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Nomura Asset Management Co., Ltd. Nomura AM to establish new crossover impact fund with UntroD Capital Japan

Nomura Asset Management Co., Ltd.
Nomura AM to establish new crossover impact fund with UntroD Capital Japan ……
Nomura Asset Management Co., Ltd. (CEO and President: Hiroyasu Koike, hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) has partnered with UntroD Capital Japan Co., Ltd. (formerly Real Tech Holdings, Representative Director and President: Akihiko Nagata), We have begun preparations to establish a crossover impact fund (a fund that uses an investment method that transcends the boundaries between listed and unlisted assets and aims to have a positive impact on society in addition to investment returns).
Under the Japanese government’s “Plan to Realize an Asset Management Nation,” there is a desire to promote the supply of growth capital to startup companies as part of the sophistication of the asset management business. Cross-over investment*1 is an important part of this strategy. In particular, in order to realize the “new capitalism” advocated by the Japanese government, a specific goal has been set to provide 10 trillion yen in growth capital to startups and create 100 unicorn companies by 2027*2. By getting involved with promising companies before they go public and continuing to engage with them after they go public, we can help improve corporate value, including not only economic value but also social value.
Incorporating elements of impact investment*3 by combining our company’s effective dialogue methods with listed companies that we have cultivated over many years with UntroD Capital Japan’s rich track record and strong system for VC investment in the deep tech field. We will establish a new fund that will make cross-over investments. After completing the necessary procedures at each company, the Company and UntroD Capital Japan will establish a joint GP and also invest as LP investors. The fund is scheduled to be established from fall of this year.
We will establish a new Startup Investment Office*4 to ensure thorough information management, and will accumulate operational know-how regarding startup investment by participating in processes related to fund investment decisions.
Through this initiative, the two companies aim to increase corporate value with an emphasis on sustainable growth after listing, targeting promising late-stage companies aiming for impact-oriented IPOs (initial public offerings) that will lead to the resolution of social issues. We will help you improve. Additionally, through the operation of the newly established fund, we will be able to provide long-term funding to target companies, thereby fostering the impact investment market for crossover investments in Japan.
Based on the Nomura Group’s strategy to expand and strengthen business in the private domain in addition to the public domain, we are expanding investment opportunities in the private domain for products and services. Through this initiative, we aim to improve our expertise in private asset investment and expand our investment strategies to meet customer needs. We will continue to contribute to the realization of a virtuous cycle of investment (investment chain) by providing a wide range of investors with investment opportunities created in the expanding private asset market.
*1 In order to solve problems faced by startup companies before and after listing, such as insufficient supply of growth capital, slumping market capitalization, weak governance, and insufficient response to changes in the environment due to listing, we will move from the late stage before listing to after listing. Investments that provide capital to consistently support growth.
*2 “Five-year Startup Development Plan” (Cabinet Secretariat website) *3 Scientific discoveries, innovative technologies, and initiatives that solve social issues and have a major impact on society. *4 Please refer to the news release dated June 3, 2024, “Partial Organizational Revisions and Changes in Officers and Employees.” -About UntroD Capital Japan-
On June 3, 2024, the name was changed from Realtech Holdings Co., Ltd. The Real Tech Fund was established in 2015 with the aim of social implementation of deep tech startups that have R&D-based innovative technologies that contribute to solving the problems of the earth and humanity. We have provided hands-on support. We aim to create a sustainable system that continues to supply capital and human resources by proving the economics of investing in unexplored areas (UntroD) that are needed by society but have difficulty in flowing capital.
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