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Home » Japan was hot too! 140,000 spectators will attend the largest festival-type lineup! Described as the “Coachella of K-POP”, it boasts a grandeur as a large-scale festival.

Japan was hot too! 140,000 spectators will attend the largest festival-type lineup! Described as the “Coachella of K-POP”, it boasts a grandeur as a large-scale festival.

Japan was hot too! -KCON JAPAN
2024-140,000 people will attend the largest festival lineup! Described as the “Coachella of K-POP”, it boasts a grandeur as a large-scale festival.

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Press release: May 13, 2024
Japan was hot too! -KCON JAPAN
2024-140,000 people will attend the largest festival lineup! Described as the “Coachella of K-POP”, it boasts a grandeur as a large-scale festival.
*Accumulated audience of 620,000 people in Japan alone! *
* CJ ENM Japan, which operates the 100% Korean entertainment channel “Mnet” and video distribution service “Mnet Smart+”
CJ Co., Ltd., the Korean headquarters of Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Ki-young Choi)
ENM held the world’s largest K-POP Fan &
Artist Festival “KCON JAPAN 2024″ once again broke records, attracting 140,000 people, the largest audience ever. *
(C) CJ ENM Co., Ltd, All Rights Reserved
“KCON JAPAN” was held as the second KCON this year after Hong Kong. 2024” ended on a high note. In addition, “KCON JAPAN
2024” will feature 6 multi-stages so that you can freely enjoy the artist’s stages according to your tastes and choices for each time period for 3 days, creating points of contact between fans and artists in various ways, and creating connections between artists and K. -Rated for providing a differentiated experience to POP fans. * Over the three days, 44 teams, the largest number in history, participated, performing approximately 100 solo stages by artist, and the festival-style lineup that took place throughout the day had the audience so excited that they wereted no time for every second. * KCON, which is attracting attention as the “Coachella” of K-POP, has now become a major festival where K-POP fans and artists from all over the world can interact and enjoy together.
* “I couldn’t miss a second” Get closer to the evolved K-POP festival stage! * Makuhari Messe operates from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day, three hours longer than last year.*
The three-day event was a great success with 278 booths from 104 companies covering everything from K-POP to food, lifestyle, beauty, and fashion.
This year, the venue was expanded to include not only Makuhari Messe but also ZOZO Marine Stadium, making it the largest KCON event ever held in Japan, once again breaking last year’s record. *
Continuing to evolve every year, KCON has set up multiple stages this year with an even more festival-like lineup, providing a
differentiated opportunity for artists and K-Pop fans.
(C) CJ ENM Co., Ltd, All Rights Reserved
2024” will be an evolved K-POP festival stage that will captivate fans from all over the world, going beyond Japanese audiences. Japan’s largest fashion festival “TOKYO”
In addition to collaborating with “GIRLS COLLECTION”, “KCON” will be held with approximately 10,000 seats.
For three days, “STAGE” featured recorded songs, unit stages, and performances that allowed each artist to express their individuality, something that could not easily be shown on a traditional show stage. “SHOWCASE,” which can globally introduce new K-POP artists, and “CONNECTING,” where fans and artists can spend time together through content such as talks and games.
STAGE” and “STUDIO” of M2, a digital platform representing K-POP. “CHOOM” and “DANCE ALL DAY”, which presents content with the theme of “DANCE”, also received a great response.
In addition, MEET & GREET, where you can meet artists up close and enjoy interaction with them, is now open to anyone visiting KCON for the first time this year, creating points of contact between artists and audiences in many ways. The artist locker, where you can see the artist’s costumes, autographs, music video props, etc., as well as the “Fan Art Gallery”, where you can see the artists’ costumes, autographs, music video props, etc., will captivate the audience with many attractions and ways to enjoy that can only be experienced at KCON. Did.

