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Wesky Co., Ltd. Survey data May 15th is hydration day! A solution to the summer heat with water bottles! What is the best water bottle for children based on user research?

[Wesky Co., Ltd.] [Survey data] May 15th is hydration day! A solution to the summer heat with water bottles! What is the best water bottle for children based on user research?

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Press release: May 13, 2024
[Survey data] May 15th is hydration day! A solution to the summer heat with water bottles! What is the best water bottle for children based on user research?
*Many voiced concerns about children’s independent hydration. Introducing water bottles that are easy to drink with one push and are tailored to various uses*
weskiii Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, a popular Australian brand operated by
We conducted a survey regarding water bottles among our SNS followers.

Through this survey, we identified users’ specific preferences and needs, from their high interest in the cold/warm function to the capacity and type of spout. Many parents are also interested in finding ways to encourage their children to drink water independently. Furthermore, there are many requests for optional items that are easier to clean and more portable, and water bottles are becoming an essential item in daily life.
Based on the survey results, we will introduce the perfect water bottle for your child’s daily use and activities, so that you can choose a water bottle that suits your child’s age and purpose. *Survey overview*
Survey target: SNS followers
Survey method: Calculated from SNS questionnaire
Survey period: May 7th (Tuesday) to May 8th (Wednesday), 2024 Research institution: In-house research
Number of valid responses: 429 people

* ■The ideal water bottle as seen from the survey results *
* Q. Is it necessary to have a cold/thermal function on my water bottle? * The ability to keep water bottles cool and warm is extremely important to users, with 71.5% of respondents saying this is “very important!” Furthermore, 25.8% of people said that they would like it if they had it, with a total of *
97.3% of people want cold/warm functionality*
I understand that. This ability to keep cold drinks cold in the summer and hot drinks hot in the winter is highly valued throughout the year, regardless of the season.
Another attractive feature of stainless steel water bottles is that they can be kept cold or hot, and are durable and long-lasting.

* Q.Which water bottle size do you prefer? *
Regarding the size* “300-500ml” is optimal*
As a result. On the other hand, demand for large-capacity bottles of 1 liter or more remained at only 1.4%, and when choosing a water bottle, especially for children, it seems that the balance between portability and the ability to provide sufficient hydration is important. When bringing a water bottle to school, one of the criteria for choosing is whether it will fit in your school bag. However, 300-500ml may not be enough for children who exercise a lot or who usually drink a lot of water. In these cases, we recommend considering a water bottle with a capacity of 1 liter or more.

* Q. Which is your favorite drinking spout? *
There are four main types of drinking spouts for water bottles: direct drinking type, straw type, cup type, and spout type.
55.3% of users preferred the straw type, making it the most* user. Even children around 2 to 3 years old who are using a water bottle for the first time can easily drink it, and it is hygienic and does not get dirty easily.
points are supported. Also, unlike the direct drinking type, there is no need to tilt the water bottle, so it is easy to handle even for small children.

* Q.What points should I be concerned about when cleaning? * Children’s water bottles are used frequently, so it is important that they are easy to clean. In fact, *52.8% of users prioritized having fewer parts*
, you can see that emphasis is placed on ease of use and ease of keeping clean. Furthermore, 32.6% of respondents asked for a dishwasher-safe water bottle that would save them the hassle of hand-washing. If the water bottle is difficult to clean, it not only increases the burden on parents, but also makes it easier for bacteria to grow, which may affect the child’s health. By choosing a water bottle that is easy to wash and keeps clean, you can ensure your child stays safely hydrated at all times.

