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Home » Also a great birthday gift for those born in May “Emerald/Jade Special” is now on sale at Marulani Hawaii, a power stone brand from Hawaii.

Also a great birthday gift for those born in May “Emerald/Jade Special” is now on sale at Marulani Hawaii, a power stone brand from Hawaii.

H1GLOBAL Co., Ltd.
[Also a great birthday gift for those born in May] “Emerald/Jade Special” is now on sale at Marulani Hawaii, a power stone brand from Hawaii.
The gentle energy of emerald and jade will support your daily life. Recommended as a gift for a loved one or yourself.
The healthy vibrations reminiscent of fresh greenery are a collection of gentle energy accessories that give you a sense of security and deep peace that is protected even in the midst of change.
[Image 1:×500.jpg] ◆Emerald & Jade Special Feature
◆Efficacy of emerald
[Image 2:×936.jpg] It is said to have the function of stabilizing the mind and body balance and emotions, and is said to be a stone with high healing effects. It also has a strong power of love and is recommended as a talisman for success in love and a happy marriage.
▶Emerald | Effects, meanings, accessories
◆Efficacy of jade
[Image 3:×937.jpg] In ancient times, it was believed to be the “magic stone of the East”, and Indians carved carved stamps on jade and wore it as a talisman. In Japan, it is believed that it is a stone that governs “life, rebirth, and happiness,” and it is said that it was always used during rituals and festivals.
Particularly in China, jade is also known as the “stone of the king” and has been loved as a gemstone with a long history and deep cultural value.
▶Jade | Effects, meanings, accessories
◆Excerpt from some featured products
◎[Birthstone May] Strap
[Image 4:×600.jpg ]
◎Fortune Tiara
[Image 5:×600.jpg] ◎[Birthstone bracelet May] Monotone Ribbon-Black-
[Image 6:×600.jpg] ◎[Birthstone earrings May] Color Therapy
[Image 7:×600.jpg] ◎Cinnamoroll × Malulani Hawaii Celebrate~Health Luck~
[Image 8:×600.jpg] ◎[Birthstone bracelet May] Happy Amulet
[Image 9:×600.jpg] ◎【Birthstone Necklace】 -Men’s & Lady’s-
[Image 10:×600.jpg] ◎[Premium birthstone bracelet] -Sapphire-/-Moonstone-
[Image 11:×480.jpg] ◎Venus Anklet ~Good Luck~
[Image 12:×600.jpg] ◎[Birthstone ring May] Ribbon
[Image 13:×600.jpg] ◎[Birthstone bracelet May] Precious Birth Jewelry
[Image 14:×600.jpg] ◎ [Apotropaic birthstone bracelet purification pack May] Gold & Silver
[Image 15:×600.jpg] ◎ [Birthstone Misanga May] -Misanga- Comes with a charm of your choice
[Image 16:×600.jpg] ◎[Birthstone] CHARM (Charm) May
[Image 17:×600.jpg] ◆Click here to purchase
[Image 18: &s3=6302-1302-1314-9807774965D680B0b19A 0a616f-385×383.png]
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◆Inquiries regarding this matter PR: Shoko/Yokoi TEL:
03-6433-5723MAIL: ◆Malulani Hawaii
[Image 19:×286.png ]
A natural stone jewelry brand with its main store in Hawaii. Based on the concept of “power stones = supplements for the soul,” we manufacture and sell original accessories using natural stones purified at power spots on Oahu, Hawaii. The origin of the store’s name, “MALULANI,” is a Hawaiian word meaning “protected by the gods.” Incorporating items with the words “MALULANI” engraved on them, we entrust the prayer “May God bless you.”
[Malulani Hawaii Official Account]
Instagram▶▶▶◆Company ProfileCompany Name: H1GLOBAL Co., Ltd. Founded: April 2005
Representative: Representative Director Sho Terusaki Head Office: 5-1-29-901 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0047 TEL: 03-6419-7755 Business: Design and production of natural stone accessories Product development, import, wholesale and retail.
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