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Sogo Yokohama Store Hama Fes Y165 Yokohama Fair

Sogo/Seibu Co., Ltd.
[Sogo Yokohama Store] Hama Fes Y165 Yokohama Fair
-Simultaneous event- Fashion sale
■Period: May 15th (Wednesday) to May 21st (Tuesday), 2024
■Venue: Sogo Yokohama store 8th floor = event venue
*Closes at 5pm on the last day.
*Last order for Eaton Corner is 30 minutes before closing each day. At the Sogo Yokohama store, in conjunction with “Yokohama Opening Month” held in Yokohama City, “Yokohama Port Opening Month” will be held at the 8th floor event venue as a symbolic event to introduce the charm of Yokohama, which is rich in history and culture, through “gourmet fashion”. We will be holding Hama Fes Y165 Yokohama Fair. This event aims to further expand the value of the Yokohama brand, and will feature approximately 40 stores from all over Yokohama that specialize in each genre. At the same time, a “Fashion Sale” featuring popular brands from Yokohama’s leading fashion town “Motomachi” will be held at the event venue on the 8th floor, as well as at targeted sales floors on the 4th floor and 1st basement floor.
*The images in this release are for illustrative purposes only, and all prices include tax.
What is Hamafest Y165?
A special event that brings the vitality of Yokohama to you through music, sports, and gourmet food. Five areas that convey history and tradition
Held on Saturday, May 25th and Sunday, May 26th at (Bashamichi, Kannai, Yamashita Koen-dori, Yokohama Chinatown, Motomachi/Yamate). ~Co-starring beloved Yokohama gourmet food~
■[Noge] Center Grill/Yokohama Napolitan (350g, 1 piece) 851 yen (demonstration) A nostalgic Neapolitan with ketchup flavor.
[Image 1: &s3=31382-1781-3A581FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF12285FF48B66D8 E1D5817-1500X1500.jpg]
■[Akebono Town] Araiya/Kami Sukiyaki bento (1 fold) 1,296 yen Sukiyaki bento box made by a long-established beef hotpot specialty store.
[Image 2:×493.jpg] ■[Chinatown] Heichinro/Dandan noodles with soup (1 person) 990 yen (eat-in) A rich soup that combines the flavors of sesame and shrimp with spiciness.
[Image 3:×1185.jpg] ■[Nakamachidai] Pork cutlet rice/Kiwami set meal (comes with rice, miso soup, and pickles, 1 serving) 2,090 yen
[Limited to 20 meals each day] (Eat-in)
Enjoy the delicious flavor of Isawa pork rib roast.
[Image 4:×635.jpg] ■[Totsuka] Tempura Iwata/Shonan whitebait kakiage tenju (1 fold) 1,201 yen (demonstration)
[Image 5:×595.jpg] ■ [Yoshida Town] Chicken specialty store Umeya / Daisen chicken oyakodon (1 fold) 1,080 yen (demonstration)
[Image 6:×844.jpg] ■[Urahune Town] TAKARA/Tuna-filled rice bowl (1 portion) 2,000 yen (demonstration)
[Image 7:×844.jpg] ■[Nakagawa] Roller Coast/Dry Veggie Burger (1 piece) 1,481 yen (demonstration)
[Image 8:×630.jpg] ■[Chinatown] Shigoroku Saikan/Shigoroku Xiaolongbao (7 pieces, 1 pack) 1,381 yen (demonstration)
[Image 9:×844.jpg] ■[Chojamachi] Patisserie Monte Rosa Yokohama Main Store/Whole Melon (Approximately 10.0cm in diameter, 1 unit) 1,501 yen *There are individual differences in the size of melons.