In order to make it a global festival, the food and rest areas have more than doubled compared to last year, making it a festival that can be enjoyed all day long. The “Food Lounge,” based on the concept of “K-FOOD night market,” was crowded with people enjoying various Korean foods such as tteokbokki and gimbap. OLIVE, Korea’s leading beauty platform company
YOUNG also met KCON fans through their booth at “KCON JAPAN 2024.” During the three days held, numerous K-beauty fans visited the booth and demonstrated a high level of interest. The room of Im Seol (Kim Hye-yoon) from the TVN drama “Run with Sung-jae on your back”, which has created a boom among Japanese Generation Z, has been recreated as it is, and a life-size statue of Sung-jae (Byun Woo-seok) has been installed, making him the main character of the drama. Our booth, which makes you feel like you’re at home, was also very popular. This time “KCON
At the SAMSUNG Galaxy booth, which is the title sponsor of “JAPAN 2024”, there was a crowd of people at the event in collaboration with KCON STAGE.
2024”, through the newly launched KCON official app “PlusCON,” users were able to conveniently enjoy a more diverse program while checking the main situation on-site, such as the convention map, real-time notifications, and events. A woman in her 20s who visited Makuhari Messe expressed her excitement, saying, “Just enjoying Korean food and visiting the programs of my favorite artists was so fulfilling that I forgot the time.”

* K-POP’s “Coachella” will be held at Japan’s KCON’s first stadium! * This time “KCON JAPAN
2024″ will be held for the first time at “ZOZO Marine Stadium” and will be held at “Coachella”, the largest music festival in the United States, which will showcase a large-scale festival-type lineup. Valley Music and Arts
We have completed a differentiated highlight as a global K-POP festival that is as good as “Festival”. A trolley ride around the arena allowed artists and fans to communicate with each other while making close eye contact. “M” was held on the largest scale in the history of KCON in Japan.
EUN-WOO was the host, and BOYNEXTDOOR’s JAEHYUN and WOONHAK were the special MCs. JUNG on the 12th
(Jung Yong Hwa) will appear as the host, and ZEROBASEONE will be the special MC. Starring SUNG HAN BIN and PARK GUN WOOK*. * “RE-Meeted” covers legendary songs that all K-POP fans know.
STAGE” is Kep1er performing KARA’s “Mr.” stage, and TWS performing SEVENTEEN’s “Adore” stage.
U” perfectly decorated in our own style.
&TEAM also performed BTS’s “Dynamite” and got into a frenzy. ILLIT is TWICE’s “What is
They showed their unique charm on the stage of “Love?”. At DREAM STAGE, ZEROBASEONE’s “MELTING POINT” and “PRODUCE”
ME:I, which was born through “101 JAPAN THE GIRLS”, created a Korean version of “LEAP HIGH!” with fans.
Not only that, CHA EUN-WOO, who took the stage as an artist following a steady progress, showed off his presence as a solo artist, and JUNG YONG
HWA not only performed smoothly, but also charmed with his charisma as a talented artist. In addition, INI, JO1, BOYNEXTDOOR, NiziU, Red Velvet and others excited the audience with their talented and unique performances. At the end of the first day, KEY showed off his pride as a global artist with a highly accomplished stage, and on the second day, TAEYEON led the passionate atmosphere until the end. In particular, the ZOZO Marine Stadium was filled with excitement from the audience at “KCON”.
JAPAN 2024” ended with a spectacular display of fireworks.
(C) CJ ENM Co., Ltd, All Rights Reserved
Shin Hyung-kwan, head of ENM’s music content business division, said, “This is the first time in Japan, which ranks second in the global music market, that we have presented a large-scale festival by holding a stadium,” adding, “We are supporting the global expansion of artists and contributing to the growth of the K-POP industry.” We will continue to grow as a representative K-POP festival.”

Starting in Irvine, USA in 2012, CJ has been held in various regions around the world.
ENM’s KCON has played a pioneering role in the spread of Hallyu by presenting a festival model that covers all aspects of culture with a focus on music content.
KCON, which has been held in 13 regions including Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States for 12 years, has a cumulative offline audience of over 1.83 million people.
In particular, KCON expanded its contact points to Greater China by holding the event in Hong Kong for the first time this year, following Hong Kong in March, Japan in May, and KCON LA in July.
We plan to continue our progress through 2024.
(C) CJ ENM Co., Ltd, All Rights Reserved
【event information】
Event name: “KCON JAPAN 2024”
Date: May 10th (Friday) to May 12th (Sunday), 2024
Venue: Makuhari Messe, ZOZO Marine Stadium (May 11th and 12th) Sponsored by: CJ ENM
Official website:
Official X
Official Instagram

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