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Home » TREASURY Co., Ltd. Announcement of the start of collaboration between TREASURY Co., Ltd. and MUJI (SINGAPORE) PRIVATE LIMITED in export business from Japan

TREASURY Co., Ltd. Announcement of the start of collaboration between TREASURY Co., Ltd. and MUJI (SINGAPORE) PRIVATE LIMITED in export business from Japan

Announcement of TREASURY Co., Ltd. and MUJI (SINGAPORE) PRIVATE LIMITED starting collaboration in export business from Japan ……
TREASURY Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo: Representative Director: Makoto Yamashita; hereinafter referred to as the Company) will jointly collaborate with MUJI (SINGAPORE) PRIVATE LIMITED (Singapore Albert Street: Managing Director: Katsushi Onishi) to open the MUJI flagship store plaza in Singapore from June 1, 2024. We would like to inform you that we have started export agency support services for Japanese companies and individual business owners at our Singapore store.
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Background leading to the start of export agency support business In November 2023, we connected Ehime Prefecture and MUJI (SINGAPORE) PRIVATE LIMITED and held the Ehime Fair at the MUJI flagship store Plaza Singapura store in Singapore.
Since then, we have continued to work together in export agency support services from Japan to Singapore, contributing to the expansion of overseas sales channels for Japanese products.
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the next deployment
Japanese companies and sole proprietors can use our electronic contracts “Great Sign” and “Great Sign Payment” and our BPO center to smoothly export to Singapore from local areas and “MUJI Community” in MUJI Plaza Singapura. You can sell it on “Market”.
In addition, with our new export agency support service, we will solve all the problems necessary for exporting, such as issuing English invoices, creating invoices, arranging logistics, and handling fee deposits.
In the future, we will strengthen our collaboration with local governments, professional offices, and various organizations across the country, and increase the amount of exports to the MUJI Plaza Singapura store and within Singapore.
We will also expand our export areas globally, including ASEAN countries, Europe and America.
About Great Sign
“Great Sign” is a cloud-based electronic contract service that allows you to easily conclude contracts online. The work associated with complicated contracts and management, which was previously done using paper and seals, can now be done via an online management screen, reducing costs associated with contracts, response time, and contract storage space. It is possible to improve the efficiency of people’s work. In addition, credit card payments compatible with all five major international credit card brands (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club) are also possible at the same time as signing electronic contracts and confirming invoice submission. It complies with related bills such as the Electronic Signature Act, Electronic Bookkeeping Act, and e-Document Act, and is also designated as an electronic signature service that can be used for commercial registration as designated by the Ministry of Justice. We also received responses regarding the certification system and gray zone elimination system from JIIMA, a third-party organization recognized by the National Tax Agency.
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About Great eKYC
“Great eKYC” is a system that allows remote interviews to be completed in an internet environment without face-to-face contact, in an era when most business situations are shifting to remote interviews such as Zoom. It can be implemented at a level that complies with the Personal Authentication Act. In addition to reducing transportation and mailing costs associated with identity verification work, we also conduct more rigorous identity verification using IC chips, etc. to complete real estate transactions online while ensuring safety and identity. It becomes possible.
About TREASURY Co., Ltd.
Through IT system consulting related to tax and legal affairs, we are expanding the introduction of the electronic contract service “Great Sign” and the online identity verification service “Great eKYC” in collaboration with professional firms nationwide. We are expanding our businesses globally and from multiple angles, including tech business, DX consulting business specializing in the real estate industry, introduction and dispatching of SE human resources, and in the future, we will further expand into AI development, NFT/blockchain
development, security consulting, and vulnerability diagnosis. We will also work on other fields.
Company Profile
Trade Name: Treasury Headquarters Location: 2-4-11 Nagata-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Friend Building 2nd floor representative: Seiki Yamashita Established: August 1996 Capital: 75965 million yen Business Contents: Electronic Contract Development and operation URL of service “Great Sign” and non-face-to-face identity verification service “Great eKYC”:
-Inquiries regarding this matter-Treasury PR Secretariat: Makoto Yamashita
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