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“FOOTMARK BASEWEAR” supports Everest Marathon challenge (Japan Outdoor Training Association)

Japan Outdoor Training Association
“FOOTMARK BASEWEAR” supports Everest Marathon challenge (Japan Outdoor Training Association)
Tsuzuki, who is competing in the full marathon category, leaves Japan and will mainly wear “BASEWEAR” during the trekking period.
Footmark Co., Ltd. is providing “BASEWEAR” products in preparation for the “Everest Marathon” that JOTA representative director Yosuke Tsuzuki is taking on. It is a product that is suitable for trekking to the starting point, Everest Base Camp (altitude 5,364m), and is characterized by its ability to “support physical movement.”
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Today, May 13, 2024, Tsuzuki will be leaving Japan to participate in the tournament.
After the trekking period from May 18th to May 28th, we plan to take on the race on May 29th, 2024.
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“BASEWEAR”, which has the characteristic of “supporting the body’s beautiful movements”, is a functional innerwear with patented technology that is ideal for conditioning during long trekking periods. The soft material feels good on the skin, and its deodorant effect and high heat retention are great for people living at high altitudes (more than 3,000m above sea level) who have trouble doing their laundry.
[Image 3:×1365.jpg] We will turn this strong support into strength and aim to participate in and complete this race, which is said to be the most difficult race in the world to run in.
■What is Footmark Co., Ltd.?
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A 78-year-old manufacturer of swimming supplies, nursing care products, and health innerwear located in Sumida Ward, Tokyo. In the swimming field, we boast a high domestic market share in swimming caps and school swimwear. In the field of nursing care, in 1980, the word “nursing” was registered as a trademark by combining the words “nursing” and “assistance.”
We have been developing our innerwear business since 2002, which originated from the nursing care business, and we have created many products that help improve the health of everyone from babies to the elderly.
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BASEWEAR brand page:
BASEWEAR sales page: BASEWEAR Instagram: ■What is the Japan Outdoor Training Association?
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With the slogan “Keep the outdoors healthy,” the Japan Outdoor Training Association works to train experts who have acquired the knowledge and techniques of outdoor training, and to carry out educational activities to safely and enjoyably engage in outdoor sports and activities. going.
Until now, we have been mainly active in the Tokyo metropolitan area, but from 2022 we will start holding qualification training courses in different regions, such as the first in Fukushima Prefecture, the second in Fukuoka Prefecture, and the third in Okayama Prefecture. In September 2024, we plan to hold a seminar at a venue in Shiga Prefecture, the first in the Kansai region, and we are currently accepting applications. We are aiming to expand to a wider area in the future.
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