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Shiftmation Co., Ltd. Shiftmation Co., Ltd. raises 900 million yen in funding

Shiftmation Co., Ltd.
Shiftmation Co., Ltd. raises 900 million yen in funding
Promoting expansion of organizational structure and strengthening of product development
Shiftmation Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Masaki Notzuka, hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), which operates the automatic work shift creation service Shiftmation, has announced a 600 million yen first investment with DNX Ventures and Archetype Ventures as underwriters. We raised a total of 900 million yen through a three-party allotment and a loan with stock acquisition rights of 300 million yen with Japan Finance Corporation as the underwriter. With the funds raised this time, we will strengthen product development, including new businesses, and expand our organizational structure.
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■Issues surrounding essential workers
In the professional fields that involve interpersonal work, mainly in the medical care field, employees work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so they work on a shift system.
Shift creation becomes complicated because qualifications, skills, and working hours are taken into consideration, and if we consider work styles rather than simple fill-in-the-blank, there are cases where managers spend dozens of hours each month.
If employees are forced to work in unreasonable shifts due to a staff shortage, the labor environment will deteriorate and the turnover rate will increase, and the burden of creating the next shift will increase, which in some cases may lead to further turnover.
In order to create an environment where people can concentrate on their core work, which is interpersonal work, with peace of mind, it is necessary to improve the efficiency of non-interpersonal work that has traditionally been done by humans, and to clarify the criteria for determining what should be made more efficient. It is thought that. In addition, even if it does not take much time to create shifts, it is possible to increase sales revenue with the same number of staff by strategically allocating the optimal staff, but there are requirements to consider. Because of the complexity, there are times when it is not possible to take action.
We will continue to develop our business by focusing on automatically creating complex work shifts, shortening the creation time, optimizing staff allocation, and contributing to decision-making and solutions. ■Purpose of funding and future outlook
The purpose of this funding is to expand and strengthen the
organization to further expand Shiftmation, an automatic work shift creation service, and to strengthen the development system for the Shiftmation series, a new product.
Shiftmation has been working on solving difficult shift creation issues for professionals who work night shifts, mainly in the medical and nursing care field. It has been introduced and patronized by over 280 of Japan’s leading corporations, including companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime and national university corporations. From now on, in order to broaden the scope of problem solving, we will expand the target industries and focus on advanced shift creation according to skills and roles, automatic creation of shifts according to sales targets and visitor forecasts, and help proposals within the area. We will also continue to contribute to businesses that operate in multiple locations, such as by strengthening functions.
We also offer “Shiftmation INSIGHT,” a product that visualizes and optimizes human-hour productivity based on the data necessary for creating shifts, and “Shiftmation PLAYBOOK,” an evaluation and development support product that allows you to acquire the necessary skills with high reproducibility. We will proceed with the development of a new product group, including ”.
Through this, we will update the way essential workers work both in management and in the field, and take on the challenge of creating a society where everyone can work with high productivity.
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■Comments from underwriters
DNX Ventures Managing Partner / Head of Japan Mr. Yo Kurabayashi DNX Ventures has recently made a lead investment in Shiftmation’s Series A round, following its seed round.
The shift creation process that Shiftmation streamlines not only requires a large amount of management time, but also leaves a lot of potential for profit improvement using software in important management areas where management skill affects profits.
Since DNX invested in Shiftmation in 2019, Shiftmation has
demonstrated an overwhelmingly strong ability to acquire customers compared to its competitors with its excellent products and CS. In addition, I have seen President Nozuka’s ability to think through everything from strategy to execution plan deeply, and his attitude of honest and thorough communication, and I have gained a lot of trust from him.
Using the funds raised this time, we will continue to strengthen our products and organization, solve problems in each industry, and support them in the hope that they will grow even further.
Archetype Ventures Managing Partner Shunpei Fukui
Automatic shift generation is a solution to a social problem that has plagued people for many years. In addition to the traditional difficulty of adjusting shifts, solving this problem has become even more difficult due to the restrictions and diversification of work styles caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
We have been working with Shiftmation since its seed in 2019, and we have steadily refined the product in this dynamically moving and difficult world, and have continued to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. , I am really happy to be able to participate again this time.
We look forward to seeing you spread your wings around the world by expanding the number of industries you target and increasing the number of problems you can solve!
■Comment from Masaki Nozuka, Representative Director of Shiftmation Co., Ltd. In this Series A round, we are very happy to receive the continued strong expectations and support from the two companies that supported us in the previous round.
In order to update the way essential workers work, we will continue to increase the value of our automatic shift creation service
Shiftmation, and by rolling out multiple Shiftmation series products, we will continue to work to solve a wide range of issues.
We are looking for people who can join us on the road ahead as we take on the big challenge of updating both the workplace and management and making it possible for essential workers to work comfortably and with high productivity!
■Series A financing special site
■Service site
[Operating company]
Company name: Shiftmation Co., Ltd.
Establishment date: January 5, 2015
Address: 701 Kanda Jimbocho 2-chome Building, 2-2 Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0051
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