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Visask Co., Ltd. Expanded to 7 locations in 5 municipalities! Report on the results of support for local companies in 2017

Visasque Co., Ltd.
Spread to 7 cases in 5 municipalities! Report on the results of support for local companies in 2017
Possibility of utilizing external professional human resources in local small and medium-sized enterprises and startup companies ……
Visasq Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company), which operates one of Japan’s largest (*) knowledge platforms, is focusing on supporting local companies in collaboration with local governments, starting with the Tottori Prefecture DX escort support project in 2021. I have done so. Since then, the number of projects and the range of applications have expanded year by year, and in fiscal 2023, we provided accompaniment support by external human resources to 7 projects in 5 local governments, and many local small and medium-sized enterprises and startup companies. Now that all support for fiscal 2023 has ended, we would like to announce a summary of the results of the local government collaboration project.
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◆Working with local governments to provide support to local businesses Our company operates a knowledge platform with over 630,000 registered users from 190 countries around the world, with the mission of “Connecting Knowledge and Challenges.” We provide a variety of services that match the knowledge of individuals with business experience in all industries and sectors to companies that are taking on the challenge of change, such as new business development and DX promotion. Since 2021, our company has been supporting local companies in resolving issues such as DX promotion and business promotion as a corporate partner of local governments. In the first year, the initiative was limited to one local government in Tottori Prefecture, but by 2023, the initiative has expanded to five local governments and seven local governments, demonstrating the effectiveness of support from outside professionals for promoting DX of local companies and promoting industry. ◆In 2023, we provided support to 24 companies in 7 projects in 5 local governments [List of local government projects in which we were selected as a partner in 2023]
Tottori Prefecture: “Accompanying company digitalization/DX deployment model creation project in the prefecture”
Tottori Prefecture: “Workshop type support project to expand the scope of DX”
Toda City, Saitama Prefecture: “Toda City DX Accompanying Support Project”
Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture: Signed a partnership agreement for industrial promotion Saga Prefecture: Startup Assign SAGA, a growth support project for startups in the prefecture Saga Prefecture: “FY2020 Saga Prefecture DX Accelerator Project (Hands-on Type)”
Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture: “DX Support Project for Small and Medium Enterprises” In addition to providing on-the-job support from outside professionals to a total of 24 companies in 7 projects in 5 local governments, we have supported the transformation of local companies in a wide range of fields by holding 17 seminars with invited lecturers with knowledge. Ta. FY2023 was also a year in which we were selected as a new support project for local start-up companies, and the scope of the use of external human resources further expanded. In addition, there are some companies that we have supported for two years in a row, with continuous support such as the “strategy planning phase” in the first year and the “execution phase” in the following year. We are feeling the effects of the support. ◆Introducing specific examples from each local government project We would like to introduce some examples of companies that supported this project in 2023. ◎Saga Prefecture DX Accelerator Business (hereinafter, examples of companies supported by our company) sueco Co., Ltd. “A young and new free-range poultry farm takes on the challenge of DX that utilizes people”
Mori Iron Works Co., Ltd. “A company-wide DX project that a
manufacturing company with over 100 years of history is seriously taking on” %E5%B7%A5.pdf
Shinsei Construction Co., Ltd. “Differentiate yourself from other companies by converting the design site to DX. Open up further business possibilities!” ◎Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture DX support project for small and medium-sized enterprises
*We will provide support to all five companies selected as support companies for this project ◆ Aiming to further contribute to regional revitalization by utilizing external human resources, in FY2023 we will support more than twice as many local governments and regions compared to the previous year. We have provided support to companies. On the other hand, even after talking with local companies, I strongly feel that the use of external human resources is not widespread and that it is a method that only a few companies know about.
In the future, we will continue to utilize our largest knowledge platform in Japan and collaborate with local governments to support more local companies in taking on challenges and solving problems. We will contribute to its creation.
With the mission of “Connecting Knowledge and Challenges”, Visasque Co., Ltd. operates a knowledge platform that connects the knowledge of over 630,000 people in 190 countries around the world (as of the end of February 2024). Listed on TSE Mothers (currently TSE Growth) in March 2020, acquired major US company Coleman Research Group, Inc. in November 2021, and expanded to seven global locations in Tokyo, the US (New York, Arizona, North Carolina), Singapore, Hong Kong, and London. We established a base with over 500 people. In addition to providing interviews with experts and online questionnaires as a means of gathering information on industry trends, customer needs, and precedent cases in various situations such as strategy planning, new business development, DX, organizational development, etc., we also provide outsourcing type actual work. We also handle escort support and matching with training instructors. Our knowledge platform supports approximately 1,700 clients, ranging from consulting firms and financial institutions to major business companies and local governments.
Company name: Visasq Co., Ltd. Address: 4-7-7 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0042 Sumitomo Fudosan Aobadai Hills 9F/10F Date of establishment: March 19, 2012 Representative: Eiko Haba,
Representative Director and CEO Business details: Operation of Japan’s largest (*) knowledge platform specializing in business fields, new business creation/organizational development support (*Number of experts (over 630,000 as of the end of February 2024)) Securities code: 4490 (TSE Growth) URL :
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