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Home » T&G Global Limited A healthy snack that the whole family can enjoy – JAZZ apples from New Zealand – Nationwide sales starting in late May

T&G Global Limited A healthy snack that the whole family can enjoy – JAZZ apples from New Zealand – Nationwide sales starting in late May

T&G Global Limited
A healthy snack that the whole family can enjoy – JAZZ apples from New Zealand – Nationwide sales start from late May
[Image 1:×1419.jpg] T&G Global (Headquarters: Auckland, New Zealand) will start selling New Zealand-grown JAZZ apples for a limited time from late May to the end of July 2024. Since the seasons in Japan and New Zealand are opposite, the popularity of seasonal apples is increasing every year as you can eat them even in summer.100% of the apples imported to Japan (2021-2023) are from New Zealand, and JAZZ apple is the top brand, accounting for approximately 30% of the market share. JAZZ apples are unwaxed, so you can eat the skin, which contains nutrients, and the small size means that even children can eat all the apples without wasting anything, making them the perfect healthy snack for the whole family. We plan to sell it at approximately 2,500 to 3,000 supermarkets nationwide this year.
[Image 2:×2477.jpg] This season, T&G Global and its affiliated farmers will collectively harvest more than 4 million tray carton equivalents (TCE) of apples, including premium apple brands JAZZ apples and Envy. T&G Global Operations Director Craig Betty says the 2023-24 season is off to a great start, producing quality fruit. “This year, we were blessed with near-perfect apple growing conditions nationwide, with hot days and cool nights. Our JAZZ apples have a special taste, with a crispy texture that meets consumer tastes. It has the perfect balance of light and sweet,” says Craig.
“Last year, some JAZZ apple growers were affected as Cyclone Gabriel hit Hawke’s Bay just as harvest was about to begin. Our team, together with the farmers involved, worked hard to clean and restore the orchard. The excellent quality of this season’s fruit is a testament to their dedication and hard work. ”
[Image 3:×2601.jpg] T&G Global and associated farmers began harvesting early varieties such as Poppi, Royal Gala and Pacific Queen in Tairawiti Gisborne and Hawke’s Bay in early February. Following this, harvesting of South Island JAZZ apples began in March, with the first shipment leaving Napier Port for Asia in late March.
[Image 4:×2601.jpg] “JAZZ apples will be shipped domestically in New Zealand, with the first shipment from Hawke’s Bay heading to Hong Kong in late March, and will be sold in China, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam in the coming months. “We’re planning to do that,” Craig says.
Starting this year, T&G Global’s state-of-the-art automated packhouse will be in full operation in Hawke’s Bay, using world-class AI to screen defects, handle delicate fruit, and mechanize packing and palletizing operations. This gives us the ability to quickly process the increasing number of fruit harvested each year, making it possible to prioritize fruit quality.
“Our industry-leading systems throughout our supply chain ensure that our apples reach the shelves in great quality this year, and that our customers and consumers will be satisfied,” said Craig. Masu.
[Image 5:×2601.jpg] Stores that carry JAZZ apples (as of May 14, 2024)
KOHYO, Odakyu OX, Aoba, Izumi, Ito-Yokado, Inageya, Fcorp (Sumipro Fukuoka), Ozeki, Kasumi, Aoki of drugs, Coop Oita (Sumipro Fukuoka), Coop Sapporo, Coop Miyazaki (Farm Table), Costco, Sato, Summit, San-A, Delicia, Trial Company, Torisen, Don Quijote, Fresey, Beisia, Belk, Maxvalu Kanto, Maxvalu Tokai, Mummy Mart, Marui, Maruetsu, Yaoko, United Veggies, York, York-Benimaru, Life, Life Corporation, Raracorp (Sumipro Fukuoka) ), Keio Store, Keisei Store, Santoku, Sanwa, Seijo Ishii, Seiyu, Tokyu Store, Toko Store, Tobu Store, Nisseikyo, Bandai, Meijiya
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