* Q. Which optional items are required? *
When choosing a water bottle, you should pay attention not only to the functions of the bottle itself, but also to the accessories that increase convenience. especially,*
“Shoulder strap & handle” is the most popular optional item at 44.7%* This shows that users are looking for a water bottle that is easy to use even in active situations. *
A shoulder strap makes it convenient to carry and reduces the risk of forgetting something*
Probably. However, some elementary school children do not want to use shoulder straps, so it is even more convenient to choose a type that can be removed. Also, if it can be washed completely, you can use it cleanly at any time.
* ■Anxiety about children’s independent hydration *
* Q. Are you concerned about your child’s independent hydration? * Regarding children’s independent hydration* 81.6% of parents are “very concerned” or “somewhat concerned”*
This shows that parents are highly aware of their children’s hydration needs. It emphasizes the importance of children drinking enough water, especially on hot days and during physical activities. It is difficult for children to notice that they are thirsty when they are
concentrating on playing, so it is important for parents to frequently remind them to drink water. Especially in the summer, it is important to hydrate your child frequently throughout the day, before they feel thirsty. After that, *
When you wake up*, *when you come back from outside*, *during or before and after exercising*, *before and after taking a bath*, *before going to bed*
Make sure to give your child plenty to drink at this time. Also, if you bring a transparent water bottle with you when you go out, it will be easier for parents to check how much water is being consumed, allowing them to more effectively monitor their child’s water intake.

* ■ water bottle recommended for children’s hydration *’s children’s water bottle aims to be a “simple and long-lasting water bottle,” and is one of the perfect items for small children attending nursery schools and kindergartens as well as elementary school children. The key point of water bottles is that you can easily open the lid with a single push, making it easy to drink and replenish your hydration anytime. We are also particular about ease of cleaning, using simple and few parts, and all parts are dishwasher safe. children’s water bottles are a great companion for busy parents.
Children’s water bottle special page:

* [Made of stainless steel that can keep cold and warm] *
*●Stainless steel bottle*’s stainless steel bottles can be kept cold or hot for long periods of time, so they are recommended for summer, sports, and when going out. Have a cold drink*
350ml can be kept cold for up to 8 hours, 500ml can be kept cold for up to 15 hours*
. It can be used in nursery schools, kindergartens, and elementary schools, and is available in a variety of colors and stylish designs for girls and boys. Optional item “*Handle*”*
You can also use it as a cold mug* by attaching it. A water bottle that can be customized to suit your child’s growth.

* -Recommended for these people-*
● I play sports as part of my lessons.
● I often travel far away.
● I want cold/thermal insulation function.
* 【Product Summary】*
Product name: Stainless steel bottle
Price: [350ml] ¥3,960 (tax included), [500ml] ¥4,180 (tax included) Collection page: Target age: 12 months and up
Material: Stainless steel/polypropylene/silicon
★Made from BPA, phthalate, and PVC free materials.
Capacity: 350ml, 500ml
Overall size:
H19.9 x D8.5 x W7.5cm (350ml), H23.6 x D8.5 x W7.8cm (500ml) Stainless steel part size: H12.5 x D7.5 x W7.5cm (350ml), H16.3 x D7.8 x W7.8cm (500ml)
Body size: 270g (350ml), 328g (500ml)
Dishwasher safe: Yes (*Printed parts may fade during use.)

* [Made of durable & large capacity Tritan] *
*●Tritan drink bottle*
Tritan is *a high quality and highly safe plastic material*
is. It is made of a lightweight but durable material that is scratch resistant, and its glass-like transparency gives it a cool appearance. Available in 2 sizes: 450ml and 600ml. There are many recommended points such as a wide variety of colors that are popular with girls and boys. One-touch open*
It can also contain sports drinks, so it’s a great item for sports*.

* -Recommended for these people-*
● I want to check the contents.
● I want to focus on lightness.
● Looking for a good value water bottle
* 【Product Summary】*
Product Name: Tritan Drink Bottle
Price: [450ml] ¥2,750 (tax included), [600ml] ¥2,970 (tax included) Collection page:
Target age: 9 months and up
Material: Tritan/Polypropylene/Silicone
★Made from BPA, phthalate, and PVC free materials.
Capacity: 450ml, 600ml
Overall size:
H23.2 x D7.7 x W7.5cm (450ml), H26.8 x D8.6 x W approx. 7.8cm (600ml) Body size: 209g (450ml), 221g (600ml)
Dishwasher safe: Yes (available for all parts)
* *Please do not put the Tritan drink bottle in the freezer. * *About details about this release*

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