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New IP “Holy” joins JAPAN DAO and collaboration with “Kin no Ono” decided

New IP “Holy” joins JAPAN DAO and collaboration with “Kin no Ono” decided Free distribution of character release commemorative NFT for a limited time ……
[Image 1:×768.jpg] JAPAN DAO, one of the world’s largest DAO communities with members in over 150 countries, has announced the introduction of a new IP “Holy” and a collaboration with its creator “Kin no Ono”. Through this partnership, JAPAN DAO aims to achieve further innovation in the field of digital content.
About Holy
Holy is a character series drawn by Japanese creator Kin no Ono. These characters have already attracted many fans with their unique charm and colorful designs. Through this collaboration with JAPAN DAO, characters can gain new life as NFTs.
[Image 2:×500.jpg] Characteristics of Holy and future developments
Holy, created by Mr. Kin no Ono, has elements that make her facial expressions and poses loved by a wide range of people. Holy characters will be widely available in the form of digital goods or NFTs, and will utilize JAPAN DAO’s international platform to interact with fans around the world.
About Mr. Kinno Ono
She has won various Japanese illustration contests, and her followers have rapidly increased to 70,000 thanks to the collaboration between her original brand SPACE GIRL and JAPAN DAO. After that, the theme song was distributed on Apple Music and other channels, and a large-scale vision commercial was aired at Shibuya Scramble Crossing.
[Image 3:×500.jpg] About NFT gifts
To commemorate the official character release, we will be distributing limited NFTs for free. For details, please check the special website commemorating the release of the character.
[Image 4:×1298.png ]
JAPAN DAO is one of the world’s largest DAO communities aiming to spread blockchain technology and Japanese culture. With the vision of “Blockchain for everyone”, we will deliver the possibilities brought about by technological advances to people around the world through anime and manga.
[Image 5:×1407.jpg] inquiry
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