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Asahi Beverages “Asahi Biteki Jurokucha” released on June 18th

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“Asahi Biteki Jurokucha” released on June 18th
Beauty and health blend tea using rooibos and jujube
Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Tokyo, President: Taichi Yoneme) will release “Asahi Biteki Jurokucha” from June 18th. “Asahi Biteki Jurokucha” is a blended tea that uses 16 kinds of healthy ingredients, including rooibos and jujube.
In recent years, the beauty product market has been expanding due to the increasing beauty awareness of consumers. Against this background, many people are purchasing* products that use rooibos and jujube, which are recognized as beauty ingredients.
This product has an increased amount of jujube than “Asahi
Jurokucha” and uses carefully selected fragrant rooibos to create a refreshing taste that allows you to enjoy the sweetness and aroma of the ingredients.
The package uses warm illustrations on a white background with large depictions of ingredients such as rooibos and jujube, to express the fact that it is a blend of 16 healthy ingredients. By describing the products as “Rooibos Blend,” “Added Jujube,” and “Zero
Caffeine,” we promote the product’s features in an easy-to-understand manner.
To convey the brand concept of “Jurokucha”, “The power of 16 ingredients will make your mind and body feel comfortable,” through “Asahi Biteki Jurokucha,” and to propose a new lineup from the perspective of “beauty.” We aim to increase the number of fans of the “Jurokucha” brand.
*According to our research
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Product name
Asahi Biteki Jurokucha
【Product Summary】
Suggested retail price: 160 yen (excluding tax), 173 yen (including tax) Item: Soft drink (16 tea/no fruit juice)
Release date: June 18th
Region: Nationwide
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