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Home » LINE recruitment management tool “Rakuroot” has been certified as a tool eligible for “IT Introduction Sub sidy 2024”

LINE recruitment management tool “Rakuroot” has been certified as a tool eligible for “IT Introduction Sub sidy 2024”

LINE recruitment management tool “Rakuroot” has been certified as a tool eligible for “IT Introduction Subsidy 2024”

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Press release: May 13, 2024
LINE recruitment management tool “Rakuroot” has been certified as a tool eligible for “IT Introduction Subsidy 2024”
*~ Reduces man-hours and improves yield in recruitment operations such as new graduate recruitment and mid-career recruitment. [Up to 50% subsidy] using IT introduction subsidy ~*
* Isis Co., Ltd. (Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Hideki Masahira
Isis) has been selected as an IT support provider for the “IT Introduction Subsidy 2024” promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. *
* In addition, we would like to inform you that the LINE recruitment management tool “Lakuroot” provided by Isis has been certified as a tool eligible for IT introduction subsidies.
Isis will continue to improve the efficiency of corporate recruitment operations and contribute to human resource development through innovative recruitment support. *

* ◆What is “IT Introduction Subsidy 2024”? *

“IT Introduction Subsidy 2024” is a system that partially subsidizes the cost of introducing IT tools (software, services, etc.) under the supervision of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, with the aim of improving business efficiency and productivity. is.
You can receive subsidies for the costs incurred when introducing IT tools approved by the Japan Small and Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation Organization, an independent administrative agency.

*Please refer to the official website of “IT Introduction Subsidy 2024”. (
* ◆What are the benefits of IT introduction subsidy 2024? *

When small and medium-sized enterprises and micro-enterprises that meet certain conditions introduce “Rakuroot”, they can apply for a subsidy of up to 50% of the introduction cost for a maximum of two years. It will be.
Please refer to the “IT Implementation Subsidy 2024” official website for information on businesses eligible for the subsidy and how to apply.
* 《LINE recruitment management tool “Rakuroot”》*
* ■Are you having problems with recruitment and communication with students? * Solving recruitment issues
“Rakuroot” is a cloud service for recruitment management that utilizes LINE and SNS.
By using LINE, you can improve applicant responses, create a system that makes it easier for people to see your company’s promotional videos, content, and SNS.
This can lead to improved yield, increased motivation, and reduced rejection rate. You can manage applicants while reducing input man-hours, and it also has extensive applicant analysis functions. “Rakuruto” promotes DX conversion and solves the shortage of recruitment personnel in companies. It has been introduced by customers in a wide range of industries, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises.

■* Features of Rakuroot*
Features of Rakuroot
It is equipped with a wide range of functions to suit various situations in recruitment operations.

1. LINE talk with applicants
2. QR code registration at events, etc.
3. Management of inflow routes for multiple media, etc.
4. Importing data from various navigation media
5. Scheduling and reminders for information sessions and interviews 6. Collection of documents such as resumes and grade sheets
7. Creating and printing the entry sheet
8. Flow yield management
9. Rich menu creation
10. Statistics/Analysis

* ■Reliable support system*
support system
 Our customer support team will thoroughly listen to you and provide you with detailed support from installation to operation.
・Initial setup
・Operation lecture
・Operation follow-up
・Distribution of useful information, etc.

■Contact information regarding services
  LINE recruitment management tool “Lucky Route” service site *Please use the inquiry form.
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■ Company profile
Company name: Isis Co., Ltd.
Address: 150-0012
1-3-14 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
      ASAX Hiroo Building 5th floor
U R L:

▼Management service
“Metal Route”
~Creating a virtual office~
We provide a virtual space for company information sessions. By recreating your company’s office, applicants can experience the atmosphere of the company while working remotely, and encourage active two-way communication.
You can take advantage of the best parts of on- and off-site company information sessions!

~Schedule adjustment tool~
Link with your Google or Microsoft account to streamline scheduling. You can extract the free time of the calendar to the person you are coordinating with and automatically register the selected date in the calendar.
There is no need to worry about double booking, and there is no need to secure available dates and times.

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