazuka Revue as a member of the 100th class. She has played important roles in many works, including the role of the heroine for a newcomer in “ME AND MY GIRL” (2016). In 2022, he will leave the Takarazuka Revue. Recent works include [Stage] “First Date”, Umebo 16th Showdown “Dumten Gaeshi”, “Count the Night as Many Stars”, “Rogers/Hart”, “The Wind-up Bird Chronicle” (2023), “Taki Rentaro’s friends, acquaintances, and others” (2024). HP:■Kyo Higashijima Profile
[Image 5:×1124.jpg] Higashijimakyo
MISATO HIGASHIJIMA Born in Osaka Prefecture. Her first stage performance was in 2021 in the Japanese-English co-production musical “GALAXY TRAIN.” In March 2023, the same work was performed entirely in English as “GALAXY TRAIN-A New Musical” in London, where he appeared along with the local cast. After that, she played her first lead role in the musical “Spring Awakening” in December 2013, and in February and March 2014, she tried her first straight play in the stage play “The Best Runaway”. Reon Yuzuki will be appearing in the 25th Anniversary “REON JACK5” in August 2024, and the musical “SONG WRITERS” starting in November. X:■CASPEL Profile
[Image 6:×1125.jpg] MISAKO (CASPEL)
[Image 7:×1125.jpg] RIN (CASPEL)
A vocal unit consisting of eight actresses affiliated with Toho Entertainment who are usually active in different fields such as musicals, dramas, and small theaters. We started our activities with the aim of becoming a Japanese CITIZEN QUEEN and wishing to
“fascinate” and “cast a spell” on people with our singing voice. Appeared as a chorus member in a musical show at “YOKOHAMA GIRLS ☆ FESTIVAL 2021 Supported by Ariake Harbor”, WOWOW “Green & Blacks”, KOHKI OKADA PRESENTS “I Love Musical 2021” – 30th Anniversary of Hiroki Okada’s debut – “Sound Theater 2022”, etc. . MISAKO has participated in the musical drama “Toki”, the chorus of the musical “DEVIL”, the role of SWING and HOPE in “HOPE”, the musical gymnastics narration for WOWOW “Yoshio’s Myu”, and RIN has participated in the anime “Jujutsu Kaisen”, “Dr. STONE”, etc. CASPELYouTube: 7231250RIN Instagram: Asakusa Nine Theater, which our company operates, was renovated into an online theater in June 2020, and the stage We broadcast live performances, other events, etc. Asakusa Kyugeki, an online theater theater that has celebrated its 7th anniversary since opening in Asakusa, the mecca of the performing arts, has been welcoming talented artists, creators, and fans since its opening to embody the concept of a theater that nurtures people. It has been used. In order to prepare an environment where you can take on new creative challenges in a new era, create together, and deliver it to as many people as possible, we have permanently installed equipment and staff to comfortably distribute works online. ■What is Asakusa Nine Theater? The entertainment production company Lepro Entertainment celebrated its 7th anniversary in March 2017 at a theater that opened in Asakusa, a sacred place for the entertainment industry. Aiming to be a theater that nurtures people, we have provided a variety of entertainment. In the theater field, talented companies such as Bed & Making, Company Delacinera, Come Come Minikina, good morning N°5, Monthly Muneko Nemoto, atlas, GROUP THEATER, Pink Liberty, and Magma ∞, as well as SPOTTED LIGHT’s Alps Stand From popular works such as “Hashi no Kata”, “Edaniku” written by Takuya Yokoyama and directed by Yoshinobu Chung,
“Othello” by AUN age theater company, and “In May, a flower blooms in a forgotten corner of the garden” by Sapporoza and Dosanko Otoko Club. . In addition, it is used by a wide variety of creators for dance performances, rakugo performances, live music, art exhibitions, events, and more.
[Image 8:×694.jpg] Asakusa Nine Theater Exterior
[Image 9:×665.jpg] Asakusa Nine Theater Foyer
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