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Home » AnyReach Co., Ltd. Introducing the e-gift service “AnyGift” at “Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo,” which provides unforgettable experiences with spectacular views of the city center.

AnyReach Co., Ltd. Introducing the e-gift service “AnyGift” at “Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo,” which provides unforgettable experiences with spectacular views of the city center.

AnyReach Co., Ltd.
Introducing the e-gift service “AnyGift” at “Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo,” which offers unforgettable experiences with spectacular views of the city center.
Products such as “Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo European Curry” and “Maple Baumkuchen” can now be sent as “e-gifts”.
AnyReach Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kosuke Nakajima) will provide an e-gift service to the online store of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, General Manager: Tomohiko Chihiro), which is operated by Fujita Kanko Co., Ltd. We have started offering “AnyGift”.
AnyGift is a service that allows you to incorporate an “e-gift function” into your e-commerce site, which allows you to send gifts via LINE or email without knowing the recipient’s address.
Now, thanks to our AnyGift service, you will be able to send various products such as Hotel Chinzanso European Curry and Maple Baumkuchen as e-gifts on the Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo Online Store.
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Background of introduction
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Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo has been used by many customers, not only purchasing for themselves but also as gifts for loved ones.
However, when giving it as a gift, it was difficult to use, such as having to confirm the recipient’s address.
Therefore, we have decided to introduce AnyGift in order to make it easier for our customers to use Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo products as gifts.
We hope that through e-gifts, we can provide as many people as possible with the opportunity to receive Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo products.
Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo Online Store: About the features of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo × AnyGift e-gifts
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You can now gift “Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo” gift items via LINE or email without knowing the recipient’s address.
Whether you want to give a small present to someone who always takes care of you, or want to surprise someone special on a birthday or anniversary, you can easily give Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo as a gift even if you don’t know the recipient’s address. is possible. The URL will be issued immediately after your order, so you can send it as a gift right away.
When purchasing a gift, you can send a message card on which the recipient’s name and message can be written.
By sending a message to the other person along with their name, you can easily convey your feelings and words of gratitude.
Just enter your address from the e-gift URL and you will receive the eligible product.
You do not need to register as a member to receive it. There is no need to worry about your registered address being communicated to the sender.
How to send/receive e-gifts
How to give
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1) You can use e-gifts by selecting “Send e-gifts to someone whose address you do not know” on the product page.
2) Select a digital message card and enter your message. You can also check the preview.
3) Once the purchase is complete, you will receive an e-gift receipt URL. You can send e-gifts by sending the URL via LINE or other SNS or email.
How to receive
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1) Open the received URL and the receipt screen will be displayed. Select “Receive e-gift” and proceed to enter your shipping
2) Please enter the delivery address information. *The information you enter will not be passed on to the sender.
3) The e-gift product will be delivered to the delivery address you entered. Introduction of products that can be given as e-gifts (some) Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo European style curry
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Enjoy the taste you never leave home at home.
The European-style curry was created by Chinzanso’s first executive chef during the Showa era, and the recipe has been passed down by successive executive chefs for 70 years.
The orthodox pork curry is easy for children to enjoy, and gives adults a nostalgic feeling.
The rich flavor of pork and the sweetness and flavor of vegetables and fruits such as onions, apples, bananas, pineapple, and tomatoes create a deep flavor.
Product page: maple baumkuchen
[Image 7:×804.png ]
A Baumkuchen assortment that uses plenty of rich maple syrup from Quebec, Canada to enjoy a moist texture.
How about using e-gifts as a present for your loved ones?
Product page: lunch gift certificate
[Image 8:×865.png ]
This hotel gift certificate is recommended for those who would like to go out with you or for those who would like to give the gift of a wonderful meal time.
There are four types: 1 set of 1 piece, 1 set of 2 pieces, 1 set of 3 pieces, and 1 set of 4 pieces.
Product page: About Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo
Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, located in the heart of the city but in a forest-like garden, will celebrate its 70th anniversary on November 11, 2022.
Our 266 guest rooms are equipped with a wealth of features and amenities to make you feel like you’re in your second home, as well as panoramic views of the city or garden. In addition, there are nine restaurants in the garden and within the hotel, a directly managed spa and treatment facility where you can feel natural light, 38 banquet halls including a large hall that can accommodate up to 2,000 people, a chapel/temple, a hair salon, and a photo studio. It is fully equipped with etc.
The vast garden that you can stroll through includes a three-story pagoda, a teahouse, and historical sites that are designated as national tangible cultural properties, as well as cherry blossoms in spring, sparkling fresh greenery, fireflies in early summer, the cool spray of a waterfall in summer, autumn leaves, and camellias in the snowy landscape. You can enjoy a special time where you will forget that you are in Tokyo and enjoy the atmosphere of the four seasons. You can also enjoy Japan’s largest fog garden production, “Tokyo Unkai,” which offers a spectacular view of the city all year round. Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo was awarded a 4-star rating in the hotel and spa categories published by Forbes Travel Guide, alongside other famous hotels. In addition, we are recognized as a hotel that provides unforgettable experiences with the highest quality facilities and services, and are a member of the L.V.X. Collection of Preferred Hotels & Resorts.
About e-gift service “AnyGift”
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“AnyGift” is a service that allows you to incorporate and introduce an “e-gift function” to your own e-commerce site, which allows you to send gifts via LINE or email without knowing the recipient’s address. By increasing the number of gift purchasers and gift repeaters on your own e-commerce site, you can increase sales and turn customers and gift recipients into fans.
What is e-gift/social gift:
AnyReach Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Company name: AnyReach Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Kosuke Nakajima
Business details: Development and operation of “AnyGift” that can introduce e-gift functions, EC growth business
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