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Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd. Strengthen health and food business through group participation of Greenspoon Co., Ltd.

Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd.
Strengthening the health and food business through the participation of Greenspoon Co., Ltd. in the group
~Creating value of “tastiness and health” through synergy effects and accelerating the realization of purpose~
Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd. will acquire all shares of Greenspoon Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and CEO Tomonori Tanabe), which plans, manufactures, and sells the regular delivery service of frozen healthy meals “GREEN SPOON”, in June 2024. We acquired the company on Monday, March 3rd and made it a wholly owned subsidiary. By joining the Glico Group, we will accelerate the growth of our health and food business, which is positioned as one of our focus areas, and deliver “deliciousness and health” to people around the world. We aim to realize a “life that is beautiful.”
■ Purpose of becoming a wholly owned subsidiary
Ezaki Glico began its history in 1922 with the release of Glico, a nutritional confectionery containing glycogen from oyster broth. The nutritional confectionery “Glico” was born from the idea of ​​the company’s founder, Riichi Ezaki, who aimed to “improve the physical condition of the people through food” during a time when nutritional conditions were inadequate. From our founding to the present, we have been expanding our business both domestically and internationally, aiming to contribute to society through our business. In 2022, which marks the 100th anniversary of our founding, we have defined our purpose as “Healthy Everyday, Rich Life.” We have evolved our unwavering commitment to health since our founding, and created products that are both delicious and healthy. We are working on this. Greenspoon’s vision is to “live a life where you can continue to love yourself,” and we offer a subscription service called “GREEN SPOON,” a brand that allows you to enjoy self-care habits for your mind and body through food. The brand offers over 70 types of menus in four categories: main dishes, soups, smoothies, and salads, and offers healthy meals packed with plenty of vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients. Its special feature is that it can be easily and deliciously taken with just a few moments of effort. We have gained the support of many consumers due to our carefully selected
ingredients and seasonings, sophisticated packaging, authentic taste and ease of cooking, and the convenience of eating vegetables. We have gained millions of members.
Currently, Ezaki Glico is accelerating the development of new products and services that value deliciousness and health. In the health and food business, we will launch pasta (dried noodles) and sauce in February 2022 and frozen fresh pasta (frozen food) in May 2024 under the “SUNAO” brand, which supports a diet with appropriate
carbohydrates*. We also offer home delivery services for corporations in some areas. With Greenspoon’s participation in the group, we will strengthen the field of main dishes and side dishes that are eaten on a daily basis within the health and food business, and further increase the involvement of consumers in their healthy daily lives. We aim to realize a rich life every day. We plan to expand opportunities to offer our products to a wider range of people, with a focus on women in their 20s to 40s who are particular about deliciousness and health.
*A dietary method advocated by the Food, Comfort, and Health Association that limits carbohydrate intake to 20 to 40g per meal and 10g or less for snacks.
■ Business collaboration between the two companies
In May 2022, Ezaki Glico and Greenspoon conducted a joint campaign to promote sales using our almond milk and the company’s soup, and many customers experienced the delicious taste and health. In the future, we plan to take advantage of the strengths of both companies in various initiatives, including joint development of products that are both delicious and healthy, as well as collaboration in marketing strategies and planning and sales that take advantage of each company’s brand power, customer base, and sales channels. Let’s proceed. We also aim to contribute through our business by providing opportunities for food and health solutions to people not only in Japan but around the world.
The Glico Group aims to help consumers achieve a “rich life” through the accumulation of “healthy everyday experiences.”
We contribute to society by creating new value, including products that are both delicious and healthy.
[Image:×579.jpg] “GREEN SPOON” is particular about “delicious,” “easy,” “fun,” and “healthy,” and features a style that delivers smoothies, soups, salads, and main dishes with the ingredients intact so you can take care of your body even on your busy days. You can enjoy
freshly-prepared dishes by simply cooking pre-cut fresh ingredients in a microwave or blender in one step, and even busy people can easily prepare a rich variety of vegetables without having to go through the trouble of shopping, managing ingredients, or washing dishes. I can. Under the supervision of a registered dietitian, each product contains 6 to 10 types of vegetables to create a menu that provides a wide range of nutrients.The menu includes vegetables that are rare in supermarkets such as Romanesco and Brussels sprouts, as well as highly nutritious vegetables such as kale and molokheiya. We use carefully selected ingredients such as: From relaxing home-cooked meals to Western-style and ethnic-style menus that you would enjoy at a restaurant, you can enjoy eating vegetables with the freedom to choose according to your mood. We pay particular attention to the size and cut so that you can enjoy each bite and texture, allowing you to enjoy the deliciousness of the vegetables themselves.
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