[Image 10:×624.jpg] ■[Yamashita Town] Aquila Wallens/Croque Monsieur (1/2 sheet size, 1 piece) 551 yen (demonstration) (image left)
■[Okurayama] Canelé and baked goods specialty store galbe/Canelé BOX (5 types, 10 pieces, 1 box) 3,800 yen (image on the right)
[Image 11: &s3=31382-1781-8C4640AF7238CEA99 951159530-669×248.jpg]

■[Kaigandori] Hug Flower/Gluten Free Cheese Terrine (6 pieces, 1 box) 3,800 yen (image left)
■[Shinko] Yokohama Caramel Lab/Crispy Raw Caramel Choux (1 piece) 378 yen [Limited to 40 pieces each day] (Image on the right)
[Image 12:×251.jpg] [Other stores]
■[Chinatown] Fugui Baozi Tower
■[Totsuka] Marutake
■[Asama Town] Yokohama Taniya
■[Sachiura] Mitsuhashi rice (first appearance)
■[Higashihongo] Happy Rummy
■[Kannai] POZ Dining (first appearance)
■[Kami Nagatani] Delicatessen Munich
■[Special Exhibit] Meat Magician (first appearance)
Great deals on Yokohama Motomachi brands. “Fashion Sale”
■Period: May 15th (Wednesday) to May 21st (Tuesday), 2024
■Venue: Sogo Yokohama Store B1F = Ladies’ miscellaneous goods, 4th floor = Ladies’ clothing, 8th floor = Event venue
*Only the 8th floor = event hall will close at 5pm on the last day. [Target sales floor]
Basement 1st floor = Ladies’ miscellaneous goods
■Kitamura/Special 4-piece set with a choice of colors
(1. Tote bag, 2. Shoulder bag, 3. Towel handkerchief, 4. Shopping bag) 13,000 yen
/Handbag department
You can choose any color other than *1, but the limited number varies depending on the color.
It will end as soon as it runs out.
-20% OFF on eligible items in Kitamura store-
[Image 13:×1500.jpg] ■Mihama/Pumps (cowhide, 22.5cm-24.5cm) 23,760 yen/Women’s shoes department -10% OFF on eligible products in Mihama store- *Some items are excluded.
[Image 14:× g ]
*% OFF displayed is the discount rate from our regular price from late March 2024 onwards.
4th floor = women’s clothing
■Fukuzo/Towel set (100% cotton, 1 bath towel, 1 face towel) 6,600 yen
[Image 15:×1500 .jpg ]
8th floor = event hall
■Matsushita Shinpei Shoten/Masterpiece Folding Umbrella [For both sun and rain] (Various, polyester, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, outer rib: approx. 50.0cm) 2,970 yen each
[Image 16:×406.jpg ]
■Chikazawa lace store/face towel
(100% cotton, lace part: 100% polyester, approx. 34.0cm x 80.0cm) 1,320 yen
[Image 17: &s3=31382-1781-8E1F6EF6EF9925B3AAF6AF6ABABABA 66c1fdcb4-1500X1500.jpg] ■Motomachi Dog/Dog wear (various, 100% cotton, S-LL) 3,190 yen each (image left) ■Boutique Minato/Tote bag
(Polyester/cowhide, approx. length 21.0 x width 24.5 x gusset 15.0 cm) 17,620 yen (image right)
[Image 18: &s3=31382-175836E290C999bfa13bfa13bfa13 C49F25A54-1065X431.jpg] ■ARIS/Stripe placket tape shirt (100% cotton, equivalent to M-L) 7,590 yen (image left)
■Label Vie/French linen dress (100% linen, equivalent to M-L) 20,680 yen (image right)
[Image 19:×504.jpg] In addition, limited sales and workshops, etc.
■Motif is the sun shining on the sea of ​​Yokohama
“CHARMY” soleil series limited sale (image left)
Date: From Wednesday, May 15th / Basement 1st floor = Accessories department ・Necklace (K18, diamond) 96,800 yen (left)
・Earrings (Pt, blue diamond, diamond) 129,800 yen (right)
■Recommended for Yokohama souvenirs
“Fukuzo” Sogo Yokohama store limited can balm sale (image right) Date: From Wednesday, May 15th / 4th floor = women’s clothing section Natural balm [hand cream & hair wax] (20g) 1,980 yen
[Image 20:×348.jpg] ■-Reservation priority- Yokohama Marche workshop where even
first-timers can have fun creating their own creations
Date: May 16th (Thursday) to May 20th (Monday) / 8th floor = event hall A workshop will be held by a craft artist.
For reservations and inquiries: 6th floor = Japanese tableware department Phone: 045(465)5571 Direct
■Hamafes Y165 Dream City Painting Contest Prize-Winning Works Exhibition Date: May 15th (Wednesday) – May 21st (Tuesday) / 8th floor = event venue *Closed at 5pm on the last day
A painting contest in which elementary school students drew the cityscape of Yokohama Central Town, 200 years after the opening of Yokohama Port.
The award-winning works of 2024 will be exhibited in one place. More details about this release: