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Home » Kreis & Company Co., Ltd. It has been decided to hold the “Kreis Shiodome Academy” with the theme of “What is the next career for CFO? CFO human resources needed in the coming era” Yasuhiro Ogino of ANDPAD and Shusuke Terada of Midas Capital will b

Kreis & Company Co., Ltd. It has been decided to hold the “Kreis Shiodome Academy” with the theme of “What is the next career for CFO? CFO human resources needed in the coming era” Yasuhiro Ogino of ANDPAD and Shusuke Terada of Midas Capital will b

Kreis & Company Co., Ltd.
“Kreis Shiodome Academy” will be held with the theme “What is the next career for CFO? CFO human resources needed in the coming era” Yasuhiro Ogino and Midas Capital Shusuke Terada will be on stage
A career event that increases your enthusiasm for new challenges, a completely off-the-record event exclusively for participants. ……
Cris & Company Co., Ltd. (Head office location: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Takahiro Maruyama), which provides high-class job change support, will hold an event “CFO’s We have decided to hold an event entitled “What is Next Career? – CFO talent needed in the coming era.”
Andpad Yasuhiro Ogino and Midas Capital Shusuke Terada will be on stage to talk about the next career for CFOs. The facilitator is signifier Kenji Kobayashi.
This event will be a hybrid offline and online event. Offline participation (paid) requires a lottery system, and online
participation (free) requires advance application, so please apply as soon as possible from the event page. Also, we do not plan to distribute event reports or archives, so please be sure to participate so you don’t miss out.
[Image:×400.jpg] The forefront of next-generation CFO careers, essential for Japan’s economic growth
Excellent CFOs have become indispensable in Japan’s growing
industries, and demand from companies is increasing. In order for Japanese companies to increase their presence in the global capital market, we would like to produce more talented CFOs, so we decided to hold a “completely off-the-record” event with this theme. I did. Discussions covered a variety of topics, including what kind of CFO is able to contribute to management and business, what he thought about his career after working as a CFO of a listed company, and the next career options for CFOs in the future. I’ll go.
The speakers will be Mr. Ogino, who served as director and CFO of mixi and is currently director and CFO of Andpad, and Mr. Terada, who served as director and CFO of Jigen and is currently director and partner of Midas Capital. The moderator will be Kenji Kobayashi, co-founder of Signifier and advisor to Kreis & Company. This will be a “completely off-the-record” session, and there will be no later seminar reports published, so please do not miss this opportunity to participate.
After the seminar, a networking event will be held for those attending the real venue, including the speakers. We plan to hold this event with a small number of people, so please take advantage of this opportunity to network with the speakers and other participants. Event/Application Overview
Date and time: Tuesday, June 25, 2024, 19:00-21:30
*Online distribution is scheduled to end at 20:30.
way to participate:
Offline KC Base Shiodome (within Kreis & Company) (San Marino Shiodome 2F, 2-4-1 Higashi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo) Online Zoom
*Application deadline: June 18th (Tuesday) 17:00
*We will send you a viewing URL limited to those whose participation is confirmed.
*Due to the expected large number of applications, we may close the application if the capacity is reached early.
*We do not plan to publish the report or distribute the archive at a later date. Please don’t miss it.
19:00~: Opening
19:05-20:30: Seminar
20:30-21:30: Networking time at the venue *Only for offline (real venue) participants
*During the second part, we will provide drinks and finger foods, and we are planning a networking party with speakers, so we think it will be a meaningful event for those who are interested in building networks. . Please join us for this valuable opportunity.
Offline 1,000 yen (lottery system)
Online Free
Application site:
Target audience:
Current CFO or those aiming to become CFO
Those who are interested in the startup industry or the startup industry Those involved in M&A and investment at investment banks and professional firms Those who work with CFOs such as CEOs and COOs of operating companies Those who are running a startup
Others who are interested in the above themes
Speaker profile:
・Yasuhiro Ogino Director and CFO, Andpad Co., Ltd.
Graduated from Keio University Faculty of Economics. As an executive officer in charge of the Finance and Accounting Division at Macromill Co., Ltd., he was involved in all aspects of finance for companies listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
After that, he served as director and CFO of a mobile venture, and was in charge of overall investments, including corporate acquisitions and joint venture establishments, at Mixi Co., Ltd. After becoming Director and CFO of the company, he raised funds twice and conducted global offerings. Received the Best CFO award for the second consecutive year by the American financial magazine Institutional Investors.
In 2020, he joined Andpad Co., Ltd. as a director and CFO.
・Shusuke Terada Director Partner of Midas Capital Co., Ltd., Representative Partner of Dual Bridge Capital Co., Ltd.
Since 2009, he has been engaged in stock research and financial advisory work at Citigroup Securities Co., Ltd., and has served as director and real estate team head. Joined Jigen Co., Ltd. in 2016, and as Director, Executive Officer and CFO, was responsible for supervising investment strategy, financial strategy, and corporate planning centered on M&A, as well as leading the market change to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and strengthening the corporate structure. In July 2020, he joined Midas Capital Co., Ltd. as a director and partner, and in April 2023, he became the
representative partner of Dual Bridge Capital. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo. Chartered Financial Analyst.
・Kenji Kobayashi Co-founder of Signifiant Co., Ltd., Advisor of Kreis & Company After working in corporate direction, joined DeNA Co., Ltd. in 2009. At the company, as executive officer and head of HR headquarters, engaged in recruitment reform and personnel system reform. After that, he took charge of the rapidly growing mobile game business, and then oversaw the entire corporate division as the head of the corporate planning division. He served as a director of the company for four years starting in 2011. Established Signifiant Co., Ltd. in July 2017. In 2019, we established THE FUND, a growth fund with a total of 20 billion yen that will primarily support late-stage startups that are approaching the pre-listing stage, and will invest with a focus on engagement. He also serves as an outside director of Raksul Co., Ltd. and Tsukuruba Co., Ltd.
About “Kreis Shiodome Academy” The “Kreis Shiodome Academy”, which has been held since 2016, invites professionals who are active in various fields as lecturers, and provides “input” of knowledge and wisdom, as well as participants who are aware of issues related to common themes. This is a seminar and exchange event hosted by Kreis & Company where you can increase your enthusiasm for tomorrow’s challenges through intense networking. ■Service overview
For 30 years since our company was founded, we have been providing high-class job change support for managers and above and key positions. We are committed to understanding each candidate’s values, strengths, and hopes, and introducing them with consideration to their success after changing jobs.We have a matching accuracy of 98.3% who have been active for more than 3 months after joining the company. Our strength is our interviewing skills, which is reflected in the NPS score of 62.7 for candidates who changed jobs at services other than our company.
・For individuals
Mid- to long-term career consultation Job change consultation now
・CXO career support site
・For corporate personnel
■About Kreis & Company
Kreis & Company Co., Ltd. has the vision of “Aspirational, high-class job changes with Kreis,” and provides job change support that emphasizes not only annual income and position, which are important when changing jobs, but also “aspirations,” which are the source of personal fulfillment. We are expanding our business. We aim to continue to lead and transform Japan’s job change market as an entity that creates opportunities for ambitious high-class human resources to meet ambitious companies.

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