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NFT market HEXA now supports Google login

Media Equity Co., Ltd.
NFT market HEXA now supports Google login
NFT marketplace HEXA has announced that it now supports Google Login.
[Image 1:×1005.jpg] Previously, it was necessary to log in to an X (formerly Twitter) account to purchase NFTs at HEXA, but this is no longer necessary and it is now possible to purchase NFTs simply by logging in with Google.
[Image 2:×497.png ]
HEXA, operated by Media Equity Co., Ltd., is a Japanese NFT
marketplace where you can issue, buy and sell NFTs using only Japanese yen. You can easily purchase NFTs from your PC or smartphone by paying with a credit card. You can buy, sell, and issue NFTs instantly without any cryptocurrency or wallets required. If you have a HEXA resident card NFT or LAND NFT, you can display the purchased NFT in the HEXA Metaverse and enjoy it. In addition, it is equipped with community functions such as a WEB3.0 type online salon and fan club, as well as the “6 blog” function, which is a service equipped with NFT rights to read the rest of the article.
About the NFT issuance flow HEXA NFT Market
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