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Home » A new web application “My Schedule” exclusively for the production scheduler “Asprova” with the No. 1 ma rket share in Japan (*) will be launched on June 3rd.

A new web application “My Schedule” exclusively for the production scheduler “Asprova” with the No. 1 ma rket share in Japan (*) will be launched on June 3rd.

Asprova Co., Ltd.
A new web application “My Schedule” exclusively for the production scheduler “Asprova” with the No. 1 market share in Japan (*) will be launched on June 3rd.
Bringing production planning and the workplace closer together to make the entire factory operate more smoothly
Asprova Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Tomohiro Tanaka, hereinafter referred to as the Company) develops and sells production schedulers that solve production planning problems. In order to support the improvement of information communication issues, we provide “Asprova”, a production scheduler with the No. 1 market share in Japan (*), which allows you to view production plans, input results, and adjust equipment capacity values ​​via a web browser via a web browser. We are pleased to announce that the app “My Schedule” will be available as a standard feature from June 3, 2024. This allows companies to avoid additional costs, and allows
stakeholders to use mobile devices to bring production planning closer to the site, making overall factory operations run more smoothly. (*) Source: Fuji Chimera Research Institute Co., Ltd. Market Research Report “IT Investment/Digital Solutions Market by Industry 2022 Edition”
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“My Schedule”:
When a manufacturing industry considers introducing a production scheduler in order to further improve the overall production process and increase production efficiency in a factory, a manufacturing execution system (MES) is required to meet the necessary requirements for the operation of the production scheduler. ) is required to operate in cooperation with. However, the fact that companies spend a large amount of time and money to build a manufacturing execution system (MES) is a barrier to implementation, and there are cases where it is not possible to improve production efficiency by operating a production scheduler alone. Masu. In order to solve these problems, in 2003 we began offering the installed scheduler viewer “Asprova MES” as a linked product of the production scheduler “Asprova”. We developed this product to simultaneously improve efficiency.
“My Schedule,” which we now provide as a standard feature of our production scheduler “Asprova,” allows you to view the planning data created with our production scheduler “Asprova” via a web browser on devices other than computers, so you can use it at any time. This is a dedicated web app that allows anyone, anywhere to check the latest plans. In addition, functions such as inputting work results and adjusting equipment capacity values ​​are implemented. This allows companies to use a production scheduler and web viewer configuration with high-accuracy and high-speed optimization technology without having to worry about costs, which have been a barrier to
implementation, and can help solve various problems related to production planning. We support.
This time, in addition to the free plan provided as a standard feature, there are also “Viewer Plan” and “Standard Plan” that can be used only for viewing or unlimited use for the number of concurrently connected clients, and can be upgraded depending on the company’s usage situation. Is possible.
Differences between the standard implementation plan and paid plan for “My Schedule”
Available functions and limits differ between the standard
implementation free plan and the paid option paid plan. The main differences are:
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Availability start date
June 3, 2024
Offer price
◇ “My Schedule” standard implementation free plan
If you install Asprova APS, MS, or MRP, you can use it for free.

◇“My Schedule” viewer plan, standard plan
Please contact us.
Main differences between “Asprova MES” and “My Schedule”
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■About the production scheduler “Asprova”
Asprova is a production scheduler developed by Asprova Company in 1994. It creates multi-product, multi-process production plans at ultra-high speed, creates schedules for each factory equipment and personnel with precision to the second, calculates executable work instructions, and outputs them in a Gantt chart. Since its release, it has been adopted by a wide range of manufacturing industries both domestically and internationally, and the number of companies introducing and using it has steadily increased. We will continue to expand its functions and services as a platform that supports the digitalization of production scheduling.
[About Asprova Co., Ltd.]
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Through the software development of Japan’s top brand production scheduler “Asprova”, we are contributing to the realization of manufacturing DX in the field of planning operations.
・Company name: Asprova Co., Ltd.
・Establishment date: February 1994
・Representative: Tomohiro Tanaka
・Business content: Research, development, and sales of SCM/production scheduling system “Asprova” and system integration/system consultation ・HP:
・Location: KDX Gotanda Building 3F, 7-9-2 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0031
◇Inquiries regarding products
Asprova Co., Ltd.
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