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Ito City Hall The 69th Matsukawa Tarai Riding Race will be held on July 7th!

Ito City Hall
The 69th Matsukawa Tarai Riding Race will be held on July 7th! Recruitment starts on June 1st for all 5 categories including tourist race and international race.
Ito City (City Office: Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Mayor: Tatsuya Ono) will hold the “69th Matsukawa Tarai Riding Race” on Sunday, July 7, 2020. The Tarai Riding Race is one of the summer events held in the Matsukawa River, which runs through the center of the hot spring town, and has been going on since 1956. It is a unique competition in which participants compete for speed by riding on a large tub about 1 meter in diameter and rowing a small paddle like a rice scoop. The course is 400 meters from “Ideyu Bridge” to “Next to Matsukawa Fuji Plaza”.
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There will be a group race where friends form teams and participate, an international race where people from overseas can participate, and a children’s race where only children can participate. From Saturday, June 1, 2020, we will begin recruiting participants on the Ito City tourism website “Izu/Ito Tourist Guide (” Eligibility to participate is from 4th grade elementary school students to 70 years old, those who are selected in a lottery after application, and teams that can participate. Even if you capsize on the way, you will compete with Tarai to reach the goal. Many people participate in costumes and uniforms every year. Participation in the tourist race is limited to those staying at accommodations in Ito City, and participants must wear the yukata of the accommodation in question.
[Image 2:×683.jpg] For other details such as the event schedule and event guidelines, please check the Ito City tourism website “Izu/Ito Tourism Guide (”. [Application
Requirements] 1st Time: July 7, 2020 (Sunday) 9:30-12:30 *Registration starts at 9:00 [Scheduled] *Conducted in light rain *If the event is not possible due to bad weather, etc. Postponed to Sunday, April 14th 2 Venue: Ideyu Bridge (starting point) – Next to Matsukawa Fuji Plaza (finish) 400m 3 Divisions: 1. Group race (4 people 1 group) 2. International race (foreign race) (Limited to Ito city residents) 3. Tourist race (wearing yukata from accommodation in Ito city) 4. General individual race (including foreigners living in Ito city) 5. Children’s race (limited to 4th to 6th grade elementary school students) 4 Participation fee: 500 yen per person (includes accident insurance premium) 2,000 yen per team (for 4 people) *Participation fee is free for children participating in the children’s race 6 Participation conditions: – The same person cannot apply for another race multiple times ( participation) is not possible.       ・If it is discovered that an application is made under a false name or a rental name, the application will be invalidated.・A maximum of 4 people can apply from the same group for each event. (Excluding tourist races) – Walk-ins will not be accepted on the day of the event. 7.
Participation application: Fill out the special application form (for each event) and fax it to the Ito City Tourist Information Center (inside Ito Station) (0557-37-6300) or bring it in by June 14th. Please apply by the time.       *Can be downloaded from Izu Ito Tourist Guide [].       *Reception hours for bringing your own documents are 9:00-17:00 on weekdays. *We do not accept applications by phone, mail, or email.

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