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Needs Well Co., Ltd. Strengthen IT infrastructure “software testing” services

Needs Well Co., Ltd.
Strengthen IT infrastructure “software testing” services
~Increase the number of certified people and utilize low-code automated testing tools~
Needswell Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Kozo Funatsu) has developed an IT infrastructure for software testing in order to provide quality and productivity that meets the needs of our customers for software testing, where demand is increasing. We would like to inform you that we have strengthened our services.
1. Background of service enhancement
In recent years, many companies have been facing a shortage of IT human resources, and the software market is demanding faster and more efficient development cycles. As the need for short-term, low-cost, high-quality software development increases among customers who provide services and products to the software market, productivity improvements are becoming increasingly important in software testing and quality assurance as well. .
In order to meet this need, we aim to strengthen the overall quality of our software testing services by training test engineers and increasing the number of certified people.We also use low-code test automation tools to reduce man-hours and costs by utilizing our services. We have increased the effectiveness of reductions and strengthened our services in terms of productivity.
By strengthening this service, we will continue to contribute to ensuring the quality and improving productivity of our customers’ system development projects, further improving customer satisfaction and promoting our business growth.
Software testing service:

2. Enhancement details
1. Increase the number of certified persons
In order to provide highly reliable software testing services, we are focusing on developing test engineers and increasing the number of certified personnel, with an eye toward partnerships with test engineer certification organizations. We encourage the acquisition of certifications and create an environment where test engineers can systematically learn knowledge and skills related to software testing and improve their software testing techniques.
In system development, test engineers with software engineer qualifications improve work efficiency such as system tests, operational tests, migration tests, and version upgrade tests, and reduce man-hours required for early detection and resolution of defects and defects. We provide comprehensive software testing services.
2. Utilize low-code automated testing tools
The low-code automated testing tool used this time is a powerful tool with a track record of achieving test case automation rates of up to 98% and man-hour reductions of up to 88%. Easily automate tests and reuse test scenarios in various software tests, such as recursive tests that target specific functions and operations, and regression tests that target the entire software, ensuring system quality and significantly reducing man-hours. Realize.
Use this testing tool as part of our outsourcing testing services, migration testing services, and automated testing.
service and multi-terminal testing service to provide a more productive software testing service.
【Company Profile】
Company name: Needswell Co., Ltd.
Address: 13th floor, New Otani Garden Court, 4-1 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Representative: Kozo Funatsu, Representative Director and President Established: October 1986
Business content: Software development, operation, and maintenance; development, sales, operation, and maintenance of solution products. [Press-related materials]
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