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MAAD Co., Ltd. Creating a space where families can gather like a veranda in the city center

[MAAD Co., Ltd.] Creating a space where families can gather like a veranda in the city center

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Press release: June 3, 2024
Creating a space in the city center where families can gather like a veranda * ~ “House S”, a house in Motoazabu, Minato Ward, that I arrived at after traveling around the world ~ “I’m” published by Shoten Kenchikusha Co., Ltd.
Published in the latest issue of “home.”*
MAAD Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo Representative Director Muraki Total) designed “House S” in Motoazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
It is also featured in the latest issue of “I’m home.” published by Shoten Kenchikusha Co., Ltd., which is currently on sale, and “no.130 2024 JULY”.
living. We designed a rounded ceiling that induces delicate and diverse light expressions in the room. (C)MAAD
* “House S” – A space where families can gather like a “veranda” in the city center – *
A complete renovation plan to create a peaceful living environment in harmony with nature in a quiet low-rise apartment complex surrounded by greenery and cobblestone pavement, even though it is located in the heart of the city in the Motoazabu district of Minato Ward.

In this house, we felt that the atrium at the entrance characterizes the space, and we wanted to create a three-dimensional spatial experience within the free plan. By designing the ceilings of each room to have curved surfaces and slopes, we created a rhythm to the spatial experience.

After traveling all over the world, the client built a second home in Niseko, Hokkaido in 2020. Afterwards, they sought a home in the city center where they could feel a sense of unity with nature, and ended up in a low-rise apartment complex in Motoazabu.

Based on the request for a space similar to the “veranda” that I felt familiar with while traveling in Japan, I planned a living environment where I could be in a natural state by maximizing the light from the windows and the connection to the terrace. The interior materials are simple, and the space is expanded through natural light and a lighting plan. We created a space where we can draw a loose connection, like a landscape.

Starting from the keyword “engawa”, we created a space that evokes the concept of space and time embodied in Japanese tea room architecture in an urban apartment.
The light and shadow created by the plastered walls and ceiling highlight the depth of the space and its function as a family gathering center (C)MAAD
Dining room and kitchen for family gatherings. (C)Haruyuki Shirai The floor above the atrium. (C)Haruyuki Shirai
Children’s room. Natural materials and natural light create a rich space. (C)Haruyuki Shirai
The study in front of the Japanese-style room. The small space creates a sense of strength and weakness with other rooms, making it a calming place. (C)Haruyuki Shirai
Japanese-style room. The details of genuine tatami mats and
Naguri-treated flooring create a comfortable space. (C)Haruyuki Shirai Washroom (C) Haruyuki Shirai
Bathroom (C) Haruyuki Shirai
3rd floor plan (C)MAAD
4th floor plan (C)MAAD
Property details:

▼Featured in the latest issue (no.130) of “I’m home.” published by Shoten Kenchikusha Co., Ltd.
“home.” is a “high-quality” and “authentic” lifestyle magazine that covers a wide range of themes related to daily life, centering on home interior design, and proposes “what is comfort in a home?”. From planning to how to choose materials and coordinating furniture, we provide useful information not only for general readers aiming to create high-end homes, but also for professionals such as architects and interior designers. First published in 2000. Released on 16th of November, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, November.

▼What is MAAD Co., Ltd.
Rhythm with the outside world and environment, flowing air and light, experiences gained in space
Established in 2012 as a private office by Kei Muraki, an architect and first-class architect. MAAD Co., Ltd. was established in November 2023. “Rhythm with the outside world and environment”
flowing air and light
Based on the concept of “experiences gained in space,” we expand our image from various angles, express our desired state as architecture, and provide spaces that continue to exist together with the people who spend time there, the local community, and society. To date, we have worked on more than 450 projects, including planning, design, branding, etc. for commercial facilities, restaurants, hotels, offices, investment buildings, private homes, villas, etc., and in recent years, we have worked on more than 450 projects not only in Japan but also in Japan. , offers from overseas are also increasing.

▼Company overview
MAAD Co., Ltd.
Representative Director (Architect/First Class Architect): Kei Muraki Founded: April 2012
Established: November 2023

Official site:
Facebook: Instagram:

▼Biography of architect/first class architect Kei Muraki
Born in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture in 1983, lived in Mexico and Spain during his childhood. While attending graduate school at Keio University, he belonged to Kengo Kuma’s laboratory and studied there. 2008 WORLD Space
Received the Excellence Award at Creators Awards 2008. The theme of my master’s thesis is thinking about postmodernism – an analysis of architect Jean Nouvel’s poetics “A
to Z” -.Keio University Graduate School
After completing his master’s degree, he founded Muraki Kei
Architectural Planning Office in 2012. In November 2023, he
incorporated MAAD Co., Ltd. and became its representative director.

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MAAD Co., Ltd. E-mail: TEL: 03-6914-1217
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