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Home » Ghibly will start offering “Track Recruiting Partner”, a professional RPO* service that will accompany you u ntil the successful recruitment of IT engineers, from June 3rd.

Ghibly will start offering “Track Recruiting Partner”, a professional RPO* service that will accompany you u ntil the successful recruitment of IT engineers, from June 3rd.

Ghibly will start offering “Track Recruiting Partner”, a professional RPO* service that will accompany you until the successful recruitment of IT engineers, from June 3rd.

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Press release: June 3, 2024
Ghibly will start offering “Track Recruiting Partner”, a professional RPO* service that will accompany you until the successful recruitment of IT engineers, from June 3rd.
*~ Assisting with everything from strategy planning to population formation and skill evaluation, realizing engineer recruitment without mismatches ~*
Ghibly Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Ide Takashi (hereinafter referred to as our company) is a professional RPO service that supports you until the successful recruitment of engineers.
Recruiting Partner” will be available from June 3, 2024. This service provides specialized knowledge regarding the recruitment of digital human resources such as IT engineers and data scientists, and supports the execution of operational tasks. This will help create a system that allows people in the development, DX, and human resources departments to focus on more important and highly productive tasks. *

*RPO:Recruitment Process
Abbreviation for outsourcing, which refers to outsourcing some or all of a company’s recruitment work to an external specialized company, also called a recruitment agency.

* ◼Background of the start of service provision*
As the needs for digitalization and DX promotion are rapidly increasing, the demand for “digital human resources” such as IT engineers and data scientists is increasing. User companies that previously outsourced development work to IT vendors are increasingly in-house development work, and an increasing number of companies are establishing teams specialized in digital human resource recruitment within their human resources and development departments.

Despite this, the current situation is that many companies are unable to hire satisfactorily due to the speed of evolution and high degree of specialization unique to technological fields, and the hiring know-how traditionally possessed by human resources departments is no longer applicable. there is.

As the types of jobs in technical fields that companies want to recruit for become increasingly fragmented and complex, it is extremely difficult for human resources departments to deeply understand the type of person employees are looking for in the field, making it difficult to improve the breadth and accuracy of measures. In addition, the human resources department is overwhelmed with a large amount of operational work, and cannot find time for productive activities such as understanding the type of person required by the workplace, investigating the causes of problems, and considering improvement measures. Furthermore, on-site engineers and DX department personnel are increasingly involved in recruitment tasks such as job creation, scouting, interviews, and skill evaluations, creating an environment in which it is difficult to concentrate on core
development tasks.

In order to solve these human resources and on-site engineer issues, we offer “Track”, a professional RPO service specializing in engineers.
We will start offering Recruiting Partner. By supporting specialized work and operational work related to engineer recruitment, we will contribute to the creation of a system that allows DX departments, development departments, and human resources personnel themselves to concentrate on more important and highly productive work.

* ◼“Track Recruiting Partner” service overview*
Since 2013, we have been providing services that support the recruitment and evaluation of engineers. In 2018, the coding testing tool “Track
Test”, engineer recruitment service “Track”
Through these services, we have skill data of over 800,000 engineers and have a track record of supporting the recruitment of engineers for over 500 companies annually.
At Recruiting Partner, we leverage the knowledge and skill data we have accumulated over the past 10 years on engineer recruitment to provide total support from planning recruitment strategies to outsourcing recruitment operations, providing continuous support. We support the success of hiring engineers.

The support areas of “Track Recruiting Partner” consist of the following:

* 1. Strategy phase: Recruitment persona design and strategy planning using skill data*
By accurately visualizing the skills of your company’s engineers and recruitment candidates and conducting interviews with active personnel within your company, you can quantitatively and qualitatively design the persona you want to hire with high resolution and build an appropriate selection flow. We will support you. We also develop strategies for appropriately branding and recruiting the designed personas.
* 2. Design phase: Creation of job offers using generation AI and automatic generation of optimal scouting statements tailored to the media *
Utilizing our generative AI solution, which specializes in recruitment and human resources operations, we create job postings, create articles for each media, automatically generate scouting texts for each hiring persona, etc. By running a quick improvement cycle while keeping costs down, we can execute recruitment with a sense of speed. * 3. Execution phase (population formation): Scout agency, media operation * Based on the design, we will deal with candidates, send out scouts, operate media, deal with agents, etc.
In this phase as well, we will utilize the knowledge accumulated through generative AI and previous SaaS products as well as our knowledge of the engineer recruitment market to form an effective population and respond appropriately to applicants.
* 4. Execution phase (interview): Creation of interview evaluation indicators, and technical interview/skill evaluation*
By comprehensively utilizing the candidate skill data obtained during selection and the accumulated engineer skill data, we can create interview evaluation indicators, and have experienced engineers perform technical interviews and skill evaluations on your behalf. Thorough selection, including feedback to candidates, will lead to more attraction for candidates.

