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Home » Konami Amusement Co., Ltd. 28 professional players for “BEMANI PRO LEAGUE -SEASON 4- beatmania IIDX” have been decided!

Konami Amusement Co., Ltd. 28 professional players for “BEMANI PRO LEAGUE -SEASON 4- beatmania IIDX” have been decided!

[Konami Amusement Co., Ltd.] 28 professional players for “BEMANI PRO LEAGUE -SEASON 4- beatmania IIDX” have been decided!

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Press release: June 3, 2024
“BEMANI PRO LEAGUE -SEASON 4- beatmania IIDX” 28 professional players have been decided!
Konami Amusement Co., Ltd. has released “BEMANI PRO LEAGUE -SEASON 4- beatmania IIDX”.
league season four
We would like to inform you that the seven companies participating in “Beat Mania 2D

IIDX consists of a regular stage, semi-final, and final.The regular stage is a round-robin match, and after the semi-final, the rankings are determined by a tournament system. At each match, each team aims to win with spectacular productions such as DJ performances.

This season, you can watch all regular stages including the opening match at the venue. For the regular stage, there are three types of tickets: “Stadium Ticket” that allows you to watch the match at the venue, “Public Viewing Ticket” that allows you to enjoy public viewing while enjoying a meal, and “Online Ticket” that allows you to watch the live broadcast with live commentary. there is. In addition, the first game of each match day will be streamed for free in real time on YouTube, so even first-time players can easily enjoy it.
Please look forward to the success of all 7 teams and 28 players participating in “IIDX”.

Konami Amusement is “BEMANI PRO”
By providing a new user experience through “LEAGUE”, we will deliver the “interesting” and “fun” of KONAMI titles, which are fun whether you participate or watch, to more customers.
* [List of players from each team Comments from each team (team name in alphabetical order)] *
As the champion of SEASON 3, “APINA VRAMeS” will be heading into SEASON 4. SEASON
4 has only one goal: consecutive victories. With the addition of new members, our strength has been further strengthened. We are not afraid of challenges and aim to win every game. I vow to overcome any difficulties and win the title of champion once again. We look forward to the day when we can once again share the joy of victory with our fans.

We are the team “GiGO” of GENDA GiGO Entertainment Co., Ltd., which operates “GiGO Group stores”. SEASON
3 aimed for the top with the strength of the strong bond between the players, but they were unable to win and had a bitter result. SEASON 4 will push forward from the draft meeting to the championship with an aggressive attitude! All the players, advisors, and team owners will work hard to meet everyone’s expectations, so we appreciate your continued support. Let’s dive into the gaming oasis with the new team “GiGO”! Get
into the Gaming Oasis!

We at “GAME PANIC” aim for the top of “BEMANI PRO LEAGUE”, We have re-signed contracts with all the members who were disappointed in 3. SEASON
After losing in the semi-finals in 2018, our team’s players made a lot of effort and powered up to compete in SEASON.
We will take on 4 battles. Take a look at how the “Lightning Warriors” fight with all their might as they aim for the top, turning the support of their fans into strength!

Thank you very much to all the fans for your enthusiastic support. In the end, they unfortunately lost in the quarter finals, but the four players and SEASON used that disappointment as a springboard to improve.
4 also signed a continuation contract. With the “teamwork” and “attractive play” that only these members can demonstrate, SEASON 4 will win the top! ! SEASON
4, we appreciate your continued support! “Magical Miracle Illusion!”

A fresh start and a new look for the third time.
Together with our battle-hardened members, we will of course reach the top of the world.
Many challenges to overcome through skillful play.
At the end, you can’t wait for it, the maximum firepower will show off your tenacity for victory.
In SEASON 4, we dedicate our victory to all our supporters.

Team “ROUND 1″ will welcome the new season with a very strong team consisting of U*TAKA, who has competed together for three seasons, experienced players 1-PIN and CYBERX, and new player LEO. I did. I am proud that we have become a team that shines brighter, is more attractive, and has more firepower. All players, coaches, and teams are working hard to complete the SEASON.
4 will definitely win, so please support team “ROUND1”! !

The new “star” “Leisure Land” has started!
We will continue to sign contracts with players DINASO and G*, and will form a new team with new players DON* and NUCHIO.
The goal is to win, and the challenge is to reach the top. I will run with all my might! ! We appreciate your continued support.
▼“BEMANI PRO LEAGUE” official website
▼KONAMI official YouTube channel
*About spectator tickets*
Currently, “BEMANI PRO LEAGUE -SEASON 4- beatmania” is available at ZAIKO. IIDX” regular stage tickets are now on sale.

[Ticket sales/distribution] ZAIKO
Stadium ticket/Public viewing ticket
Online ticket
Online tickets can be purchased for each game. The first game of each game day will be streamed live simultaneously on YouTube.
Please check the link below for timetable and performer information. – *About “BEMANI”*
BEMANI is the unified brand name for Konami Amusement’s music games. Beatmania, which started operating in 1997, is now a unified brand that covers all music games.

– *About the “beatmania IIDX” series*
IIDX” series is a music game representing the BEMANI series, which started operating at amusement facilities in 1999. This is a DJ simulation game in which you operate seven keyboards and one turntable in time with the rhythm, and has received high praise from customers for many years. Its appeal is the wide variety of recorded songs and deep gameplay that will enliven the DJ experience.
BEMANI PRO LEAGUE is a new type of “esports x music” entertainment sponsored by KONAMI.
Professional players belong to teams and aim to win the team championship in league matches.

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