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Home » MISUMI Group Headquarters “meviy,” an AI platform for mechanical parts procurement. DENSO, a global auto p arts manufacturer, introduces meviy.

MISUMI Group Headquarters “meviy,” an AI platform for mechanical parts procurement. DENSO, a global auto p arts manufacturer, introduces meviy.

MISUMI Group Head Office
AI platform for mechanical parts procurement “meviy” Global auto parts manufacturer DENSO introduces meviy
~Achieving significant cost reductions and operational efficiency through the integrated use of in-house developed AGVs from prototyping to mass production~
The mechanical parts procurement AI platform “meviy” (service provider: MISUMI Group Headquarters) is an in-house service provided by Denso Corporation (headquarters: Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture, hereinafter referred to as “DENSO”), a global auto parts manufacturer. We are pleased to inform you that this system has been introduced in the development of next-generation automated guided vehicles (AGV) in an all-in-one process from prototype development to mass production. By improving our services, MISUMI will continue to provide time value to customers in the IA (industrial automation) industry globally and contribute to improved productivity.
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Challenges and introduction background
DENSO, which provides advanced automotive technology, systems, and products, has been focusing on development to improve factory efficiency in recent years, and one of these efforts is to
automatically transport parts and cargo at factories and distribution warehouses. This is a next-generation AGV that can be set on machines or shelves. In the process of developing an in-house AGV, DENSO was faced with issues such as low productivity at the design stage and the complexity of parts procurement. In particular, it took a lot of time to draw 2D drawings from 3DCAD design data, which not only lengthened development lead times but also increased costs. To solve these issues, DENSO introduced meviy, which enables parts procurement without the need to draw any 2D drawings during AGV development, achieving significant cost reductions and operational efficiency.
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Effects of introducing meviy at DENSO
1. The work time required to procure parts has been reduced from two weeks to a few hours.
With the introduction of meviy, it is now possible to make estimates and procure parts using only 3D data, which eliminates the need for drawing 2D drawings, which used to take about two weeks, and allows parts ordering to be completed in a few hours. completion.
2. Utilize various discounts to reduce costs
In addition to reducing indirect costs through improved productivity, we have succeeded in reducing parts costs by approximately 50% by combining bulk quantity discounts and low-cost services with long delivery times.
3. Sharing model numbers facilitates maintenance response
meviy issues a model number (order number) similar to the catalog product for each part, and by sharing that model number with each factory, it becomes possible to procure the same parts from anywhere, so parts can be delivered to multiple factories nationwide. This eliminates the need for maintenance, making maintenance operations smoother.
4. Also for improving the skills of designers
meviy’s AI displays alerts for areas that cannot be machined and even tells you the reason why machining is not possible, which helps improve the skills of design staff and contributes to the education of designers.
[Image 3:×465.jpg] Denso Corporation Design Manager Evaluation
Motoo Ohara, Logistics System Development Section, Automation Technology Development Office, Production Technology Department, DENSO Corporation
[Image 4:×266.jpg] “meviy allows you to easily and automatically check the cost of replacing parts that were previously machined with sheet metal processing, or checking the cost of connecting multiple machined parts with bolts and welding. This is a very useful item for reducing costs. Yuta Imai, Logistics System Development Division, Automation Technology Development Office, DENSO Corporation Production Technology Department
[Image 5:×265.jpg] “The shortest way to improve your skills as a designer is to go through various types of trial and error.With meviy, which can automatically estimate, you can try out various shapes one after another and find out what shapes can be made cheaply. It’s perfect for improving your skills because you can easily check whether it can be processed or not.
Introduction example What is meviy?
With meviy, just by uploading 3D data of mechanical parts, AI will automatically give you an instant quote, and with our unique digital manufacturing system, we can ship it in as little as one day. It is a platform that eliminates inefficiencies in customers’ parts
procurement by reducing over 90% of the work time previously required when procuring mechanical parts. We have won the No. 1 domestic market share for four consecutive years, won the Prime Minister’s Award at the 9th Monozukuri Nippon Grand Prize, and are highly praised for improving productivity in the manufacturing industry. We are also expanding our service provision overseas, providing time value globally through parts procurement DX.
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What is MISUMI?
We sell mechanical parts, tools, consumables, etc. needed at automation sites to 318,000 companies* around the world. With our unique business model and supporting business infrastructure, which combines the features of a manufacturer with manufacturing
capabilities and a trading company that sells other companies’ branded products, we are able to achieve “global reliable and quick delivery” and contribute to improving customer convenience. I am.
*As of March 2023
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