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Home » Original aroma promotional tool: spatial design of Mukawa Town Hall in Hokkaido with scent

Original aroma promotional tool: spatial design of Mukawa Town Hall in Hokkaido with scent

Original aroma promotional tool: spatial design of Mukawa Town Hall in Hokkaido with scent

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Press release: June 3, 2024
Original aroma promotional tool: spatial design of Mukawa Town Hall in Hokkaido with scent
*A pioneering example in Japan where a local government used scent branding in earnest*
Promo Tools Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and Chairman: Kenichi Inoue;
Representative Director and President: Kensuke Ogata (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) is a member of Mukawa Town, Hokkaido (Mayor: Yoshiyuki Takenaka, hereinafter referred to as “Mukawa Town”), M Co., Ltd., a Mukawa regional trading company.
Together with Dino (Representative Director: Kenji Endo), we developed essential oil from Mukawa Town’s town tree, Picea spruce, which was inspired by the fossilized dinosaur skeleton “Kamuisaurus japonicus (commonly known as Mukawa Dragon)”, which is known as the symbol of Mukawa Town. We would like to inform you that our high-quality commercial aroma diffuser is being used to scent the Mukawa Town Main Office and Hobetsu General Branch with the original aroma of . About original aroma

* “Kamuisaurus japonicus (commonly known as Mukawa Dragon)” is a miraculous dinosaur full-body skeleton fossil that is a symbol of the recovery and revitalization of Mukawa Town.*
Mukawa Town, located in the central Hokkaido region, is close to Tomakomai City, the gateway to the sea, and is at a strategic point for transportation to Hidaka and Tokachi. In 2013-2014, the entire dinosaur skeleton fossil “Kamuisaurus japonicus” (commonly known as Mukawa Dragon) was excavated in Mukawa Town, and approximately 80% of the bones were discovered based on the volume of the entire body. It is in a very good state of preservation and has the most bones left among any dinosaur fossil from Japan, making it a full-body dinosaur skeleton that has earned it the nickname “miracle dinosaur.” This fossil is positioned as a symbol of the recovery and revitalization of the town, which was severely damaged by the Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake that occurred on September 6, 2018.
In order to express the spirit of recovery and revitalization of Mukawa Town, which is symbolized by Kamuisaurus japonicus (commonly known as the Mukawa Dragon), we have created an original aroma using essential oil extracted from the town’s tree, the Picea spruce, as a key fragrance. Developed by Takeshi Watanabe, chief aroma designer. This scent is a combination of the top two scents chosen from the votes of the town’s residents at an event held in Mukawa Town in September 2023.

This scent is currently sold as an aroma mist in various places in the town, but we have recently installed our high-grade commercial aroma diffuser “St. FOREST” at the Mukawa Town main office and Hobetsu general branch office, and are offering it to visitors to the facility. Now you can enjoy it as well. We decorate our facility with the “scent of the town” and welcome visitors at any time.
“Scent FOREST*” is a product that focuses on strong fragrance emitting power (fragrance diffusing power) and freedom of fragrance.

Since entering the high-end commercial aroma diffuser market in 2005 with the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” our company has been particular about “fragrance dispersion power” and “fragrance freedom,” and we have developed a wide range of products from scent-based spatial design to scent-based space design. We have a diverse lineup that can be used in a wide range of situations, from sales promotion to entertainment, depending on the scent emitting area (fragrance diffusion area). All of Promo Tool’s high-quality commercial aroma diffusers are particular about “scent release power,” “freedom of fragrance,” and “quietness,” which are the keys to space fragrance performance.
* Inquiries about the high-class commercial aroma diffuser “Scent FOREST” * Promo Tools Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Sales representative Matsuoka
TEL: 03-5940-6637
FAX: 03-5940-6685

*About Promo Tools Co., Ltd.*
“Scent Technology Company (Fragrance and Odor Technology)” creates all kinds of scents and odors.As a total producer of scents and odors, we are a group of professionals who create scents and odors that can meet all the needs of the market. We are not just an aroma company that simply spreads pleasant scents into spaces; we are also developing scents for promotional and entertainment purposes, as well as scents that can improve people’s mental and health conditions. We aim to become a world-recognized company that responds to all market needs and is a leading company in cent technology that enriches people’s lives with fragrance.
* Company Profile*
Promo Tools Co., Ltd.
Location: 5th floor, Bühne Honkomagome, 6-5-3 Honkomagome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo Representatives: Representative Director and Chairman Kenichi Inoue, Representative Director and President Kensuke Ogata
Business details: Manufacture and sale of fragrances and incense devices     : (1) Branding with scent (original aroma)
     : (2) Space design with scent (high-quality commercial aroma diffuser)     : (3) Fragrance sample (aroma tester)
     : (4) Promotion with scent (scent DM, etc.)
: (5) Entertaining with scent
: (6) Preventing pests by scent

*Contact information*
Promo Tools Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Public Relations Officer Kaneko
TEL: 03-5940-6637
FAX: 03-5940-6685

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