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Beatz Co., Ltd. Beatz Co., Ltd. has completely renewed its corporate site.

[Beatz Co., Ltd.] Beatz Co., Ltd. has completely renewed its corporate site.
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Press release: June 3, 2024
Beats Co., Ltd. completely renews its corporate website.
*Embodiment of new mission: “Co-creating brand experiences in the retail field”* Beats Co., Ltd. (President: Matahiro Kashiwagi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, hereinafter referred to as “Beats”) is pleased to announce that it has renewed its mission and vision, and has also renewed its corporate website.
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*Background of renewal*
To coincide with the start of the second period of the new system with the appointment of a new president in June 2023, we have redesigned our official website as a new platform to help more people understand our mission, vision, and services.

*Key points of renewal*
In this renewal, we have made major changes from the overall structure to the design.
This change was designed to sharpen the new Beats corporate image and convey Beats’ characteristics and vision.

We have also started a series of client interviews co-created with Beats, including a search function for case studies tailored to industry types, with the aim of providing content that will help you understand Beats’ services more easily.

Navigation that allows you to search for cases by industry
On the recruitment page, we focus on employee interviews and take creative steps to specifically convey the work environment and appeal through the employees’ personalities and experiences.
Employee interviews are also posted on the recruitment page. *Renewal of mission and vision*

Beats has revised its mission and vision in response to changes in the market and the company’s need to pursue new innovations.

* 【Mission】*
Co-creating brand experiences in the retail field
* [Vision] *
Together with our clients, we deliver “!” to consumers.
The Beats logo expresses our vision of creating “!” between people. We share our clients’ products and services with excitement, surprise, joy, and the community.
We will provide marketing support to deliver to consumers a positive brand experience encompassed by “!”.

* ■About beets *
Beats is a marketing company that optimizes space design and store digital solutions.
By combining creativity with data and technology,
We will greatly evolve the brand experience that can be experienced at the strongest customer contact point, retail.
We will create a comfortable “empathy” that generates real emotion, joy, and trust among consumers.
Trade name: BEEATS CO.,LTD.
Address: Kitahama Chuo Building, 2-2-22 Kitahama, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture
Capital: 10 million yen
Established: April 1977
Business details:
・Market introduction of new products, in-store promotion planning, and fixture development
・Store construction
・Overseas marketing strategy planning and development
・Digital content/video production
・Events/Exhibitions/Press Announcements Development/Management ・Campaign planning and management
・WEB marketing production
・Development of DX equipment and services
・Production and operation of human resources and information management systems 【inquiry】
Person in charge: Nishimura/Sakoda
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