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Orecon Co., Ltd. Dark Pattern Amazon/Google High-cost dark pattern lawsuits from major websites and what we can learn from them

[Orecon Co., Ltd.] [Dark Pattern] Amazon/Google High-cost dark pattern lawsuits from major websites and what we can learn from them
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Press release: June 4, 2024
[Dark Pattern] Amazon/Google dark pattern expensive lawsuits on major websites and what we can learn from them
*─ “,” which publishes articles aimed at eradicating dark patterns, is run by content writer Suzanne
Signed a new contract and tie-up with Scacca and started distributing translated articles ─*
Suzanne Scacca | Former Project Manager and Web
A design agency manager, she currently works as a writer on the changing landscape of design, development, and software.
* Background of article translation by Suzanne Scacca *
“” is operated by Orecon Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo/Representative Director: Takuma Yamamoto), which provides digital marketing and support for small and medium-sized enterprises.

” publishes articles aimed at eradicating dark patterns, warning of the dangers of “dark patterns,” malicious designs designed to make users unconsciously take disadvantageous actions.
This time, Suzanne
We partnered with the author to translate this article based on the idea that it would be easier to understand and deepen the
understanding of dark patterns than the article written by Mr. Scacca, which uses examples of dark pattern lawsuits brought against major websites such as Amazon and Google. official website
This article is about Dark Pattern Lawsuits and What We Can All Learn From This is a translation and reprint of Them. Published with permission from the author, Suzanne.
What is a dark pattern? Types and examples of dark patterns
Dark patterns are user interfaces that trick users into doing something they did not intend. This includes things that make it difficult or nearly impossible for users to undo unwanted actions. The goal is to trick users into providing money or data without their knowledge or consent.
Types of dark patterns
1. Trick question
2. Secretly put it in the cart
3. Cockroach hoihoi
4. Privacy Zuckering
5. Preventing price comparisons
6. Visual interference
7. Hidden costs
8. Bait and Switch
9. Confirm Shaming
10. False advertising
11. Forced continuity
12. Friend spam
*Example of dark pattern*
– How many times do e-commerce or subscription forms use cookie consent banners that simply provide information, without an “accept” button? too
Complicated cancellation procedures where you have to tell them that you want to delete your account Policies and terms of use that are difficult to find
*Example of expensive dark pattern lawsuit “Amazon”*
The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will sue Amazon in 2023. The main argument in the lawsuit is that Amazon automatically enrolled customers in Amazon Prime during the checkout process without obtaining their consent. The FTC added three executives to the dark pattern lawsuit, alleging they knew of flaws in the enrollment process and failed to take action. The complaint also included deceptive design practices, such as forcing users to sign up for Prime membership before completing a purchase.
*Example of expensive dark pattern lawsuit “Google”*
The District of Columbia Attorney General’s Office (OAG) sued Google in 2022, and the company agreed to settle the case for $9.5 million. Various Google apps continued to track and record your movements even if you did not give the apps permission. Additionally, some of these apps periodically display notifications asking you to enable location recording. Google was deceiving users about how it protects their privacy. When given the choice, the company continued to record their movements, even though it did not ask users how they wanted to be tracked.
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Accelerating the elimination of dark patterns ─What we aim for─ 1.
Through this media, we will introduce case studies, solicit leaks, discuss, and raise issues about dark patterns, thereby deepening consumer literacy and understanding and leading to a reduction in the number of victims.
By sounding a warning to companies and managers about the dangers of using dark patterns and sharing methods and techniques for promoting business without using dark patterns, we hope to strengthen regulations and deterrence.
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