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Home » Medi Blanca Co., Ltd. May 12th of this year is the day when Mother’s Day and Nursing Day coincide. We have released 9 scenes that we want mothers of children under medical care to rely on.

Medi Blanca Co., Ltd. May 12th of this year is the day when Mother’s Day and Nursing Day coincide. We have released 9 scenes that we want mothers of children under medical care to rely on.

Medi Blanca Co., Ltd.
May 12th of this year is the day when Mother’s Day and Nursing Day coincide. We have released 9 scenes that we want mothers of children under medical care to rely on.
Based on user feedback, this illustration was created in collaboration with childcare manga artist Sachiko.
Medi Blanca Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yoshino Yokoyama) operates “Soi Nurse,” a caring service for pediatric nurses who provide care for children in medical care and children with
disabilities. In commemoration of May 12, 2024, when Mother’s Day and Nursing Day coincide, we collaborated with childcare manga artist Sachiko ( to create “9 Scenes You Can Rely on as a Soy Nurse.” We will publish the illustration.
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As medical technology advances, many lives can now be saved. Meanwhile, the number of children in medical care is 20,000. It has doubled in the last 15 years, exceeding the average number of people. In particular, the number of children requiring a ventilator has increased from one in 10 in 2010 to one in four in 2021, with the severity of the need for medical care at home increasing*. Medical care The condition of each child varies, but some may require 24-hour care to manage ventilators and suction out sputum.
The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare conducted a report on the actual living conditions of children in medical care and their families in 2019, which found that in approximately 90% of households, mothers are responsible for the medical care of children. there is. In addition, a survey conducted by SoiNurse in July 2023 targeting users with children in medical care at home revealed that in approximately 90% of households, mothers are responsible for the care. Ta. Of course, there are various situations such as cases in which the father also provides care, roles that are agreed upon by both parties, and single-parent households, and the problem is not that the mother is the primary caregiver. However, it is also true that daily life, housework, work, and a family with siblings place a heavy burden on mothers. Some people find it difficult to provide medical care without knowledge, find it difficult to rely on grandparents or other relatives, feel that they, as parents, have to take care of
everything, or don’t know who to turn to for advice. Some say that it is difficult to receive support from three parties, and that it is difficult to take time for themselves.
*Source: October 2023 Child Development Think Tank Materials Project overview
May 12, 2024 is the day when Mother’s Day and Nursing Day coincide, so we wanted to be able to support these mothers, based on interviews with actual users and feedback received. We have compiled stories of people using “Soinurse”. The care and family support provided by visiting nursing providers is sometimes introduced on the official website of each city, ward, town, or village, but some say they are unsure in what specific situations they should rely on. For this reason, we have compiled a list of “9 scenes where you can rely on a soy nurse” with illustrations to make it easier to imagine. The illustrations were drawn by Sachiko
(, a childcare manga artist who has gained sympathy from many parents on SNS. Sachiko herself has publicly announced that her daughter has a developmental disability, and is proud of the fact that she can rely on nurses with specialized knowledge, and that she wants to “create a society where all children, their families, and nurses can live healthy lives.” We agreed with this philosophy, which led to this collaboration.
“SoiNurse” is currently a service centered on Tokyo, so we will continue to pursue better nursing care in order to be close to as many families as possible, as a person that people living in the target area can rely on immediately. Masu.
Also, for people outside the target area, based on this information, parents of children in medical care can learn that there is a third party they can rely on, and provide them with an opportunity to consult with the person in charge of their local government. I hope this will give you an opportunity to try using the appropriate visiting nursing service.
[Image 2:×2700.jpg] “9 scenes where you can rely on a soy nurse”
・Consultation on medical care and childcare at home
・Cooperation with surrounding people
・Home-sitting support during work
・Home support when siblings have events or lessons
・Securing time for shopping and hobbies
– Riding along on the school bus for special needs schools
・Long-term monitoring nursing at schools and nursery schools ・Accompanying school trips and forest schools
・Consultation tailored to changes in life stages
*In addition to home-visit nursing care covered by medical insurance and home respite provided by your local government, you can also use it at your own expense.
Inquiries: Please fill out the form below.
Creator profile/comments
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X account:
I am a mother of two sisters, ages 4 and 1.
When my eldest daughter Mayuyu turned one year old, I started keeping a picture diary of my childcare on social media. Mayuyu was diagnosed with a developmental disorder when she was 2 years old. Currently, I am writing picture diaries of children and sharing my experiences in raising children with disabilities.
I started writing a childcare picture diary just to take a breather, but as my eldest daughter was diagnosed with a developmental disorder and I started sharing information about her disability, I decided to do this type of work. Although the care required for children with developmental disabilities and children under medical care is different, there was a lot of content that I could relate to. These are issues that always bother me, such as “not being able to work or go shopping,” “problems with sibling events or lessons,” and “wanting a place to talk about changes in life stages.” I think how reassuring it is to have a specialist you can rely on in times like these.
There is data that shows that mothers are often responsible for providing long-term nursing care at home, and this project was planned for Mother’s Day, but I hope that this kind of service will become more widespread for mothers and fathers who are accompanied by mothers and fathers. I wish there were more services like this. I thought from the bottom of my heart.
I would be happy if more people could learn about Soinurse’s services and this project through the illustrations.
About “Soy Nurse”
“SoiNurse” is a pediatric nurse caring service provided by nurses with specialized knowledge. We mainly serve the Tokyo metropolitan area, and professional nurses support children’s growth in a style similar to the way children were raised in the past, when people helped each other in the local community. In addition to providing home nursing care, we also handle various cases where nurses are needed during childcare, such as special needs school bus transportation, school trips, and forest school attendance, and provide care for children in medical care, their families, and siblings. This also applies to support. SoiNurse collects nurses through a registration system, and multiple nurses take care of one patient.There are over 2,400 registered nurses, and about 80 are in active duty at any given time. Users have said things like, “Thanks to the adjustments made to my irregular usage, I’ve been able to return to work and live the life I wanted,” and “LINE has helped me by responding quickly.” It has been sent.
About children under medical care
With the development of medicine, the number of lives that can be saved has increased by making full use of various technologies and instruments. According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, in 2021 there will be approximately “medical care children” in Japan who have physical impairments and require medical equipment and care for breathing, nutritional intake, excretion, etc. It is said that there are 20,000 people, and about 2,000 in Tokyo. In addition, the number of children is increasing year by year, and even though the number of births in Japan is decreasing, the number of children receiving medical care has doubled in 10 years.
Company Profile
Company name: Medi Blanca Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Yoshino Yokoyama
Address: Camera Taiyodo Building 4F, 1-10-3 Kanda Jimbocho,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0051
Establishment date: November 22, 2019
Business details: – Home-visit caring service by nurses
・Home-visit nursing business based on the Nursing Care Insurance Act HP:
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