* ◼Feature 1.|A unique product with a proven track record specializing in recruitment and evaluation*
By utilizing products and generative AI, we support the execution of operational tasks faced by recruiters at low cost. This frees up time and allows you to use it to accomplish tasks you’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t.
Coding test tool “Track Test”
An assessment tool that has been used by 400 companies and taken by over 800,000 people. It allows you to visualize the practical skills of engineers and digital human resources, and uses skill data to bridge the flow of “recruitment, performance, evaluation, and development.”
Engineer recruitment service “Track Job”
A recruitment media and human resources agency service that allows you to hire young engineers who are ready to work. We have a database of over 10,000 engineers nationwide, mainly those with development experience, from back-end and front-end to machine learning. Through job postings, human resource introductions, direct recruiting, etc., we build points of contact with engineers who have the skills you are looking for.
* ◼Feature 2. | Accompanied by a group of experts familiar with digital human resource recruitment*
Track’s professional members who are involved in engineer recruitment support services will form a dedicated team for your company and provide services.
Seiya Tajima
* Director of Track Test Division, Ghibly Co., Ltd. *
Engaged in contract and in-house product development as a software engineer at a domestic system integrator. After that, she worked as a career advisor for over 2,000 new science and information science graduates at a venture company. Participated in Ghibly Co., Ltd. from 2021. We support and implement initiatives that lead to engineer recruitment and strengthening the engineering organization from a customer success perspective.
Tatsuya Morimoto
*Ghibly Co., Ltd. Track Job Manager*
Engaged in new graduate recruitment consulting for foreign investment consultants, major IT companies, general trading companies, etc. at a major human resources company. After that, after serving as a recruitment manager at a domestic consulting firm and data science company, he joined Ghibly Co., Ltd. in 2024.
As the person in charge of Track Job, he will expand the range of support from support to improving recruitment operations.
* ◼Feature 3.|Capable of absorbing know-how for in-house recruitment* We handle all sourcing work that requires specialized knowledge and man-hours, as well as technical interviews and skill evaluations that require less man-hours for engineering teams, and support in-house production to improve your company’s recruiting capabilities. We fully handle sourcing work that requires specialized knowledge and a large amount of man-hours, as well as technical interviews and skill evaluations that require the engineering team’s time, and support in-house production to improve your company’s recruiting capabilities. .

* ◼Future outlook*
Our company is “Track
Through our Recruiting Partner, we help improve the efficiency and productivity of engineer recruitment operations, contribute to the formation and expansion of many companies’ engineering organizations, and realize the creation of sustainable recruitment systems. Looking around the world, the importance of technical screening in hiring engineers is widely recognized, and services that undertake all technical selection, quantitative assessment and visualization of skills, and continuous skill improvement support are attracting attention. Masu.
While incorporating these global trends, we aim to raise Japan’s engineering recruitment and digital human resource development to international standards. We support not only recruitment support but also post-employment education, training, and personnel evaluation, thereby strengthening, retaining, and actively contributing to the engineering organization. We aim to improve the quality and quantity of digital human resources in Japan as a whole, and ultimately contribute to the growth of the Japanese economy and strengthening its international competitiveness.

* ◼Inquiries regarding service introduction*
If you have any questions or requests when considering implementation, please feel free to contact us using the form below.
Contact point:
Direct: 03-6277-5462 *Weekdays 10:00-18:00
* ◼About “Track”, an HR platform for recruiting, training, and evaluating digital human resources*
Track is an HR platform that covers various products and services required for recruiting, training, and evaluating engineers, based on the visualization of programming skills.
* -“Track Test” -*
An engineer hiring platform to test programming skills and make data-driven hiring decisions. Correctly understanding candidate skills through coding tests will create a strong organization.
* -Track Training-*
It is a technology talent development platform that fills the skills gap required for corporate digitalization. Leveraging an online learning environment powered by an LMS (Learning Management System) provides the most effective way to build the technology skills your business needs.
* -Track Job-*
This is a programming challenge recruitment service that allows you to hire high-class new graduate engineers. This is a recruitment service that includes programming assignments, and supports the recruitment of ready-to-work engineers with development experience among students.
* ◼About Ghibly Co., Ltd.*
Location: 8th floor, Teito Shibuya Building, 15-13 Nanpeidai-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Takashi Ide
Established: April 28, 2009
Capital: 10,000,000 yen
Business details:
・HR tech business (Track)
・Marketing DX business (DECA)
・Operation DX business (Corporate GAI|MANA)
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