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Home » SARAH Co., Ltd. SARAH will be exhibiting at Japan’s largest NFT art event “NFT ART TOKYO 4”!

SARAH Co., Ltd. SARAH will be exhibiting at Japan’s largest NFT art event “NFT ART TOKYO 4”!

[SARAH Co., Ltd.] SARAH will be exhibiting at Japan’s largest NFT art event “NFT ART TOKYO 4”!

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Press release: May 13, 2024
SARAH will be exhibiting at Japan’s largest NFT art event “NFT ART TOKYO 4”! *We will carry out a real exhibition corresponding to “NOREN” acquired by users* ONIGIRI, a public blockchain specializing in food and healthcare Chain” is delicious! SARAH Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director and CEO) operates the gourmet app “SARAH”, which is increasing
Yuya Sakai) will be holding “NFT ART TOKYO” scheduled to be held at TRUNK (HOTEL) CAT STREET (Shibuya) on Friday, June 28, 2024. We would like to inform you that we have decided to exhibit at “4”. On the day of the event, in addition to a real exhibition of “NOREN” generated in the form of Generative NFT on SARAH, there will also be a “JAPAN MENU” operated by our company.
We plan to offer pudding from stores that have won an AWARD. *About “NOREN” scheduled to be exhibited*
This time “NFT ART TOKYO
4” is delicious! We are planning to hold a real exhibition of “NOREN”, which has been available since April 2024, on the gourmet app “SARAH”, which is increasing in popularity.

NOREN is Nishikigoi
Mr. Toshi of NEORT, who is famous for NFT, is in charge of the Generative It is generated in the form of NFT.

▼Click here for the release regarding “NOREN”

Since it is generated with a different design for each restaurant, it is being used in various ways, both online and offline, such as being used to create goods at physical stores.

▼Click here for examples of how “NOREN” is used in stores.

Based on these backgrounds, we will hold a real exhibition of NOREN at “NFT ART TOKYO 4″.

In addition, in order to realize the “contribution to restaurants” that is behind the development of NOREN at this event, we will By holding exhibitions according to their acquisition status, we will also work to visualize restaurants that are actually supported by users.

* Display your favorite store’s NOREN at “NFT ART TOKYO” and let everyone know about it! *
The exhibition content at “NFT ART TOKYO 4” will be determined by the NOREN acquired on the SARAH app during the period.

Please see below for more information.
Overview The top 10 restaurants with the most NORENs acquired within the period will be selected as “NFT ART TOKYO
4 will be exhibited. Of these, NOREN, the top 3 restaurants, will be displayed more prominently.
Collection period: May 13, 2024 (Monday) to June 7, 2024 (Friday) Counting method: Restaurants in Tokyo are subject to counting. Calculation will be done based on the total number of UME returned to each restaurant by acquiring NOREN.
(Fans: 30UME, Ambassador: 450UME, Evangelist: 3,600UME)
NOREN serves as a “proof of support” for restaurants
By displaying this in a real place, we hope to visualize the restaurants that are receiving support and to have many visitors come and see them, thereby contributing in some small way to the

NOREN generated on SARAH is in the form of Generative NFT and each one has a different design. Also, NOREN
Obtaining this means that people who actually went to the restaurant ate the food, thought it was delicious, and wanted to support the restaurant.

Furthermore, since the acquired NOREN is stored as an NFT on the blockchain, even if the store closes or the SARAH service ends, the fact that the person was a fan or regular customer of that store will be preserved. continue.

From these things, the NOREN obtained by the user
We believe that exhibiting in real places such as events and commercial facilities can also be used in contexts such as regional revitalization.

Pudding from JAPAN MENU AWARD winning stores will also be available In addition, on the day of the event, we will be offering pudding from stores operated by our company that won the “JAPAN MENU AWARD”.

We will announce details such as how to provide them on Official X once they are finalized, so please be sure to follow us on Official X.

▼Click here for official X

AWARD is delicious! This is a gourmet award sponsored by SARAH, an increasingly popular gourmet app, that recognizes the best dishes from each menu. The award is unique in that it awards the best items on each menu, such as “ramen” and “curry,” rather than individual restaurants.

This award, which has been held since 2017 with the aim of allowing users to “discover delicious dishes,” is “JAPAN MENU
AWARD2023” was held for the 9th time.

▼ Click here for “JAPAN MENU AWARD2023”

TOKYO is a place for artists and fans to meet, a place for artists to interact with each other, and NFT
We will build a place for people from various professions involved in ART to interact, and will
We aim to support artists’ activities from behind the scenes.

▼ Event official website
Service introduction
delicious! SARAH is a gourmet app that increases
SARAH is a gourmet app with the concept of “more delicious!” By taking advantage of the feature of being able to post and search by menu, we aim to provide value not only to “eaters” but also “creators,” and by connecting both parties appropriately, we aim to increase the amount of “delicious!” in the world. Masu.
ONIGIRI Chain, a public blockchain specializing in food and healthcare ONIGIRI Chain
is a public blockchain specialized in food and healthcare. We aim to collect and accumulate data related to food and healthcare, become a protocol for food and healthcare, and become the basis for new value creation. “What kind of cuisines exist in the world?”
“Who ate what?”
By storing such data on blockchain, it is possible to store food and healthcare data for a long time, which has been difficult until now. Furthermore, by achieving long-term storage of data related to food and healthcare, this data can be used in a wide range of fields such as finance, insurance, and medicine.
Food big data analysis service “FoodDataBank”
FoodDataBank provides a big data analysis platform and consulting support specific to the food industry by utilizing customer-submitted reviews of eating out and ready-made meals. The analysis platform analyzes “what consumers are choosing” and “trends in menus and products that are considered delicious” and discovers ingredients that consumers have not noticed before from the keywords they include in their reviews. You will be able to easily understand the
combinations of and trends in the world.
In addition, in our consulting support, we focus on food data analysis, make the most of our accumulated marketing know-how and unique frameworks, and comprehensively improve the quality of product planning and proposal stories for food-related companies. We will support planning and marketing.
What is “MoguNavi”?
Japan’s largest food review site that posts reviews of commercially available foods and ordered products. We post information on approximately 470,000 products in 138 genres such as sweets and seasonings, as well as over 1.48 million consumer reviews and ratings. (As of November 2023)
Company introduction
Company name: SARAH Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and CEO: Yuya Sakai
Established: December 1, 2014
Capital: 100 million yen (including capital reserve)
Number of employees: 62 (as of December 2023, including outsourcing) HP:
[Business details]
·delicious! SARAH
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