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Coopel Cloud-based RPA service Coopel promotes business automation and efficiency as carve-out “Coopel Co., Ltd.”

[Coopel] Cloud-based RPA service Coopel promotes business automation and efficiency as carve-out “Coopel Co., Ltd.”

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Press release: June 3, 2024
Coopel, a cloud-based RPA service, promotes business automation and efficiency as a carve-out “Coopel Co., Ltd.”
*Continuing to aim for further growth as an “easy and full-fledged business automation tool”*
Coopel Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Hisashige Hashimoto) announced on June 3, 2024 that DeNA Co., Ltd. will provide the RPA service “Coopel” (URL: We have taken over the business and started operation.

* Background of carve-out (company split) and new structure * Since its release in April 2020, Coopel has been used by many users. In order to realize Coopel’s more agile business operations and further business growth, we have decided to take over the business through a company split.

Coopel Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Delight Builder, which operates a startup support business within the DeNA Group. We have welcomed Hisashige Hashimoto, who has experience and track record in managing numerous SaaS companies and launching new businesses, as our representative, and will pursue further growth under the new structure, as well as support business automation and efficiency improvements through Coopel’s RPA services. We will continue to.

*Coopel Representative Director Hisashimo Hashimoto*
After working for Mitsui & Co., Ltd., he joined DeNA Co., Ltd., where he led the launch of Pageant Co., Ltd., a payment processing business. After that, as a representative of Brightcove Inc., he oversaw operations in Japan and contributed to the listing of the U.S. headquarters on NASDAQ. Appointed to current position after serving as representative of AOL Online Japan Co., Ltd. Graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo.

*Comment from Hisashige Hashimoto*
As the shortage of human resources becomes more serious, the need for business efficiency tools like RPA will increase in the future. However, as the number of companies using RPA increases, it is also true that services are becoming more complex. The hurdles to implementation have also increased, such as the fact that only engineers can configure the settings. Among the many RPA tools, Coopel is highly rated for the amount of work it can handle and its ease of use. Even on-site users with no programming knowledge can proceed with the settings, and its convenience is supported not only by the number of users but also by the steady increase in the number of scenario executions. We will continue to work hard to improve its convenience and contribute to improving business efficiency for more and more people.

*Coopel Co., Ltd. Company Profile*
Company name: Cooper Co., Ltd.
Address: Hikitaka Gotanda Building 3F, 8-1-10 Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Representative: Hisashige Hashimoto
Established: April 1, 2024

*About Coopel*
Cloud-based RPA service. A simple and professional business automation tool that allows you to automate your work without any programming experience, and because it is cloud-based, it is easy to share and monitor robots even in a remote work environment.

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Coopel Co., Ltd. Public Relations

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