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Introducing the latest handheld X-ray fluorescence analyzer from Ametek

Ametek Co., Ltd.
Introducing the latest handheld X-ray fluorescence analyzer from Ametek Ametek, a provider of differentiated solutions worldwide, has launched a state-of-the-art handheld X-ray fluorescence analyzer that provides easy-to-use, fast, and advanced analytical performance for the analysis of metals and alloys.
The latest model of SPECTRO xSORT, the latest handheld X-ray fluorescence analyzer from Ametex Spectro Division, the XHH04, has the same analytical performance, speed, ease of use, and various features to maximize user convenience. It is equipped with new functions that pursue flexibility to suit various applications.
This innovative analyzer quickly meets most metal testing needs, from scrap yards and factories to foundries. The flexibility of SPECTRO xSORT covers the entire spectrum of common metals and alloys, including 16 metal matrices and 46 elements. Does not require operator judgment.
Additionally, if uncommon elements or applications are not factory installed, SPECTRO xSORT provides smart on-site calibration options on your PC.
SPECTRO xSORT enables elemental and spectrochemical analysis of a wide variety of metals and their alloys with high throughput and
[Video 2:] – high speed
The entry-level model SPECTRO xSORT Alloy identifies metal types in seconds. Even more powerful, the standard SPECTRO xSORT analyzes most alloys in just 2 seconds! Even alloys containing light elements (aluminum, magnesium, silicon, phosphorus, sulfur, etc.) can be identified in 7 seconds. This allows factory employees and contractors to complete hundreds of inspections per shift, increasing productivity and profitability.
– easy
SPECTRO xSORT is smaller, lighter and more portable than previous models. The ergonomic design includes a trigger that can be operated with a light squeeze, a large 5-inch wide-angle high-definition display that is easy to read, buttons that can be operated even with gloves on, and a small probe head that can be operated in tight spaces. As a result, you can use it comfortably all day long. – Flexibility
The factory method accommodates two collimator spot sizes (3 mm and 5 mm) for maximum analytical flexibility. It covers a wide range of elements and alloys and is available in a variety of geometries. Additionally, operators do not need to switch methods for each sample. Click here for the product page:

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