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Home » Full schedule of this summer’s Philippine study tour released The full schedule of GLI’s Philippine tour has been released, and additional briefing sessions have been decided.

Full schedule of this summer’s Philippine study tour released The full schedule of GLI’s Philippine tour has been released, and additional briefing sessions have been decided.

[Full schedule of this summer’s Philippine study tour released] The full schedule of GLI’s Philippine tour has been released, and additional briefing sessions have been decided.

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Press release: May 12, 2024
*For those looking for overseas study tours that are still available this summer*
[Full schedule of this summer’s Philippine study tour released] The full schedule of GLI’s Philippine tour has been released, and additional briefing sessions have been decided.
*GLI, which provides “tangible results” such as admission to boarding schools both domestically and internationally, has released additional details on a summer tour to the Philippines for children. We have also decided to hold an additional pre-briefing session where you can apply. *
Global Learner’s based in Minato-ku, Tokyo
The Institute (GLI) has released a study tour to the Philippines for children learning English from Sunday, July 21st to Saturday, July 27th this year. We would like to inform you that the entire schedule and contents have been announced this time. We have also decided to expand the application framework and hold additional pre-tour briefing sessions where applications can be made on a first-come, first-served basis.
This time as well, the curriculum is designed as an exploration-type study tour, and the period is “6 nights and 7 days”, supporting a great summer adventure for children who are away from their parents. To date, participants on GLI’s study tours have visited Nepal and Hawaii and have experienced and learned things that could not be obtained in Japan, and have achieved a lot of growth.
Day 1: Leave Japan and head to Mindanao, Philippines!
Departing from Japan, you will begin your journey to the charming island of Mindanao in the Philippines. I boarded an international plane and the flight took about 5 hours. We will transit in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, and then head to Mindanao Island in the southern part of the Philippines. Arrive in Davao City, the main destination of this tour, later in the day.

*The itinerary and content for days 1 to 4 have already been released, so please click here.
GLI official blog:
Previous release:

Day 5: Explore Samal Island
On this day as well, we have prepared a curriculum that will tickle your adventurous spirit. The theme is nature and great adventure. Transfer to Samal Island by ferry. Samal Island (commonly known as Samal)
Island, official name: Island GArden City Of
Samal is a resort island located next to Davao City, just a 15-minute ferry ride away. You’ll be able to explore caves, enjoy the beautiful ocean, and experience flavors that can only be found in the
Philippines. Have an unforgettable experience with your friends and teachers.

Day 6: Last day
On the last day of the activity, we will have an activity at GLI’s Davao office where you can create art with your memories of Davao. Using the shells, nuts, pebbles, etc. that we have collected so far, we will create art with the theme of memories of Davao. The completed works will be exhibited at GLI’s Davao office. In addition, as time to experience local life and culture, we will go to a local supermarket, buy ingredients within the budget decided by each group, and have an activity to make “halo-halo”, a traditional Filipino dessert.

Day 7: Return day
Return to Narita from Davao Airport. Children who meet their parents for the first time in a long time are likely to have grown enough to see their faces change.
GLI’s study tour is not a sightseeing tour, but an exploratory tour where you can learn. We place an emphasis on learning through practical experience. It is designed to help you learn from places, people, and environments that cannot be obtained by an individual, and its effectiveness has been highly praised. During the tour, there will be a reflection session every night to look back and share what we learned that day. Check what you felt and how you grew through the activity.

・︎Seizing the opportunity for a dream
・︎Inquiry learning unique to the local area
・︎Improvement of teamwork skills
・︎Acquisition of leadership skills
The exploratory study tours offered by GLI are precisely designed to meet these needs.

From a survey of parents who participated in the tour
I’m really glad I participated. They were very sincere in everything from preliminary training to procedures and follow-up during the tour. During the tour, they frequently shared photos with my daughter’s parents, so I was able to wait for my daughter’s return with great peace of mind. My daughter also participated in the study tour and was able to experience different cultures and local issues with friends of different ages, which led to a great learning experience for her. My daughter had hoped that there would be an educational tour like this every year. Thank you very much to the staff and teachers.

●I want them to participate in GLI’s overseas study tour!
●We want our children to gain experiences that they cannot do in Japan! ●I want to create opportunities for children to grow!
If you are interested in this, please join us at the information session. Applications will be closed once the recruitment capacity is reached. At the briefing session, we will do our best to help you resolve any questions or concerns you may have regarding your child’s overseas study tour, including providing detailed information about the program, consultation regarding participation conditions such as age and English proficiency, and confirmation of fees. Masu. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have so that your child can participate in an overseas study tour with peace of mind.

Philippine study tour briefing session (additional event to be held) “schedule”
●May 13th (Monday) 19:00~
●May 14th (Tuesday) 18:00~
●Wednesday, May 15th 13:00~
*The duration is 30-60 minutes and the content is the same each time. “venue”
Online (Zoom) *Anyone can participate in the information session for free.

[About the Philippines Study Tour]
July 21st (Sun) – July 27th (Sat)
《Participation conditions》
●Able to understand the teacher’s instructions in English
*Japanese staff will accompany you and provide support.
●Things you can self-manage
《Target age》
10 years old or older (1st grade or older if accompanied by a guardian) 《Tour application deadline》
Sunday, May 19th

[Application for briefing session]
If you would like to participate in the “Free Briefing Session”, please register as a friend from the “GLI Official LINE” link below and send a message with “( )Japan-Davao Briefing Session”.
We will reply to your message with the Zoom URL etc.
We also hold individual information sessions for those who are unable to accommodate the schedule.
If you are interested, please contact us on official LINE.

[School information]
◇About GLI
A consulting-type English conversation school for elementary, junior high, and high school students preparing for British boarding schools with locations in Harumi, Hiroo, Musashi-Kosugi, and online. By conducting exploratory learning using the English learning style known as CLIL, we simultaneously develop English proficiency, thinking ability, and imagination, and design global education and career paths in a personal way.

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