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Home » New service Support for concurrent jobs! Released “LINDA”, an attendance management system for the nursing care industry

New service Support for concurrent jobs! Released “LINDA”, an attendance management system for the nursing care industry

[New service] Support for concurrent jobs! Released “LINDA”, an attendance management system for the nursing care industry

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Press release: June 3, 2024
[New service] Support for concurrent jobs! Released “LINDA”, an attendance management system for the nursing care industry
*Ideal time management tool for nursing care sites where one employee concurrently works at multiple facilities and multiple businesses* Plus One Innovation Co., Ltd. (Head office: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Representative Director: Nakao
Today, June 3, 2024 (Monday), Shinya has released the official version of its attendance management system “LINDA” for the nursing care industry.

LINDA is an attendance management service for nursing care providers who provide housing services and home visit services in an integrated manner, such as “residential-type paid nursing homes + home-visit care” and “housing for the elderly with services + home-visit nursing”. It’s a system. You can record and manage the time spent on each business individually.


Raising problems and proposing solutions
In response to the declining birthrate and aging population, changes to nursing care fees and systems are occurring one after another, and the environment surrounding welfare management is becoming
increasingly difficult. The government is asking nursing care providers to further improve labor productivity.

In addition to private housing services, certain residential care providers offer home-visit nursing care, home-visit nursing care, and day services in an integrated manner. Businesses with such a comprehensive care system can improve labor productivity by having employees work across multiple businesses. However, on the other hand, managing schedules and results becomes extremely complicated. Until now, in order to prevent double billing for long-term care insurance, it was necessary to take a great deal of time to create documents and conduct careful checks, placing a heavy burden on administrative staff and reducing on-site productivity.

Therefore, by introducing our new service “LINDA”, you can leave the creation and checking of these documents to the system, significantly reducing the effort and management costs. Until now, there was no tool that could solve this problem, so we developed LINDA.

Image explanation
When care workers work concurrently across multiple businesses, the laws that apply to each business are different, so it is necessary to manage the time worked individually.
This is important to prove correct operations during administrative audits. For example, if one employee’s daily time schedule is as shown in the diagram on the left, it is necessary to summarize the time for each project engaged in as shown in the timetable in the diagram. This must be compiled every day for all employees to avoid mistakes. If there is a mistake in the paperwork, it will affect your nursing care insurance claim, so double and triple checks are necessary. This resulted in huge administrative costs.
By introducing LINDA, you will be freed from the troublesome time management. A timetable is automatically created based on the work schedule and visiting staff list that have been set up in the system in advance. Work schedules and visiting schedules can be easily created using the system’s extensive input support functions.
Function introduction
We will briefly introduce some of the useful functions. (All names of people in the images are fictitious.)
Work schedule creation (compatible with monthly flexible working hours system) and flexible changes such as coloring.
Visiting person list (just assign the person in charge)
Confirmation of shift assignments (can confirm staff assignments and visit plans together)
Form/staff performance table (can be downloaded in Excel format) Timing screen (easy transition from paper timecards!)
Time card details (displays work records and visiting tasks in chronological order)
*Service details*
We also have service explanation videos and demo videos, so please take a look.

About Plus One Innovation Co., Ltd.
We are an IT company in Osaka. We develop systems that make full use of web technology and provide our own services. Our mission is to make a positive impact on the world and to provide a system that customers can say “thank you” to.
Company name: Plus One Innovation Co., Ltd.
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Representative: Representative Director Shinya Nakao
Business content: System development and operation
Established: May 2022
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