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Merry Days Co., Ltd. Arrival! The season is here at Lake Country Garden, where roses are in full bloom.

Merry Days Co., Ltd.
Arrival! The season is here at Lake Country Garden, where roses are in full bloom.
A dream garden envisioned by a woman who said, “I want to build my own garden someday.” Now in its 21st year since its establishment, Rosan Berry Tawada’s “Rose and Perennial Garden” is in full bloom, with colorful roses in full bloom.
The garden is full of roses and greenery, and there are plenty of rose charms that you can enjoy with all five senses, such as seasonal rose scones, popular rose afternoon tea, and rose aroma hand bath!! Furthermore, you can ride a train and run through a rose tunnel. We will deliver a wonderful holiday where you will be enchanted by roses, including a fragrant journey.
[Image 1:×852.jpg] rose garden area
Rose season has begun at English Garden Rosanberry Tawada, a tourist garden in Shiga operated by Merry Days Co., Ltd. (Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture, President and CEO: Ken Osawa). Approximately 400 types of roses are in full bloom in the English garden “Rose and Perennial Garden” within the same facility. Many perennials and trees, such as clematis and deutscus, have been planted, creating a beautiful landscape that looks like a painting.
[Image 2:×1200.jpg] Rosan Berry Tawada
Enjoy the charm of roses with all five senses
In addition to the beautiful roses in full bloom in the garden, the facility is full of charms of roses that you can enjoy with all five senses, such as rose afternoon tea, rose scones, and aroma hand baths!
[Image 3:×853.jpg] morning rose garden
Enjoy the special morning roses You can enjoy a walk in the garden in the morning, when the scent and color of the roses are said to be the most beautiful. The scenery of the roses glistening with morning dew is exceptional, and this is the best time to take photos.
Early morning admission time≫7:00-9:30 Early morning admission fee≫1,200 yen ▶Limited to 4 days English breakfast also available Provided by/Cafe EASY TIME
[Image 4:×600.jpg] rose tea and scones
~Brought to you by English Garden’s exclusive pastry chef~Enjoying tea time with roses
You can enjoy rose milk tea made with Lakeland Special from the long-established British tea house Farrards, as well as sweet and sour rose and raspberry scones. Scones, which are popular as souvenirs, are available in limited quantities.
Provided by: TEA PASTRIES

[Image 5:×1061.jpg] Railway Milky Way Rose Tunnel
~Rose tunnel that is rare in the world~Enjoy a rose journey by train Rosan Railway Milky Way has a 100m long rose tunnel with 100 types of climbing roses. The tunnel of roses that you can drive through by train is a rare sight in the world. Enjoy a journey of roses wrapped in a gorgeous fragrance. Riding fee (one way): 500 yen for adults, 300 yen for children
Provided by: Rosan Railway Milky Way
[Image 6:×600.jpg] rose aroma hand bath
Soothed by the scent of roses
After admiring the roses, enjoy a relaxing time with a rose aroma hand bath filled with the elegant scent of roses. In the out bath, you can also use a hand cream made with Bulgarian damask rose to moisturize your skin.Experience fee: 1,350 yen
Provided by: Craft Experience Workshop

Main planting area for roses
[Image 7:×531.jpg] rose garden area
rose garden
Approximately 180 English roses of 60 different varieties are planted, and the garden is kept low so that you can see the colorful roses. In addition, herbs and perennials attract the beauty of the roses, and climbing roses are planted on the surrounding fence. It creates a stunning landscape that blends in with the mountains in the
background. It’s also nice to take a commemorative photo on the newly placed bench.
[Image 8:×853.jpg] rose and perennial garden
rose and perennial garden
In the beautiful main garden, which incorporates native trees and borrowed scenery, you can enjoy rose tunnels planted under brick pergolas, rose paths, and umbrella-shaped roses. Approximately 1,000 roses of approximately 400 types are planted throughout the facility.
[Image 9:×853.jpg] asian rose garden
asian rose garden
This is an area planted with precious wild species from China, Laos, India, and Japan collected by world-renowned rose researcher Yoshihiro Ueda. Flowers change color Rosa chinensis spon
You can see rare roses such as tanea.

Official YouTube ~Rose and Perennial Garden Morning Garden~
*The video is from last year.
[Video 2:]

-Garden history and future-
A woman who was a full-time housewife begins looking for land in order to make her dream come true: “I want to build my own garden someday.” In 2003, he came across the site of a former concrete company’s quarry and began building a garden. No matter how much we dig, we hit the bedrock, and despite the mountains of rocks that appear, we continue to cultivate. For eight years, we have continued to create an original garden, incorporating the surrounding mountains as a borrowed landscape and making use of the cherry blossoms and cedars that were growing naturally.
After a long time, it finally opened in 2011. At a time when there was no concept of a “sustainable garden,” which we have heard about in recent years, there were times when people could not relate to the beauty of small wildflowers or dead hydrangeas and lilies. I worry about what kind of garden I want to create and what kind of garden I want, and I go through a process of trial and error. In addition, there was a year when 13 trees in the garden fell down due to a direct hit from a large typhoon, and another year when we experienced a record amount of snow, but each time we re-evaluated the plantings, replanted them, cultivated them, and changed their shape. went. Every day, we cherish our strong feelings and commitment that will never waver. In 2023, which marks the 20th anniversary of its opening, it recorded approximately 250,000 visitors annually. It has been selected as an official post-tour destination for the 20th World Rose Congress in Fukuyama to be held in 2025, and is attracting even more attention. One woman’s dream of creating a garden will continue.
-Facility Overview- Facility name/English Garden Rosanberry Tawada (605-10 Tawada, Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture) Business
hours/10:00-17:00 Admission fee/Adults (junior high school students and older) 2,200 yen and up, Children (4 years old and older) From 1,300 yen, free for children under 3 years old *The above prices are seasonal prices from May 18th (Sat) to June 16th, 2024. *Subject to change depending on busy season and season. Closed: Every Tuesday (temporarily open during rose season 5/21.5/28.6/4.6/11), year-end and New Year holidays
-About Merry Days Co., Ltd.-
Operates the tourist facility “English Garden Rosan Berry Tawada” in Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture. We aim to revitalize the local area through tourism projects in Shiga and Maibara. The facility has a site area of ​​approximately 130,000 square meters surrounded by quiet mountains, and includes a main English garden, restaurants, cafes, a hands-on BBQ area, a hands-on workshop, a sheep farm, and shops. This is an attached tourist facility. In 2019, we opened the world’s first area themed around the British clay animation “Shaun the Sheep,” attracting approximately 240,000 visitors per year, about three times as many as last year. Ranked in Google search ranking 2019 by prefecture. One of the largest illuminations in the Kansai region, “Rosa Illumi,” was launched in 2020 with the aim of revitalizing tourism in the region, which has slumped due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the illumination project alone attracted approximately 80,000 people in the first year. Ranked 8th in the country in the 10th Illumination Awards “Professional Performance Category” selected by approximately 6,000 nightscape photographers nationwide. In 2022, they will sign an agency agreement with the long-established British tea house Fara’s, and the following year, in 2023, they will open TEA PASTRIES, a British tea and sweets store. Also in the same year, the museum began raising and showing to the public the “Valley Blacknose Sheep,” a breed of Swiss sheep that is said to be the cutest in the world.
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