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Home » Telesis Network Co., Ltd. Fortune for the second half of 2024 | Fortune and turning points predicted by arithmetic, love luck and work luck free

Telesis Network Co., Ltd. Fortune for the second half of 2024 | Fortune and turning points predicted by arithmetic, love luck and work luck free

Telesis Network Co., Ltd.
Fortune for the second half of 2024 | Fortune and turning points, love luck, work luck [free] as predicted by arithmetic
From May 12, 2024, Telesys Network Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Keimitsu Takaishi will launch the monthly official smartphone site “Yamawa Kei Wei no We have released “Fortune telling for the second half of 2024” for free at Sanmeigaku.
“Fortune for the second half of 2024” URL: “Yamato-Wei Wei’s Mathematical Science” URL:
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■Summary On the full-fledged San-Nei-gaku site “Yamato-Wei’s San-Ni-gaku” by Ougi Yamato, who has gained popularity in numerous programs and media as the fortune-telling king of Minami, Osaka, We have released the fortune telling “Fortune for the second half of 2024” for free. Just by entering your date of birth, you can predict your fortune in the second half of 2024, future turning points, important events in the future, your natural personality, etc. Please enjoy fortune-telling based on arithmetic, which will reverse your fate and lead you to happiness.
■Introducing the official website “Yamato Ougi’s Sanmei-gaku” A full-fledged San-eigaku site by Yamato Ougi, who has become a hot topic through numerous popular programs and media appearances, is finally here! We will create a detailed life formula using
“Sanminaku”, which has been passed down from ancient China, and will reveal your destiny at birth, your fortune in 2024, and future events. Please experience the detailed appraisal using the math theory of the fortune-telling king Wei Wei, who has 30 years of appraisal
■Introduction of the supervisor Yamawa Kei Wei was born in Osaka Prefecture. He grew up in a Buddhist family whose grandfather was a monk at Chion-in, the head temple of the Jodo sect. From a young age, I learned about “Easy Learning”, “Mathematics”, “Four Pillars of Science”, “Qimen Tonko”, “Rokujin-Shin-gu”, “Five Sex
Divination”, “Astrology”, “Feng Shui”, “Sanmei”, “Fukuyo”, “Yin Yang”, “Nine Stars”, etc. Learned many divination techniques and established an original divination technique called “Yin-Yang Five Sex Techniques”. In addition to consulting with a wide range of celebrities, company executives, entertainers, and of course the general public, he also gives lectures on human resources education. Currently runs “Fortune-telling Salon YAMATO” in Minami, Osaka. ■Service overview/Content name: Yamato Kei Wei’s Mathematical Science/Sales fee: 330 yen per month (tax included)/Provided URL:
■Introducing the fortune-telling content portal site “Uranaeru”
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In July 2020, we started providing media for women with the theme of “fortune telling x love”, “Uranaeru – Fateful Love Fortune Telling”. We update daily with columns and articles aimed at women who are looking for a happy love life and way of life in their own way, as well as fortune-telling created under the supervision of popular fortune-tellers with a proven track record who have appeared in various media such as TV and magazines.・“Uranaeru Official Website” URL:・“Uranaeru Authentic Appraisal” URL:
■Introducing women’s deep love columns and free fortune-telling media “ENJYO”
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“ENJYO” is a love column and free fortune telling distribution media for women who are passionately in love and live a vibrant life. From deep love and nightlife for women…we have a variety of interesting love columns with a variety of themes, and free fortune tellings updated daily by popular fortune tellers who are active in various media such as TV, books, and magazines!・“ENJYO” URL: ■Introducing Telephone Fortune Telling “Mel” Love/Spirituality Column & Free Fortune Telling Site
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This site is a telephone fortune-telling site that provides answers to the complex and diverse problems faced by clients, such as love, reunion, and painful love. This site provides free psychic readings and spiritual fortune telling by popular telephone fortune tellers, as well as many love columns for women.・Telephone fortune telling email TOP URL:・Telephone fortune telling email – love column & free fortune telling URL: ■Company overview
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Telesys Network Co., Ltd.: Telesys Network is a company that provides fortune-telling products and services. We also distribute fortune-telling content using authentic
fortune-telling techniques over the Internet, and provide
fortune-telling appraisal services over the phone or chat using real fortune tellers. Our mission is to “sow seeds of happiness in your hearts” through fortune-telling and spiritual content that brings “impression, surprise, tears, healing, laughter, and enlightenment.” The world of IT is changing every day. Telesis Network will continue to provide content through various channels and continue to evolve. More details about this release: