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Usonar Co., Ltd. Recruit Co., Ltd. hires Usonar for integrated customer data management

[Usonar Co., Ltd.] Recruit Co., Ltd. hires Usonar for integrated customer data management

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Press release: May 16, 2024
Recruit Co., Ltd. adopts Usonar for integrated customer data management *~Introducing LBC code for data integration between multiple businesses for comprehensiveness and freshness~*
Usonar Inc. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and Chairman: Nanami Fukutomi, Representative Director and
Co-President: Katsuhito Nagatake and Otani
Eiichi (hereinafter referred to as Usonar) is Recruit Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Kitamura)
We would like to inform you that Yoshihiro (hereinafter referred to as Recruit) has adopted and implemented Usonar’s corporate database LBC. * ■Background and history of the introduction – Integration of customer databases became an issue due to integration with seven group companies*
In 2021, Recruit integrated seven major core operating and functional companies within the group.
In order to maximize the effects of integration, one of the challenges is to integrate customer data that has been managed by multiple businesses.This allows us to understand the overall picture of transactions across business areas and conduct analysis from a higher perspective. and be able to make accurate business decisions. The Customer Base Design Group of the Planning Department, Client Success Promotion Office, Division Headquarters was in charge of this task.

* ■Tackling the difficult task of integrating customer databases* The mission and vision of the Customer Infrastructure Design Group is to integrate and plan the utilization of customer data across Recruit’s multiple service areas. By doing this, Recruit can grasp and understand the customer situation 360° and build a system that allows us to provide services and value at the right time.

Recruit has two major business areas, sales promotion and human resources, and had multiple customer management systems, holding a huge amount of customer data, including some duplication. As it was, it was not possible to easily compare the information because the management IDs were different, and it was not possible to integrate the information of each area for one unique company.
Initially, name matching was done in-house, but this work was done without the correct answers or sources for company information in the first place, and in addition to the burden of name matching itself, there were issues with the comprehensiveness and accuracy of name matching. .

Therefore, we adopted an external company database that has a common key code system (customer master), which is literally the key to name matching, and has a wide coverage (coverage rate) to integrate customer data.
the result,
1. Amount of data held including bases, offices, and stores (including diversity of sources)
2. Freshness and accuracy of data (frequency of acquiring and updating information using not only scraping but also manually) 3. Having a corporate keiretsu/hierarchical structure
Usonar’s corporate database “LBC” was adopted and introduced from three perspectives.

* ■Effects of introduction and future use*
Usonar’s corporate database LBC complete master and Recruit’s integrated customer base (Connext)
-Connect-) via API. We provide information such as mergers and relocations between companies and head offices and branches that we catch on the Usonar side.
Recruit’s customer data infrastructure design project and Usonar’s LBC* *LBC: LBC provided by Usonar is one of the largest corporate company databases in Japan, covering over 8.2 million business locations from large corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises nationwide, and is structured to include affiliated relationships.
* ■About Recruit Group*
Since its founding in 1960, Recruit Group has provided the most optimal options for each individual’s lifestyle in areas such as employment, marriage, higher education, housing, automobiles, travel, food, and beauty. We currently operate in over 60 countries and regions, centered on three businesses: HR technology, matching & solutions, and temporary staffing. Through the creation of new value, the Recruit Group strives to meet the expectations of society and create a world where each and every individual can shine and prosper. ”.

* -About Usonar Co., Ltd.-*
Since our establishment in 1990, we have independently built and maintained Japan’s largest corporate database, LBC, in order to address issues related to business-to-business (BtoB) data. U-Sonar, Plan Sonar, m-Sonar, etc., utilize unique technology to collect and organize high-quality and accurate data, as well as cutting-edge knowledge such as artificial intelligence, to support the formulation of more accurate business strategies. We provide cloud services. We have a rich track record of solving customer data integration projects (MDM = Master Data Management) within corporate groups, such as this one.
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Company name: Usonar Co., Ltd.
Location: 15th floor, Tokyo Opera City, 3-20-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Representative Director and Chairman Nanami Fukutomi, Representative Director and Co-President Katsuhito Nagatake and Eiichi Otani
Established: September 10, 1990
Capital: 100 million yen
Business content: Database marketing support business
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