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Home » Shinagawa Prince Hotel A new style “Sake & Snacks Counter” proposed by the Japanese restaurant “Ajikaido Gojusanji”

Shinagawa Prince Hotel A new style “Sake & Snacks Counter” proposed by the Japanese restaurant “Ajikaido Gojusanji”

Seibu Prince Hotels Worldwide Co., Ltd.
[Shinagawa Prince Hotel] A new style “Sake & Snacks Counter” proposed by the Japanese restaurant “Ajikaido Gojusanji”
A night intoxicated by “Japanese” on the upper floors of a hotel [Period] Until Sunday, June 30, 2024
Shinagawa Prince Hotel (Location: 4-10-30 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo, General Manager: Shingo Haruyama) has opened a “Sake & Snacks Counter” in the Japanese restaurant “Ajikaido Gojusanji” on the 38th floor of the hotel. is available until Sunday, June 30, 2024.
[Image 1:×2600.jpg] Restaurant “Ajikaido Gojusanji” (Shinagawa Prince Hotel)
Sake is a part of Japanese culture that is gaining popularity overseas. According to the latest survey on consumption trends among foreign visitors to Japan (2023) released by the Japan Tourism Agency, about 35% of respondents (*1) answered that they would “drink Japanese alcoholic beverages” when asked about “what they look forward to before visiting Japan.” As a result, expectations from visitors to Japan regarding sake and other products are increasing year by year. Furthermore, approximately 92% of those who actually drank Japanese alcohol answered that they were “satisfied” (*2), which shows that it is accepted by people overseas.
*1-2 According to the Japan Tourism Agency of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, our hotel welcomes a wide range of domestic and international customers in Shinagawa, which continues to evolve as an international exchange base that drives Japan’s growth. With the desire to enjoy our food, we have prepared a selection of carefully selected brands from all over Japan and elaborate snacks that can only be found at a restaurant specializing in Japanese cuisine. We offer a new experience unique to Shinagawa Prince Hotel, a casual yet high-quality time that will leave you intoxicated.
[Image 2:×2194.jpg] “Sake & Snacks Counter” (Shinagawa Prince Hotel)
“Sake & Snacks Counter” Overview
[Image 3:×2928.jpg] “Sake & Snacks Counter” menu image (Shinagawa Prince Hotel)
[Small dishes]
Soaked green vegetables/pickled cucumber/cold tofu/salted
squid/assorted pickles, etc.
[Fried food]
Fried camembert cheese/fried chicken/assorted fried skewers, etc. [meal]
Bukkake tempura soba/udon (cold/hot)/rice balls (plum/salmon) with miso soup/ochazuke (plum/nori/salmon), etc.
[Junmai Daiginjo]
Manju Kubota (Niigata) / Dassai 30% () / Brewer Kuheiji Yamada Nishiki (Aichi)
[Junmai Ginjo]
Oroku Kei (Shimane) / Jun Shihari Tsuru (Niigata) / Houou Mita Unfiltered Honsei (Tochigi) / Yamamoto (Akita) / Masumi Namaichibon (Nagano)
[Super dry pure rice]
Hidakami (Miyagi)
Akabu (Iwate) / Sawanoi Junmai Daikarakuchi (Tokyo) / Written by Enotomo (Mie) and others
¥800-¥2,000 (tax included, 13% service charge added)
[Image 4:×2928.jpg] “Sake & Snacks Counter” menu image (Shinagawa Prince Hotel)
Until Sunday, June 30, 2024
Restaurant “Ajikaido Gojusanji” (Main Tower 38F)
[URL] [Instagram]
[Official X (old Twitter)]
Shinagawa Prince Hotel restaurant general reservation TEL: 03-5421-1114 * Regarding food allergy response in our restaurants, banquet halls, etc., we will use seven specific raw materials (shrimp, crab, wheat, buckwheat, egg) that manufacturing companies (our food suppliers) are required to display under the Food Labeling Act. – Milk and peanuts) only. Customers who wish to use the 7 specified raw materials, please let us know in advance.
*Ingredients and menu may change depending on purchasing status. ※The photograph is an image.
*The above information is current at the time of release (May 15th). Shinagawa Prince Hotel Overview
[Image 5:×2928.jpg] Shinagawa Prince Hotel
[Opening day]
July 11, 1978
[Number of guest rooms]
 3,554 rooms
[Number of restaurants and shops]
10 locations
[Number of banquet halls]
 40 rooms
[Entertainment facilities]
Aquarium, movie theater, bowling center
Tennis center, golf center, pool, etc.
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