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Home » Shingen Co., Ltd. Bed vs Futon vs Mattress! Which bedding do most people sleep on? What is the number one thing that everyone has trouble with when sleeping?

Shingen Co., Ltd. Bed vs Futon vs Mattress! Which bedding do most people sleep on? What is the number one thing that everyone has trouble with when sleeping?

[Shingen Co., Ltd.] Bed vs Futon vs Mattress! Which bedding do most people sleep on? What is the number one thing that everyone has trouble with when sleeping?

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Press release: May 12, 2024
Bed vs futon vs mattress! Which bedding do most people sleep on? What is the number one thing that everyone has trouble with when sleeping? SHUFUFU, an information media for housewives operated by Shingen Co., Ltd., conducted a survey regarding bedding. We will publish the results.
Survey overview
Survey method: Internet survey
Research institution: In-house research
Number of people surveyed: 200 men and women
Target audience: Adults
Survey gender: 81 men, 119 women
Survey age group: 20s: 22 people, 30s: 68 people, 40s: 67 people, 50s and above: 43 people
Survey period: May 2024
Research report:
*When quoting the results of this survey, please use the “SHUFUFU” URL (
What do you usually sleep with?
What do you usually sleep with? The most common response to this question was “bed (47%).”
This was followed by “Futon (30.5%)” and “Mattress (20.5%).” The results for those who slept on a bed were approximately 1.5 times higher than those who slept on a futon. Many homes these days have wooden floors, so beds may be more preferred.
Please tell us why you are sleeping on the bedding you selected above and how comfortable it is.
1st place: bed
It’s a hassle to fold and take out futons (man in his 30s)

You can stay as far away from the dust on the floor as possible, and there are many types of mattresses so you can choose the bedding that suits you. (Male in his 20s)

Reason: You can put a storage case under the bed and use it as storage space. (Female in her 30s)

The room is a Western-style room, so it’s easy to sleep on regular bedding (female in her 30s)

Because you can store things under the bed. To be able to lean against the side of the bed when sitting on the floor. (Female in her 30s)

I think the bed is better for cleaning. (Female in her 20s)

I sleep in the bed because I don’t have to clean up and the bottom can be used for storage. (Female in her 50s)

I have back pain, so I prefer a bed. Fits your body (woman in her 30s)

If you sleep on the floor, you will breathe in dust. Very comfortable. (Female from 50s)

I think a bed is more comfortable for me because it’s easier to get up from bed (I can stand up from a sitting position), and my bedroom is a Western-style room, so a bed would suit me better. (Female from 50s)

I purchased this bed thinking that it would be less stressful to sleep on a bed with stronger springs than a futon, and I have not had a bad night’s sleep. I also like that it’s a low type so it doesn’t take up space. (Female in her 40s)

There is resistance to laying it directly on the bed. (Female in her 40s)

Many of the reasons given for sleeping in a bed instead of a futon were that it was troublesome to fold it up, that they didn’t like being close to the floor, and that they had lower back pain. Another benefit was that the space under the bed could be used as storage space. *

2nd place: Futon
We choose items based on their functionality so they can be cleaned up quickly. Sleeping comfort is average. (Male in his 30s)

Although it is not very comfortable, it can be folded and stored compactly. (Female in her 30s)

My house is small so I can’t have a bed. There is only a futon. (Female in her 40s)

I used to sleep in bed, but I changed to a futon that gives me more freedom so I can use my computer and TV at the same time. It’s very comfortable to sleep on because it has two futons on top of each other. (50s~Male)

I have a child, so it would be dangerous to stay in bed. (Female in her 40s)

This is because I have been sleeping on a futon for a long time. Sleeping comfort is quite normal. (Female in her 30s)

My room is small, so if I put a bed on it, it would take up space and get in the way, so I use a futon, although it takes a lot of effort to put it up and take it down (man in his 40s).

Since it is placed directly on the floor, it is not as high as a bed, so you can sleep with peace of mind without worrying about falling from a high place (man in his 50s)

*Responses given for sleeping on a futon instead of a bed include not having to worry about the child or yourself falling off the bed, and not having enough space to put a bed. *

3rd place: Mattress
It’s uneven and fits my body well, and it’s foldable, which is very convenient. (Female in her 30s)

A mattress is easy to clean and easy to move when something gets in the way (woman in her 30s)

I like this mattress as it is very comfortable to sleep on as it helps with lower back pain. (Female in her 40s)

Since our two children sleep together, we use a mattress instead of a bed to keep costs down. I think it’s very comfortable to sleep on because it’s a thick high-resilience mattress. (Female in her 30s)

The comfort is great. Of all the pieces of furniture, I spend the most money on mattresses. (Female in her 30s)

I bought this because I often suffer from lower back pain due to my job. The softness feels like it hugs your body, so you can sleep soundly and comfortably.(Female in her 30s)

I sleep on a flannel mattress directly on the floor. The bed is comfortable! However, it is quite heavy, so it is a hassle to lift it up to dry or dry the floor. (Female in her 30s)

I used to use a futon, but my lower back started hurting so I changed to a mattress (man in his 30s)

* “Mattress” seems to be preferred because it is thicker and more comfortable than “futon,” and easier to move than “bed.” *

4th place: Sofa
It’s convenient because you can sleep right where you are sitting (male in his 20s)

5th place: Cot/folding bed
Since the flooring is hard, a folding bed is a must. (Female in her 40s)

6th place: floor
It’s a hassle to lay out the futon. The floor is just the right hardness so it’s comfortable to sleep on. (Male in his 40s)

7th place: Simple mat
It’s not comfortable to sleep on. However, it doesn’t take up much space when stored, it’s cheap, and if it gets dirty, you can easily replace it with a new one, so it’s clean. (Male in his 40s)

What should you be concerned about when using a “futon”? (up to 3) When it comes to things to be concerned about when it comes to comforters, the first place was “lightness (54.5%),” and the second place was “warmth retention (50%).” Heavy comforters are
uncomfortable to sleep on and difficult to wash. Also, high heat retention is especially important in winter.
Are you having trouble with your sleeping environment? (Multiple possible) When asked what problems they have with their sleeping environment, the first response was “Difficult/troublesome to wash bedding (45%),” and the second response was “I don’t have any troubles.” (22%). Many of the bedding sizes and materials cannot be washed in a washing machine at home, so it becomes a problem that you have to go to a laundromat to wash them, or that even if you can wash them, it is difficult to hang them to dry. it might be.
Summary of survey results
When we conducted a questionnaire survey on “bedding” to 200 men and women, When asked what they usually sleep in, the most common answer was “bed.” Due to the increasing number of Western-style houses, more people may be sleeping on beds instead of futons than before. They also cited the advantage of being able to secure storage space for reasons not directly related to sleep.
When it comes to things to be concerned about when choosing a futon, “lightness” was the number one thing. This is an important factor because heavy comforters are difficult to wash and store.
When asked about problems with the sleeping environment, the most common response was “difficult/troublesome to wash bedding.” It’s great for sheets, but when it comes to mattresses and comforters, it’s difficult to wash them at home and keep them clean.
What kind of bedding do you all sleep on?
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In addition to this, we also develop business management tools, operate owned media, and conduct site analysis surveys.
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